Don’t Get Married


Justin and Joy discuss the importance of vacations and break down one woman’s confused and misguided belief in marriage prerequisites.

  • Our 1st vacation of 2017.
  • Experiencing the snow without proper preparation.
  • Justin’s DISMAL attempts at ice skating.
  • The importance of vacation and learning how to travel together.
  • Joy’s hair journey the and personal growth she’s gained along the way.
  • This woman’s CONFUSED and DELUSIONAL view on marriage.
  • How consumerism has negatively affected our view of reality.
  • And much more!

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Why We Lie About Sex


Justin and Joy break down why most young men are triflin’ and how to react if your partner expresses their disappointment with your sex game.

  • So…we lied and went HAM on Cyber Monday.
  • Still looking for the perfect gift? Look no further than Justin’s online credit card course!
  • Generational wealth is real…and we ain’t got it.
  • Joy’s mini-golf meltdown and Justin’s horrific batting display.
  • T-Pain broke the internet with this confession.
  • Most men, if not all, have a little triflin’ in them. Justin included.
  • How would you respond if your partner explained they don’t enjoy having sex with you?
  • And much more!

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


Justin and Joy discuss who they’re thankful for this holiday season and how teamwork has anchored their relationship and marriage.

  • Our 1st vegan Thanksgiving was a success!
  • The people and experiences we are thankful for this season.
  • How therapy gave Justin the release he didn’t know he needed.
  • Joy’s over-the-top Christmas decorations.
  • Why teamwork is at the center of our marriage.
  • The power of apology.
  • And much more!

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Why I Hate Potlucks


Justin and Joy share their sentiments on holiday potlucks and discuss finding their marriage groove.

  • Don’t let Black Friday ruin your holiday.
  • Joy’s emotional battle with the holiday season.
  • Justin’s disdain for potlucks.
  • Greedy asses making to-go plates before everyone else eats.
  • Negatively enforcing your will upon your spouse.
  • Learning how to date within in your marriage.
  • And much more!

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Male Privilege

male privilege

Justin and Joy discuss how male privilege leads to rape culture and the responsibility men have in creating a safe space for women.

  • Joy’s vivid dreams.
  • Our dogs’ ludicrous behavior during the night.
  • The Bruno Mars concert was LIT!
  • Brunch 2 Bomb with another DOPE event.
  • Who made grindin’ in the club an accepted social norm?
  • Men’s role in perpetuating rape culture.
  • 3 actions men can take NOW to create change.
  • And much more!

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America’s Favorite Headline

San Antonio

Justin and Joy discuss the tragedy in San Antonio and reflect on living a purposeful life.

  • It finally feels like Fall!
  • Interested in joining Joy for NaNoWriMo?
  • Brunch 2 Bomb is back! Get your tickets.
  • The sad and tragic shooting in Sutherland Springs.
  • Creating positivity amongst the negativity.
  • Setting boundaries to assist with self-care and healing.
  • And much more!

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