Episode 63: Like vs. Love

  • Father’s Day brunch fail.
  • Amanda Seales serving all the tea to Caitlyn Jenner.
  • Joy’s appearance on the Brown Girls Rising podcast.
  • The unfortunate and not surprising verdict in the Philando Castile’s trial.
  • The difference between liking and loving your significant other.
  • Balancing Joy’s carefree approach to money with Justin’s stringent budgeting.
  • The longstanding argument about overspending on food.
  • And much more!

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Episode 63 Preview

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Episode 62: No Panties, No Problem

Amber Rose

Justin and Joy react to Amber Rose’s viral photo and the importance of body positivity. Elevator Pitch Joy’s experience at the EmpowerHer conference in Chicago. Marvel’s Black Panther movie. Victoria Secret’s failure to style black hair appropriately. Amber Rose amBUSHing the internet. The importance of body positivity and stopping women shaming. The best educational video […]

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Episode 61: Sex Makes Babies

Justin and Joy discuss living in a fear based society, our newfound mental clarity, and the ineffective pull-out method. Elevator Pitch ICYMI: Last week’s interview with Tom Williamson. People’s unwillingness to truly open up. What if you lived in a world where you could not lie? The downside of living life with an unconscious fear. […]

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Episode 59: Give Me Some Credit

Justin and Joy discuss the importance of having a best friend who gets along with your significant other and leveraging credit responsibly. Elevator Pitch Spending our first full weekend together in almost 3 months. Wardrobe woes and social media’s effect on our outfits. Pedicures and manicures: Joy’s ultimate sacrifice. Our love/hate relationship with graduation. Since […]

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Episode 58: Caught Faking It

bow wow

Justin and Joy discuss how to navigate your relationship when the feelings just aren’t the same. Elevator Pitch Mother’s Day weekend and Joy’s baby fever. Blavity Episode 5: Living Together. Netflix cheating. The #BowWowChallenge and Joy’s similar experience. You don’t like your significant other anymore…what’s next? Justin’s love/hate relationship with check-ins. Why suppressing natural attraction […]

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Episode 57: According To Plan

according to plan

Justin and Joy discuss adjusting after a breakup with a close friend and how spending a little extra money can make all the difference. Elevator Pitch Our opposing weekend activities. Vacations vs. Trips. Justin’s belief in spending a little extra money to make experiences more memorable. Joy’s new found love for essential oils and appearance […]

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Episode 56: Sex and Good Vibes

Justin and Joy discuss good vibes, the importance of questioning your beliefs, and goal setting. Elevator Pitch Atlanta is black excellence on FULL display. Justin Simien’s Dear White People. Blavity Episode 3: Social Media. Justin’s grumpiness report. Why it’s good to question your beliefs. The moment we told our parents about our first time… Individual […]

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Episode 55: Blaming Everyone Except Yourself


Justin and Joy discuss accepting responsibility for your emotional well-being and playing the blame game. Elevator Pitch Welcome new listeners! Love Jays x Blavity: Episode 2. Joy’s spa day and selfish acts in the sauna. Justin’s continual struggle with taking emotional care of himself. Everything really is bigger than Texas. Justin’s revelation after watching Denzel’s […]

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