Conversational Cleanse

Justin and Joy discuss society’s diminishing communication skills and why Joy has officially quit social media.

  • Joy’s insistence on having at least two kids following her weekend with her goddaughter.
  • Justin’s frustration with Joy constantly using hyperboles as her default argument.
  • The standard LA conversation consists of two things: work and traffic.
  • Justin’s struggle with finding his speaking style and connecting with his audience beyond just words.
  • Joy’s social media hiatus has commenced.
  • Why do Virgos feel the need to announce “Virgo Season” to the rest of the world?
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  • And much more!

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Episode 125 Preview

2 Replies to “Conversational Cleanse”

  1. I love this show so much. I just wanted to comment on the conversations you have in LA and how they are predictable. I totally agree but I don’t believe that is just a Los Angeles thing. I’m an LA native and I am currently living in the DMV. The conversations are the SAME here. I think in this area especially the conversations I have at events, even “fun” events, begin and then end with what your job is and where you work. I rarely find people who are willing to talk about anything else. On another note regarding LA and DC and moving. I would not recommend you guys move to the DMV. California is superior. I love Joy’s idea of life in a forested area overlooking the ocean! How peaceful ☺️.

    1. Thank you for supporting the show! It’s unfortunate to hear these same tired ass conversations are happening all over the country. We MUST do better. Good insight on moving – I lowkey just want to move out of the country and travel the world. That’s right up there (if not higher) on the list!

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