That Was Unexpected

New York

Justin and Joy discuss the value of life not always happening the way it’s “supposed to” and how political and social polarization isn’t solving problems.

    • Comparing how this year was “supposed to be” vs. how it actually turned out.
    • How Justin’s financial responsibility has worked against him.
    • We need your feedback: What do you like, dislike, want to see more of?
    • Justin finally made his Home Alone dreams come true and Joy’s teenage heart was fulfilled by a Broadway show.
    • Justin’s frustration with society’s political correctness and sensitivity.
    • How social and political polarization has eliminated teachable moments.
    • And much more!

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Locker Room Talk

locker room talk

Elevator Pitch

  • Our trip to New York.
  • LA Culture v. New York Culture.
  • Cafe Fiorello’s lemon tart.
  • Justin’s snacking problems.
  • The time a stranger bought us a Macbook…yes, it really happened.
  • The 2nd Presidential Debate.
  • Donald Trump’s “Locker Room Talk”.
  • Male conversations promoting toxic masculinity and rape culture.
  • And much more!

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Episode 28 Preview

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