Feature Fridays ♥ Get Involved!

We would really like to get you all involved some more so we decided to have Feature Fridays. Send us your story (along with a picture if you wish) and we will post it!

If you are single and loving it, send your story in!
If you are single and looking, send your story in!
If you are happily in a relationship, send your story in!
If you made it out of an abusive relationship, send your story in!
If you found a good way to resolve conflict with your significant other, send your story in!
If you found an effective way to successfully navigate the dating scene, send your story in!

We want this to be a community and we would really like to hear from you. You never know who you may help by sharing your story of love gained, love lost, love of yourself and really just anything love related. Don’t be stingy, SHARE! 🙂

Email your stories to asklovejays@gmail.com with “Feature Friday” in the subject line. Have a great weekend!



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One Week Down!

We just wanted to say thank you for all of your support during our first week. There is much more to come so please stay tuned! Have a blessed weekend and remember to do all things with love. Love, J&J © LoveJays 2012

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To Tell or Not to Tell?

Q: Dear Love Jays,  So I met this really nice, cute, intelligent , good personality, the list could go on type of guy. We haven’t been talking very long but so far things have been going good. Here is the catch I just recently found out that his good friend is a guy I sort […]

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Waiting to have “The Talk”

Q: Dear Love Jays, I have been dating a guy for a few months now, long distance. We talk and text almost every day. I have had a few opportunities to “hook up” with other guys but have turned them down because I care a lot about this guy. The thing is, we haven’t had […]

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Can I Get Your Number? Can I have it?!

This One is for the guys… We have all see the “Can I get yo numba” skit on Mad TV and shared a few laughs, but the reality is that ACTUALLY happens. Though I do appreciate the opinion of Mr. J, I am curious to know what you all think. What makes a woman approachable? I […]

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Doing your Part

Q: Two year ago, my boyfriend of six years and I moved in together. Living together has been bliss- minus a few very minor points of contention. I am overly tidy (some might argue OCD) and I find myself infuriated by a wet towel on the door knob or water on the bathroom counter or a […]

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Cheating Cheating Cheating

Q: Just for the sake of discussion, under what circumstances do you forgive your partner for cheating? For young couples. Not married or people with kids. A: Dear When/If/How to forgive my cheating partner: Cheating has to be the most sensitive and gender-divided question in the history of relationships. What constitutes cheating? Are there different levels of cheating? […]

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After the 3rd Date

Q: Hello Love Jays, I recently met this girl about 3 months ago and we have went on 3 dates since that time which have all gone very well in my opinion. The first time we spent together was at Disneyland for about 8 hours where we had great conversation getting to know and learn […]

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The Rules

1. Questions pertaining to all-things-love will be answered on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 2.  Questions will be answered in the order they are received. 3. Please submit your questions in 250 words or less. 4. We will provide you with our best advice; however we are not professionals. If you need professional help please seek a professional. […]

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Hello friends! Thank you very much for visiting our page. Please submit any questions you have pertaining to all-things-love to asklovejays@gmail.com and we will offer our best advice from the male and female perspective.   © LoveJays 2012

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