Like vs. Love

  • Father’s Day brunch fail.
  • Amanda Seales serving all the tea to Caitlyn Jenner.
  • Joy’s appearance on the Brown Girls Rising podcast.
  • The unfortunate and not surprising verdict in the Philando Castile’s trial.
  • The difference between liking and loving your significant other.
  • Balancing Joy’s carefree approach to money with Justin’s stringent budgeting.
  • The longstanding argument about overspending on food.
  • And much more!

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2 Replies to “Like vs. Love”

  1. I think you two are fantastic! This is my first trip with The Jays so I’mma hafta dig in the crates and listen to your previous eps. I really really like the REALNESS of your relationship and that you’re so transparent. Your financial squabbles “that’s no an acceptable answer!” are hysterical but very honest — and we NEED that! I think a lot more people can learn how to have a successful marriage if it’s approached this way. Keep up the good work puh-leese!!! Plus, I just downloaded the Budget Tracker!!! Much love, Kiki M.

    1. Welcome to the Love Jays family! We truly appreciate your support. Happy to hear our financial squabbles bring entertainment to someone, since they cause nothing but headaches in our home, LOL. Let us know what you think of the budget tracker. It has definitely saved my sanity!
      – Justin

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