Locker Room Talk

Elevator Pitch

  • Our trip to New York.
  • LA Culture v. New York Culture.
  • Cafe Fiorello’s lemon tart.
  • Justin’s snacking problems.
  • The time a stranger bought us a Macbook…yes, it really happened.
  • The 2nd Presidential Debate.
  • Donald Trump’s “Locker Room Talk”.
  • Male conversations promoting toxic masculinity and rape culture.
  • And much more!

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Episode 28 Preview

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Cloudy with a chance of silliness. Thanks for a great time, Hawaii! 🌤🌊😁

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2 Replies to “Locker Room Talk”

  1. Glad you guys did this one. As ads and even teens we ALL have had that kind of banter, yes women do it too. However, there cones a point where an individual has to look at themselves and resolve within that type of behavior is inappropriate, AND I would not want someone doing this to my sin/daughter. Trump has not come to that point in his life and may never!!! I just think that if we slowed down and turned on the filter before it comes out the pie hole this world would be a much better place. Just because we have been given “free speech” it does not imply that we are to any and everything we feel. On a closing note: Justin you stated that :yeah that’s how men speak I have done it, that’s how men are groomed.” Groomed by whom?? I’m pretty sure your parents did not wish that or speak over you as you were growing up, Yup son today when you go out, you will speak about girls in the most vile and degrading way possible. No, that’s is a lie from the pit of hell!! It may be a way of CONFORMING, to fit in but not groomed. I love you both, keep doing what you doing.

    1. It’s important to recognize our parents aren’t the only people charged with grooming us. Yes, in most cases, our parents are charged with leading the charge in raising us to be good people with strong morals and values. But as we grow and mature, our society (friends, family, media, coaches, teammates), is a strong influence in defining who we are as people. I do agree some parts of our development are rooted in conformity, but I can certainly say my actions and views as a man are not 100% rooted in conforming to society’s teachings.

      As you mentioned, we must come to a point of deciding which type of behavior is inappropriate and appropriate. Fortunately, this election is opening eyes for a lot of people who may have viewed some of their actions and comments as harmless.

      Thanks for supporting!


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