Episode 56: Sex and Good Vibes

Elevator Pitch

  • Atlanta is black excellence on FULL display.
  • Justin Simien’s Dear White People.
  • Blavity Episode 3: Social Media.
  • Justin’s grumpiness report.
  • Why it’s good to question your beliefs.
  • The moment we told our parents about our first time…
  • Individual Goals v. Marriage Goals v. Love Jays Goals.
  • James Clear’s Four Burner Theory.
  • Our FREE budget tracker spreadsheet.
  • And much more!

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Episode 56 Preview

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Episode 55: Blaming Everyone Except Yourself


Justin and Joy discuss accepting responsibility for your emotional well-being and playing the blame game. Elevator Pitch Welcome new listeners! Love Jays x Blavity: Episode 2. Joy’s spa day and selfish acts in the sauna. Justin’s continual struggle with taking emotional care of himself. Everything really is bigger than Texas. Justin’s revelation after watching Denzel’s […]

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Episode 52: I Do?

I Do

Justin and Joy discuss the long-term success of a relationship with conflicting views on marriage. Elevator Pitch Celebrating a year’s worth of shows! Happy wife, happy life: couldn’t be more true. Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” video. Justin’s reckless trip to Nike’s employee store. Joy The Barber. Why home buying is unattractive to us. John Cena and […]

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Episode 51: Time To Let Go

Let Go

Justin and Joy discuss the importance of letting go and finding the right perspective on happiness. Elevator Pitch Justin’s lack of urgency for open-ended requests. Joy’s ability to create problems when none exist. Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special. When’s the right time to walk away from something you love? The overcomplexity of pursuing happiness. Learning […]

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Episode 50: When FOMO Wins


Justin and Joy relive the moment when FOMO finally caught up with Justin. Elevator Pitch March Madness bracket buster. Joy’s TV watching double-standard. Justin’s FOMO finally won…and it wasn’t pretty. How to balance sharing a new experience without being judgmental. The body clock is ticking! Justin and Joy or Joy and Justin. And much more! […]

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Episode 49: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Justin and Joy discuss maintaining consistent levels of love and the problems with unbalanced relationship advice. Elevator Pitch Daylight Savings Time. Fitting rooms negatively play with our emotions. Joy’s continued obsession with her new diet. Justin’s issue with fantasy books and shows. Holding hands is overrated. Maintaining consistent levels of love for your partner. Balancing […]

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