Episode 46: #HurtBae


Elevator Pitch

  • The first 3-day weekend pissing people off.
  • Side Hustle Generation.
  • PSA: Rate and review this podcast on iTunes.
  • Justin’s STRUGGLE learning the piano.
  • Our musical guilty pleasures.
  • Getting called out for not spending enough time with our parents.
  • #HurtBae.
  • And much more!

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Episode 45: In the Mood for Love


Justin and Joy discuss how they’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day over the past nine years. Elevator Pitch Happy Birthday, Mom! “I brought you into this world” strength. Growing up in a black household. Kiss and Tell Live. Joy’s inspirational dream and attempt to clean up our diet. The 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Valentine’s Day: America’s most […]

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Episode 44: Expect the Unexpected


Justin and Joy discuss the importance of managing expectations in your relationship. Elevator Pitch Justin’s unexpected birthday turn up. Joy’s retirement from grindin’ on the dance floor (in public). Beyoncé broke the internet…again. The conflict with giving your child a “unique” name. Super Bowl 51: Election Night Pt. 2. Our first TV appearance. When expectations […]

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Episode 43: With The Stroke Of A Pen

pen stroke

Justin and Joy discuss a series of Donald Trump’s executive orders. Elevator Pitch Justin’s birthday week. Joy contemplating attending her 10-year high school reunion…again. Scottsdale: If Newport Beach and Las Vegas had a baby. Justin’s poor multi-tasking skills. Trump’s series of executive orders. People are not numbers on a spreadsheet. The Milgram experiment. And much […]

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Episode 42: A Million Women Marched…Now What?

million women marched

Justin and Joy discuss Donald Trump’s inauguration and the hope behind the Million Women’s March. Elevator Pitch Donald Trump’s inauguration. Defining “alternative facts”. Chrisette Michele’s performance at the inauguration and her response to people’s criticism. Million Women’s March. Recognizing and speaking out against ALL oppression. And much more! Spread the Word If you enjoyed the […]

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Episode 41: Is It Time to Breakup with Makeup?


Justin and Joy discuss the impact makeup has had on today’s perceived beauty standards. Elevator Pitch Obama’s final week in office. Twitter’s reaction to Biloxi trying to rename Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Obama’s love for Michelle and Joe Biden. Joy’s completely depleted energy stores. Keke Palmer’s response to looking “unpolished”. The slippery slope of […]

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