Episode 76: Caught Up

Caught Up

Justin and Joy discuss our generation’s rebellion against tradition, doing sh*t for the ‘gram, and Kevin Hart’s recent infidelity claims.

  • Lena Waithe’s historic Emmy win for outstanding writing in a comedy series.
  • Joy still owns, wears, and can fit clothes from the 8th grade,
  • Kevin Hart’s apology to his wife and family regarding his “wrong behavior”.
  • Love does not equal fidelity.
  • Our generation’s rebellion against tradition.
  • Joy admitting to snooping through Justin’s phone.
  • And much more!

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Episode 76 Preview

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Episode 75: Hella Insecure


Justin and Joy give a complete breakdown of HBO’s hit series, Insecure. Elevator Pitch How Justin failed to properly celebrate Joy’s birthday. Justin’s brother got engaged! HBO’s hit series, Insecure, in review. Team Issa or Team Lawrence? Online dating and learning how to “ho”. An unexpected facial. Open marriages, explained by Molly and Dro. Bringing […]

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Episode 73: Tasteful Nudes

Yvonne Orji

Justin and Joy discuss the challenge of separating artistry from the artist and society’s entitlement to a woman’s body. Elevator Pitch Monday morning workout excuses. The pains of purchasing furniture and the snowball effect that follows. Can you separate the art from the artist? Yvonne Orji revealing she’s a virgin in a recent interview with […]

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Episode 72: It Takes Two

it takes two

Justin and Joy celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary and share three lessons they learned in their second year of marriage. Elevator Pitch Today is our two-year wedding anniversary! Joy’s extreme comfort with talking about death. Organizing our closet with these gems from IKEA. Justin rationalizing the size of his shoe collection. Three themes we learned […]

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Episode 71: (Alt)ernate Reality


Justin and Joy relive partying with Beyoncé and Jay-Z and dissect white fragility following the events in Charlottesville. Elevator Pitch Partying with Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Uncle duties wore Justin out after three days…smh. Justin’s poor ability to properly take care of himself. Charlottesville, Virginia: A hoodless klan rally. You MUST identify and name behavior in […]

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Episode 70: Nate Howard | Tell Your Story Before They Do

Justin and Joy sit down with Nate Howard to discuss how his experience with the LAPD shaped his career path, becoming a full-time entrepreneur, and influencing education with his non-profit organization. Elevator Pitch Nate’s USC graduation aggressively ending with 79 LAPD officers. Nate’s early introduction to poetry and how it influenced the creation of his […]

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Episode 69: (S)expectations


Justin and Joy discuss sexual compatibility, the negative effects of taboo subjects, and using “female” to describe a woman. Elevator Pitch When watching music videos was the thing to do. Joy’s wisdom teeth removal and HARSH breath. The downside of seeing movies after all the hype. Esther Perel’s series on Audible and view on sexual […]

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Episode 68: Lena Waithe | Hollywood Is Life

Justin and Joy sit down with Lena Waithe to discuss her recent Emmy nomination, relationship with a Hollywood executive, and the importance of having television content reflective of black culture. Elevator Pitch Lena’s recent Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. The importance of representing black culture in Hollywood. The story behind Lena’s […]

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Episode 67: Cassy Athena | Stay In Your Frame

Cassy Athena

Justin and Joy sit down with Cassy Athena to discuss her incredible journey through photography, overcoming a brain tumor, and the value of developing intimate personal relationships. Elevator Pitch Cassy’s early photography inspirations and love for visual arts. How she developed her signature Cassy Athena watermark. The infamous Nick Young meme. Surviving a brain tumor […]

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