Justin and Joy react to Beyoncé’s newest album, LEMONADE. Spoiler Alert: We address ALL the shade!

Elevator Pitch

  • Beyoncé dropped a BOMB all over the internet and sparked a revolution.
  • Joy’s appreciation of Beyoncé revealing the truth about cheating.
  • Society conditioning women to expect infidelity.
  • Rachel Roy thickening the plot right before our eyes.
  • Woman code vs. man code.
  • Respecting boundaries.
  • Rest in Power, Prince.
  • And much more!

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2 Replies to “#LEMON(SH)ADE”

  1. Hey guys! First of all, I’m so glad you two are back, it had been way too long! And congrats again on your recent nuptials:) Okay so back to business, I am in COMPLETE agreement with Joy on this topic (Sorry Justin)lol… But men… once they cheat and see that they got away with it, they have no fear in trying it again because now they know you’ll just forgive them. I also believe there is no excuse for cheating – don’t tell me you couldn’t control yourself, that’s some BS if I ever heard some. You are a grown ass man with grown ass self – control. #Keepitinyourpants plus if you are in a committed relationship, you knew what you were doing when you made that commitment. Stay faithful or don’t bother getting into a relationship in the first place. And women, we need to respect ourselves more. Don’t let a cheater convince you that he won’t do it again. They will be as sorry as they can be but one that trust is already broken after your first ‘mistake’, I can’t ever trust you again. kudos to Bey for forgiving Jay but I know I wouldn’t be able to. As Joy said, this woman has given you her heart – treat it as the most fragile and most valuable thing in the world. Don’t break it. And don’t break it in the most painful way ever by cheating. I have been cheated on and betrayed in some of the most vile ways and now I don’t think I can ever give a man the time of day again because of that fear. The fear that it will happen again and you saw all the emotions Bey went through… I can’t go through all that again. In fact I actually refuse to go through it. So the next person who will be able to break down these really high walls around me, will have to really prove to me why I should trust them because my past experiences have taught me to be overly cautious about men now. Sorry for the long post, I just feel very strongly about this topic and I’m very glad Beyonce brought it to light in such an artistic way. Okay I’m done and great work guys!

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome! We are excited to be back. I agree with Joy’s point as well; I just took slight issue with saying “If I can do it, you can too.” In this instance, I feel that statement is too big of a generalization. People cheat for a variety of reasons, so to label it very black and white doesn’t seem like the best solution to get to the root of the problem.

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