Episode 34: Busy Doing Nothin’


Elevator Pitch

  • Extra Thanksgiving weight.
  • Reminiscing about our basketball and dancing bodies…sigh.
  • Christmas season is officially here!
  • The flip side of living with a tall person.
  • Justin’s growing disdain for people being “busy“.
  • The default response with no substance.
  • Would you have any friends if you had to tell the absolute truth?
  • And much more!

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Episode 34 Preview

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Episode 33: Beans, Greens, Potatoes, Tomatoes

Beans Greens

Justin and Joy discuss the struggle of finding a balance between financial responsibility and YOLO-ing. Elevator Pitch Happy Thanksgiving! Must-have Thanksgiving dishes. Joy’s sweet potato pie obsession. LA drivers in the rain. Money: Justin is too frugal, Joy is too carefree. Justin’s extreme dislike for movie prices. The moment Joy lost her mind… Joy’s new […]

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Episode 32: About Last Week

Donald Trump

Justin and Joy discuss the results of last week’s presidential election. Elevator Pitch Donald Trump: 45th President of the United States of America. Our emotional journey throughout Election Night. Van Jones perfectly articulating the feelings of many minorities. The rush to “get over, accept, and come together”. Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue. And much more! Spread […]

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Episode 30: Black Men vs. Black Women

black men

Justin and Joy unpack Trick Daddy’s degrading comments about black women. Elevator Pitch Our uneventful Halloween. Justin’s sensitive teeth and how we managed to use each other’s toothbrush in the same week. Our strong belief in flossing, despite what some experts say. Fiction book recommendations. Revisiting our conversation on “Locker Room Talk“. Creating a culture […]

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Episode 28: Locker Room Talk

locker room talk

Justin and Joy review their trip to New York and dive into Trump’s “locker room talk”. Elevator Pitch Our trip to New York. LA Culture v. New York Culture. Cafe Fiorello’s lemon tart. Justin’s snacking problems. The time a stranger bought us a Macbook…yes, it really happened. The 2nd Presidential Debate. Donald Trump’s “Locker Room […]

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Episode 27: Grind Time

Grind Time

Justin and Joy discuss balancing their financial obligations while pursuing creative endeavors. Elevator Pitch Autumn air. Justin’s disdain for electric blankets. Joy’s refusal to pick up after herself. #ForeverDuncan Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris. Three-month financial update. Balancing financial obligations with creative dreams. Protecting your dreams. When are you most creative? Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. […]

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Episode 25: Social Deconstruction

social deconstruction

Justin and Joy re-open the conversation about race in America and dating people with conflicting political views. Elevator Pitch Hello, Autumn! A conversation about race…again. Terrence Crutcher and Kieth Lamont Scott. Officer Shelby indictment.* Parallels between toxic masculinity and racism. Dating people with conflicting political views. Voter registration. And much more! *Correction: Officer Shelby was […]

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