Illusion Of Choice

illusion of choice

Justin and Joy continue to declutter all areas of their life and share how letting go has brought a renewed sense of purpose and clarity.

  • Our August purge continues – this week: wardrobe.
  • Making way for abundance by letting go of the past.
  • Justin’s decision to stop wearing watches.
  • How our travel fund is helping Justin’s childhood dream come true.
  • Our experience at Noir Unicorn’s panel discussion on monogamy, polyamory, and mental health.
  • The illusion of decision making.
  • Married Millennials is officially on Spotify!
  • Justin’s newfound appreciation for story and entertaining the idea of writing our own script.
  • And much more!

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Call Me By My Name

no new friends

Justin and Joy discuss why “no new friends” is the worst slogan to live by and how they would react if someone they were dating called them another person’s name.

  • Justin’s happy to report he’s back on his meditation schedule.
  • Joy’s “shocking” discovery that our interactions aren’t just unique to us.
  • Naps should be acceptable practices in the workplace.
  • Come hang with us this Saturday as we discuss monogamy, polyamory, and mental health.
  • “No New Friends” has quickly become one of our least favorite sayings.
  • August Challenge: Ridding ourselves of everything that does not serve a purpose.
  • Joy’s EXTREME frustration with women’s nipples.
  • How would you react if someone you are dating called you a different name?
  • And much more!

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Southern Hospitality

southern hospitality

Justin and Joy recap their trip to Atlanta and discuss the importance of being intentional, yet calm while dating.

  • Exploring the idea of living in ATL for a few months.
  • An Atlanta gym embracing southern tradition a little too much.
  • Justin’s experience at his first speaker’s conference.
  • Why do we explore other cities more than we explore our own?
  • Day dates and activity dates should be your go-to move.
  • Our 1st “First Class” flying experience.
  • Special thanks to our ATL Love Jays Crew for brunching with us!
  • Why leading with “I’m looking for a relationship” while dating can work against you.
  • And much more!

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To Infinity and Beyond


Justin and Joy discuss their experience with a medium and share their journey on ridding themselves of judgment.

  • Joy’s unpleasant reaction to Justin’s planned day date.
  • Justin feeling some type of way about Joy taking “interest” in his interests.
  • Justin’s experience with a medium.
  • Our journey in detaching ourselves from material things and passing judgment on this who think differently than us.
  • How we are living more abundantly while generating less income.
  • The weekly wellness newsletter is changing lives, including Justin’s. Have you joined?
  • Finding enjoyment in life’s challenges.
  • And much more!

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Zoned Out

zoned out

Justin and Joy discuss how identifying each other’s deficiencies don’t always lead to positive outcomes.

  • Special thanks to everyone who attended The Mingle LA.
  • The simple task of writing down your goals can turn thoughts into reality.
  • Atlanta – mark your calendars! We are coming to town Sunday, July 29.
  • Joy’s habit of continually zoning out in the midst of a conversation with Justin.
  • The ongoing battle without conflicting work styles and successfully managing negative emotions.
  • Identifying each other’s weak spots in the pursuit of meeting your partner halfway.
  • How showing up and just being present can make all the difference.
  • And much more!

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Stop Waiting For The One


Justin and Joy discuss the existence of soulmates and whether or not we are destined to spend the rest of our lives with one “special” person.

  • Our firework-free 4th of July.
  • The subtle influence negativity can have on our worldview.
  • Why marriage is the beginning, not the end, of life as you know it.
  • Pre-registration for “15 Must-Have Conversations Before Saying I Do” is OPEN!
  • Self-awareness comes with self-responsibility.
  • Don’t forget to grab your tickets to The Mingle LA.
  • Do soulmates exist? If so, do you only have one?
  • And much more!

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