The Truth About What Makes You Happy

Whenever I ask the question, “What should I do with my life?” people tend to respond with, “Do what makes you happy.” This is such a loaded response because:

  1. I am a bit fickle so what makes me happy today, may not make me happy tomorrow. #Human

  2. What if I find that thing and it’s not lucrative? #IHaveToEat

  3. What if I find something that makes me happy, but I still have to deal with things that make me unhappy, thus cancelling out my happiness? #FirstWorldProblems

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to life, I have doubts. Serious doubts. I need to know the answer to this question. How, how, how? If you are also searching for answers, let me save you some stress and a crap-ton of time. You are never going to find a solution to this question. It’s not something you can ever check off of your to-do list. It is a permanent and grueling task.

At this point, you may be wondering why I felt the need to write an article about a lifelong issue that cannot be resolved. Well, to contradict myself, of course.


I have discovered the only thing that ever truly makes me happy, consistently, is when I help others in need. Specifically, when I give someone a word of advice or encouragement and it helps them solve, or at least, feel better about a challenge they may be facing in their life at the time.

So if you’re like me (and I know you are because #Human, remember?) you can’t find the answer to life’s most difficult question because you are asking the wrong question. You should be asking, “How do I like to help others?” I suspect you may already know, and if you do, do more of whatever that thing is. Say goodbye to temporary fulfillment and say hello to full-time happiness. No one can ever take away that moment you helped someone in need. It is seared into the memory of the universe. FOREVER. And yes, I am well aware this sounds cliche, but you guys, it’s totally the answer you have been looking for. I promise!

On that note, I am so happy to be back. I’ve missed you all and I am ready to help.

Now go out and help someone!



Meet Ollie and Hazel

Meet Ollie and Hazel

Check out our Licks of Love Challenge video featuring both Ollie and Hazel.

We adopted our furry babies in the Fall of 2013 and 2015 respectively. Ollie is a Boston Terrier/ Jack Russell terrier mix and Hazel is an Australian Shepherd/ Spaniel mix- we think. They are a huge part of the Love Jays family and we are so glad we finally get to introduce them to you!


Challenged by Carly at Carly’s Corner. Click here to visit her Youtube channel. She posts new content every Monday and Wednesday!

Where Do I Begin

Man, oh man! It’s been quite some time since I opened up my laptop to write a blog post. If I’m not mistaken, this will be my first post since October 2013.

Can we talk about 2013 for a minute?

2013 was arguably the hardest year I’ve experienced in adulthood.

  • Unemployment: 6 months
  • Living out of a duffle bag: 9 months
  • Lost 20 pounds because I couldn’t afford to feed myself
  • Got a job only to be laid off 3-months later

But on the flip side, 2013 was a great year.

  • Growing blog and online radio show
  • YouTube vlogging spot on a celebrity network channel
  • Got the keys to our 1st place together
  • Employed by a company I’m still with today

Even in the midst of a storm, we still have the power to focus our attention on the positive and use our struggles as motivation to propel us where we need to be in life. Yes, 2013 was a rough patch, but it was also the foundation for where I’m at today.

So what’s happened since our last post?

Joy and I got married in August 2015, exactly eight years to the day when I first spoke to her freshmen year of college. We are the proud owners of two crazy dogs, Ollie and Hazel. My hairline has receded even further. And we are still driving each other bat shit crazy.

Guess you can say things haven’t changed too much.

We are excited to venture on this fun journey together! Tell your friends, colleagues, parents, grandparents, roommates, girlfriend, boyfriend, bae, and anyone else I’m missing…THE LOVE JAYS ARE BACK!