Episode 24: Celibacy – The Road Less Traveled


Elevator Pitch

  • Do you love Tuesdays?
  • Basking in quiet time.
  • Children timeline…we don’t agree.
  • iPhone 7: Why I don’t have you, yet.
  • Celibacy: The Road Less Traveled.
  • The defining moment(s) that led to our decision.
  • Sex is a distraction.
  • Redefining intimacy.
  • Friends to Best Friends.
  • And much more!

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Episode 24 Preview

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Episode 23: Ridin’ Solo


Justin and Joy reminisce about the freedoms associated with being single. Elevator Pitch Our decline in personal social media usage. Recording schedule. Justin’s poor eating habits. Joy’s 27th Birthday celebration. Las Vegas trips. The benefits and freedom of living alone. Finding your “freedom” within a relationship. And much more! Spread the Word If you enjoyed […]

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Episode 22: Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis

Justin and Joy discuss the struggle of answering life’s toughest question: What the hell am I doing? Elevator Pitch Justin’s obsession with the number “2”. Labor Day: The unofficial end of summer. Colin Kaepernick’s protest. Hawaii vacation. Why we won’t road trip together. Millennial struggle: Finding our purpose. Practicing patience along life’s journey. Goal setting. […]

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Episode 21: Put A Title On It


Justin and Joy discuss the slippery slope of dating without titles. Elevator Pitch Joy’s THIRSTY encounter with Boris Kodjoe. Justin’s dusty DM’s. Pokemon, Pogs, and Highlights Magazine. Couple Friends. Debate: How soon do you break up one you’ve mentally made up your mind? Debate #2: Why relationship titles are necessary. Poll: Do you like making […]

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Episode 20: 366 Days of Marriage


Justin and Joy share some of the lessons learned in their 1st year of marriage. Elevator Pitch Happy Anniversary! Review: 366 Days of Marriage. Commitment must be a priority. Moving in together before marriage? YES! Misguided expectations. Marriage doesn’t magically change people. Finances, Sex, Chores: Communicate! Future planning is critical. Faith and prayer = our […]

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Episode 19: Why So Thirsty?


Justin and Joy discuss why men feel the need to gawk at women. Elevator Pitch Michael Phelps is the signature GOAT. Olympic Motivation. Finding the KEYS **DJ Khaled Voice**. Sleeping with eye masks. Adulthood: Managing bills. Sugar Mamas and Daddies. Debate: Men starting at women. Natural reactions vs. disrespectful stares. Thirsty men. And much more! […]

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Episode 18: Netflix & Chill with a Side of Chipotle

netflix and chill

Justin and Joy discuss how dating has changed over the past 10 years. Elevator Pitch Rio Olympics. Joy conquered babysitting despite a minor setback. Children shouldn’t be allowed to watch Barbie. Filtering what we see and hear. Joy’s Harry Potter obsession. Dating in 2016. Everyone’s relationship journey is different. Texting shouldn’t be the default communication. […]

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Episode 17: Down in the DM


Justin and Joy discuss proper protocol on receiving nudes via Snapchat. And we don’t see eye to eye. Elevator Pitch Key advantage of recording in the morning. Our babysitting history. The Points Guy. Justin’s ongoing feud with economy seats on airplanes. Trusting your partner with Snapchat. Rebelling against limitations and restrictions. The one time Justin […]

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Episode 16: #Adulting


Justin and Joy discuss the growing pains of adulthood. Elevator Pitch Sweet sixteen party. Birthday celebrations and how much other people don’t care. Budget attempt #1: Fail! Justin’s first experience with anxiety. Stress outlets. The non-existent work-life balance. James Clear’s Four Burner Theory. Deferring professional goals when it’s time for a family. Adulting: The constant […]

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Episode 15: Proposalversary


Justin and Joy share the story of their 2014 proposal. Elevator Pitch Happy Proposalversary! Picking the proposal date. Matching Joy’s high end taste with Justin’s budget. Getting Joy to the proposal destination by 7:00 AM. Picking out the right outfit for the surprise photoshoot. Justin’s nerves before popping the big question. Post-proposal celebratory nap. Surprise […]

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