Dating a Married Man

Dear Love Jays,

I’m seeing a married man. Even typing this I know how wrong it is and this will not end well but I can’t find it in me to stop seeing him. Yes he is married and has children, yes he is unhappy in his marriage, and yes he wants to leave. But I know he hasn’t left her yet and has a family to support, so what is wrong with me?

I haven’t had a relationship in years and it is the first time I have felt any type of love. This I know is part of my problem, wanting to be with someone but this obviously is not the right way to start a relationship. I don’t understand why I am doing something I know is totally wrong.


 Dear Forbidden Love,

I cringed while reading this, not out of judgment, but because this is not something people talk about. I could easily dismiss you and call you a whore,bitch, Jezebel every name in the book; however I am pretty sure this happens more than people like to admit and I appreciate you coming forward to start the conversation.

I’m not going to bother telling you that you aren’t in love because there is no way I can know that for sure.

The Facts:

He’s married and you aren’t his wife. He has children and you aren’t their mother. You’re lonely and he’s willing to give you part-time love. He took a vow and you did not.

Here’s what you need to know:

He’s married and you are a secret. He is not going to show you off proudly, ever. Even if you end up together you will always be associated with failure. Let’s say he does in fact leave his wife. What is going to stop him from leaving you? If love, marriage, children and vows couldn’t hold him what makes you think his side chick can? (Sorry, just have to be honest)   Also, what about his children? Are you ready to face them if need be? What is your end game? This is not going to result  in a victory for you. You’ll either lose his heart or your soul.

The theme of your relationship will always be ALMOST. I almost trust him, I almost have him to myself, we almost have something worth bragging about, we almost made it, we are almost decent people, I almost respect myself, we almost did the right thing, he almost loves me the way I deserve to be loved, I am almost happy…almost.

You know what you are doing. No need to tell you that you are wrong because you already know, but I am going to say it anyway. You are wrong and what you are doing is not in any way okay. You think you are just lighting a match, but really you are setting a whole house on fire. He’s not the only one dishing out part time love, you are also loving yourself that way. I’m going to ask you to choose yourself, and no that doesn’t mean give into your lust, it means love yourself enough to walk away. Be worthy of deserving better.


Miss J

P.S. For those people out there who are having an affair with a married man/woman just for the sex.  THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHER PEOPLE TO HAVE SEX WITH. No excuse. Do better!

Dear Playing With Fire,

Three words that shouldn’t be used to describe us — The Other Woman.

It’s one thing to date someone who is in a committed relationship (I’m in NO WAY supporting side chick efforts), but when the marriage line is crossed, you have entered some next level sh*t. When two people commit to each other, they are entering a contract (legal, spiritual, cultural, social) to support, respect, honor and love their significant other until the end of time. The vows people exchange are meant to be more than just words, but actions lived out every day. And within those vows, the fair majority of people agree to commit *monogamously to one another.

*Note: If you are not in a monogamous marriage, I’m happy for you and am not arguing in favor of one over another. To each his own.

I’m going to take a wild guess and say the man you are currently “seeing” committed to his wife monogamously, but has since shied away from the words he said on that “special” day. It’s not my place to speculate why or why not his marriage isn’t working. Everyone experiences their own struggles and has different ways of dealing with them. However, I will acknowledge that escaping his marital problems by “seeing” you only makes things ten times worse.

We live in an era of distraction. And unfortunately, you are his distraction.

Instead of looking in the mirror and holding himself accountable for his shortcomings, he has used you to keep his mind off the real problems. The love he is showing you may be something you haven’t experienced before, but are you worth 2nd place love? Listen to your conscience — I’m sure it’s the reason you submitted this question.


Mr. J


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  1. A good man, upon trying all he could to make his marriage work and being unable to, would file for divorce long before starting up another relationship. His choice has made it very clear he is not worthy of being called someone’s husband. Why would you ever want to waste your time on a man who clearly doesn’t respect marriage, honesty or the mother of his children?
    His wife may be completely oblivious to this side of him….but you can’t be, seeing as how you know of his dirty secret. Why you are still even considering spending time with him is beyond me.

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