Daffany Clark | Picking Up The Pieces

Elevator Pitch

  • Daffany’s unique childhood experience in Chicago and unpacking her biracial identity at an early age.
  • Her journey reconciling with her biological father.
  • How Daffany’s one woman show, Pieces, is helping her heal with the past.
  • The effect growing up without a father has created within her own personal relationships.
  • The downside of overextending too much for friends.
  • Dating in Los Angeles and the visible lack of courting.
  • Loyalty and Respect: Men want it, but don’t give it. Why?
  • Fish Bowl: What stands between you and complete happiness? What would you change if you were never going to die? What big lesson can people learn from your life?
  • And much more!

More About Daffany

Born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Daffany Clark knew from an early age that she wanted to be an actress. As a Columbia College graduate, Clark came to Los Angeles in 2009 and managed to move quickly from LA transplant to working actress.

Clark trained under the tutelage of Choice Skinner at the Breakin Through Acting Workshop before landing her first recurring guest star role on The Fosters as “Daphne” in 2012. The role was originally set for the pilot episode, but Clark quickly became a fan favorite and was brought back time and time again during seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Daffany can also be seen in the feature film Wingman Inc. directed by Choice Skinner and will be co-starring in the upcoming movie 5150 written by Vanessa Giordano and directed by Michael Cory Davis. In addition Daffany just starred in two short films; Astraddle directed by Andre Strong and For The Family written and directed by Randy Ranz. Most recently Daffany booked a co-star role with the incomparable John Singleton on his new BET show Rebel and a supporting role in the film Bodied directed by Joseph Kahn.

Daffany is currently producing, writing and starring in her own One Woman Show. Pieces tells the intricate story of one woman’s past, comprised of family mental illness, abandonment, foster care and deep psychological scars forcing her to overcome her struggles and find her purpose in life. Coming in 2018.

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