Money Is A Thang

money is a thang

Justin and Joy discuss embarking on a new decade of life and the challenges married couples face by keeping their money separate.

    • Justin’s 30th Birthday celebration!
    • Learning to accept the person we are and not running from our truth.
    • January’s book club selection transformed Justin’s way of thinking.
    • Jussie Smollett’s attack is a painful reminder of how far we still need to go as a society.
    • Justin’s frustration with people painting advocacy with one broad brush.
    • My money vs. your money vs. our money…where do you stand?
    • The innate dangers of keeping your money separate as a married couple.
    • Is it irresponsible to date without a “job” or income source?
    • And much more!

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Justin and Joy discuss the power of stillness and intuition and dive into the latest men’s fashion: weave.

    • The 6th Annual Riley Family dinner.
    • Justin learning to embrace the power of stillness.
    • Justin reflecting on his twenties and the renewed mindset he has developed heading into his thirties.
    • The complexity of using words to describe a gut or intuitive feeling.
    • The unfair and overblown treatment of men wearing weaves.
    • And much more!

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Permission Granted

permission granted

Justin and Joy discuss the unseen impact people have on each other and missing out on opportunities by denying ourselves permission to just be us.

    • Reflecting on Dr. King’s legacy and the level of impact we all leave on the world.
    • Letting go of our ego’s attachment to leaving a legacy in the spotlight.
    • Have you joined the Married Millennials Facebook group or Weekly Wellness community?
    • Repositioning reading as a leisure activity instead of “work” or “punishment”.
    • Granting yourself permission to change despite other people’s opinion or potential disappointment.
    • An important lesson Joy learned from delaying one small action.
    • And much more!

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Right Now

right now

Justin and Joy discuss the importance of finding the power in our own story and accepting the past without blame.

    • Our realization of how young we were when we got engaged and embracing our youth in our 30’s.
    • Joy’s experience at her first tea party and debating if “tea time” is exclusively for women.
    • Joy booked her first mental health and wellness speaking engagement.
    • Recognizing the power of your own story and embracing vulnerability.
    • Our invitation to join the Married Millennials’ Facebook group.
    • The media’s responsibility to engage in solution-based conversations, not just opinionated ones.
    • Learning how to accept the pain of our past to create a better future.
    • And much more!

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Justin and Joy discuss the newfound clarity they received during their two-week hiatus and why they will no longer use the hashtag “Relationship Goals” moving forward.

    • The reason(s) behind their two-week hiatus.
    • The new and improved weekly wellness newsletter.
    • How Justin’s ego negatively influenced the pricing of our premarital coaching course.
    • Justin’s 2019 Word of the Year: Release
    • Joy’s 2019 Word of the Year: Openness
    • How the hashtag “relationship goals” has negatively influenced relationships.
    • And much more!

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Third Wheelin’

third wheelin'

Justin and Joy discuss the importance of maintaining your friendship independence while in a relationship and the downside of realism.

    • The Riley Christmas production is the most insane and unique celebration.
    • Justin’s surprising revelation while forecasting our 2019 household budget.
    • Is it possible to be a realist without being a pessimist?
    • Joy’s frustration and concern with Justin being a heavy sleeper.
    • Being married and hanging out with friends doesn’t mean your significant other is always invited.
    • Justin’s dilemma with managing friendships where he’s the only one opening the line of communication.
    • Justin confessing he doesn’t enjoy talking with Joy on the phone.
    • And much more!

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