366 Days of Marriage

Elevator Pitch

  • Happy Anniversary!
  • Review: 366 Days of Marriage.
  • Commitment must be a priority.
  • Moving in together before marriage? YES!
  • Misguided expectations.
  • Marriage doesn’t magically change people.
  • Finances, Sex, Chores: Communicate!
  • Future planning is critical.
  • Faith and prayer = our cornerstone.
  • Conclusion: Marriage is fun!
  • And much more!

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Episode 20 Preview

2 Replies to “366 Days of Marriage”

  1. The whole moving together thing… you say, “you should know what you’re getting into.” But you two don’t think sleepovers are enough? But more than likely a couple who has been together for a while spends the night with their partner, and they get to see how each other live: if they are clean, their sleep schedule, their cooking, etc. I’m just not sure about that commitment, without the real commitment first. But I’m glad that worked for the two of you. (By the way, started from the very first, working my way up, I know this podcast episode is old, LOL)

    1. Haha, no worries! We appreciate you starting from the beginning. In regards to moving in together, we slept over each other’s places a significant amount of time before we moved in but it didn’t prepare us for actually living together. It’s a completely different world when both of you share a space 24/7. Something as little as “I’m going home for the evening” when you need space no longer exists. You are forced to sacrifice and work together to achieve a healthy living environment. I’m glad we did, but as you said, it’s not for everyone.

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