15 Must-Have Conversations Before Saying “I Do”

Marriage is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. Aside from having a built-in partner to laugh, dance, smile, explore, grow, and cry with – marriage pushes us to become the best version of ourselves. This comprehensive course was designed to prepare you for a lifetime of love and commitment. We take a deeply intimate and personal approach in addressing the essential elements required to sustain a healthy and loving marriage. Spending the rest of your life with someone is no small commitment, so prepare for tomorrow by taking the right steps today.

What Will You Learn

  • Develop a clear understanding of each other’s needs
  • Identify your guiding principles and morals
  • How to effectively navigate each other’s Love Language
  • How to positively leverage your personality type
  • Leverage each other’s strengths and weaknesses
  • How to manage your partner’s expectations
  • How to develop a mission statement for your marriage
  • Setting individual and joint goals, personally and professionally
  • The difference between marital roles and gender roles
  • How to establish a household gameplan
  • Balancing time for your needs and your partner’s needs
  • Developing a healthy sex life
  • Understanding the differences between intimacy and sex
  • Strategies to effectively manage your finances
  • Establishing a healthy relationship with credit
  • How to balance your social and marital life
  • The importance of continuing to date within marriage
  • Identifying and improving personal insecurities
  • How to develop strong wellness habits
  • Preparation for unexpected life events

What Others Are Saying

“This online course completely opened our eyes to some very important conversations we were neglecting. Justin and Joy’s honest and candid approach really helped us to open up and grow closer to each other. We definitely recommend this course to all engaged couples!”
– David and Katie

“15 Must-Have Conversations Before Saying ‘I Do’ was easily one of the best investments we’ve made. This course is loaded with valuable information and insight on establishing a marriage that is built to last.”
– John and Erica

“15 Must-Have Conversations Before Saying ‘I Do’ gives you everything you need in preparing your mind, body, and spirit for a healthy marriage. My husband and I were dating for five years prior to getting married and we learned so much more about each other after completing this course. Worth every penny.”
– Bryan and Stephanie

“We were a bit skeptical about premarital coaching, but we’ve been following Joy and Justin for over a year so we decided to give it a shot and we are so happy we did! The videos are entertaining and the workbook assignments challenge you to take your relationship to the next level.”
– Will and Alyssa

Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 Week


Course Instructor

Love Jays Love Jays Author

Justin and Joy started their journey together in 2008 as college freshmen. Inspired to create an online community for millennials seeking advice about love and relationships, the pair launched Love Jays in 2012. The blog quickly gained traction, leading to a spot on Tracey Edmonds’ YouTube Network, Alright TV, and a 60-minute weekly radio show based in Los Angeles. Married in August 2015, the newlywed couple launched the Married Millennials podcast – a weekly conversation about navigating life, love, and friendships one student loan payment at a time. Justin and Joy are the millennial experts on all things love who have coached dozens of couples on healthy relationship practices. Their work has been featured in the Huffington Post and they have appeared on several media outlets including Blavity and LATV.

Package 1

1 year of access

• 90 minutes of video instruction spread over 15 lessons
• 22-page downloadable workbook
• 1-on-1 coaching session with Justin and Joy
• Unlimited access to the course for one year

Package 2

1 year of access

• 90 minutes of video instruction spread over 15 lessons
• 22-page downloadable workbook
• 1-on-1 coaching session with Justin and Joy
• Unlimited access to the course for one year