Justin and Joy discuss the power of stillness and intuition and dive into the latest men’s fashion: weave.

    • The 6th Annual Riley Family dinner.
    • Justin learning to embrace the power of stillness.
    • Justin reflecting on his twenties and the renewed mindset he has developed heading into his thirties.
    • The complexity of using words to describe a gut or intuitive feeling.
    • The unfair and overblown treatment of men wearing weaves.
    • And much more!

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Justin and Joy reflect on the power of apology and engage in the most inappropriate game of “would you be more mad if…”

  • Should you honestly respond to the question, “How was your weekend?”
  • Joy’s obsession with life paths, numerology, and zodiac signs.
  • Which is more effective in a relationship: adaptability or flexibility?
  • Learning to maintain a more realistic and effective pace in achieving your goals.
  • Justin’s life-changing experience apologizing to an old friend he hadn’t seen in 15 years.
  • The most inappropriate game of “would you be more made if…”
  • And much more!

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The Myth Of Motivation


Justin and Joy discuss the importance of trimming the fat and why motivation is overrated.

  • Our quarterly “Come to Jesus” meeting released frustration and inspired optimism.
  • Imagining the simplicity of just being married and silently side-eyeing.
  • R.I.P Pillow Talk Live.
  • Motivation without teaching is useless.
  • The audacity to believe in your crazy ass ideas.
  • Learning how to commit ourselves to the work no one wants to do.
  • And much more!

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Neighborhood Watch

neighborhood watch

Justin and Joy discuss the power of vision statements and the dangerous side effects of ghosting.

  • Joy’s favorite season is officially upon us and she’s convinced the new moon has her TRIPPIN’!
  • The importance of having a vision statement for your life.
  • Joy’s latest YouTube obsession isn’t for the faint of heart.
  • Are you still missing out on your best life by not subscribing to the weekly wellness newsletter?
  • Issa Rae gave an honest and REAL look into the life of ghosting.
  • How far are you willing to push the boundaries to seek “closure”?
  • And much more!

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Master The Approach

master the approach

Justin and Joy suggest a new HR practice all companies should implement and share a few helpful tricks to help men approach women.

  • Childish Gambino dropped another loaded music video just before we say farewell to summer.
  • Joy’s judgment and parenting regarding Justin’s social media usage.
  • It’s Joy’s birthday week! Will the birthday monster come out?
  • HR needs to implement new penalties for employees permeating an aura of negativity.
  • Cracking the code for a functional and stylish wardrobe.
  • Justin shares a few tricks to help men overcome the fear of approaching women.
  • And much more!

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Southern Hospitality

southern hospitality

Justin and Joy recap their trip to Atlanta and discuss the importance of being intentional, yet calm while dating.

  • Exploring the idea of living in ATL for a few months.
  • An Atlanta gym embracing southern tradition a little too much.
  • Justin’s experience at his first speaker’s conference.
  • Why do we explore other cities more than we explore our own?
  • Day dates and activity dates should be your go-to move.
  • Our 1st “First Class” flying experience.
  • Special thanks to our ATL Love Jays Crew for brunching with us!
  • Why leading with “I’m looking for a relationship” while dating can work against you.
  • And much more!

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