Episode 58: Caught Faking It

bow wow

Elevator Pitch

  • Mother’s Day weekend and Joy’s baby fever.
  • Blavity Episode 5: Living Together.
  • Netflix cheating.
  • The #BowWowChallenge and Joy’s similar experience.
  • You don’t like your significant other anymore…what’s next?
  • Justin’s love/hate relationship with check-ins.
  • Why suppressing natural attraction is foolish.
  • And much more!

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Episode 58 Preview

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Episode 34: Busy Doing Nothin’


Justin and Joy break down why being “busy” has become the new normal. Elevator Pitch Extra Thanksgiving weight. Reminiscing about our basketball and dancing bodies…sigh. Christmas season is officially here! The flip side of living with a tall person. Justin’s growing disdain for people being “busy“. The default response with no substance. Would you have […]

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Episode 17: Down in the DM


Justin and Joy discuss proper protocol on receiving nudes via Snapchat. And we don’t see eye to eye. Elevator Pitch Key advantage of recording in the morning. Our babysitting history. The Points Guy. Justin’s ongoing feud with economy seats on airplanes. Trusting your partner with Snapchat. Rebelling against limitations and restrictions. The one time Justin […]

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Episode 10: No Phone Zone

Justin and Joy discuss the dependency our culture has with technology, social media, and the illusion of connection. Elevator Pitch Justin’s inability to recall how many weeks are in a year. Joy claiming she’s right more times than Justin. Justin’s attachment to his phone. “Mark Unread” feature for iPhones. Social media in relationships. Justin’s refusal […]

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Social Media Complications

Hey Love Fans, We received two similar questions, so we decided to address them both at the same time. Love, J&J Dear Love Jays, 1. What’s your opinion on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and photo sending apps (like Snapchat or Wink!) in relationships? 2.Social media is causing a huge rift in my relationship!! […]

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I’m In Love With A Stripper

Q: Dear Love Jays, I am in a new relationship. We have been dating for about 4 months now. My bf has a past of being a ladies’ man and male dancer. Of course, this was something he mentioned after we had been dating for 3 months. Anyways, on his social media at least before […]

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Fixing our Focus

As media firestorms continue to take over the front page news and the internet, I can’t help but continually ask myself “Why?”. Negative story after negative. Silly questions flying off reporter’s tongues. Precious time wasted trying to uncover the “wrong-doings” of another. Why do we as a country salivate on the manipulation, harassment, embarrassment, and […]

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Love Jays on Twitter

Hey Love Fans! The Love Jays have joined  the twittersphere! Tweet us your questions at @LoveJaysBlog and be sure to follow us! Follow @LoveJaysBlog  <—Real Button! Click me 🙂 Love, J&J © LoveJays 2012

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After the 3rd Date

Q: Hello Love Jays, I recently met this girl about 3 months ago and we have went on 3 dates since that time which have all gone very well in my opinion. The first time we spent together was at Disneyland for about 8 hours where we had great conversation getting to know and learn […]

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