Episode 58: Caught Faking It

bow wow

Elevator Pitch

  • Mother’s Day weekend and Joy’s baby fever.
  • Blavity Episode 5: Living Together.
  • Netflix cheating.
  • The #BowWowChallenge and Joy’s similar experience.
  • You don’t like your significant other anymore…what’s next?
  • Justin’s love/hate relationship with check-ins.
  • Why suppressing natural attraction is foolish.
  • And much more!

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Episode 58 Preview

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Episode 57: According To Plan

according to plan

Justin and Joy discuss adjusting after a breakup with a close friend and how spending a little extra money can make all the difference. Elevator Pitch Our opposing weekend activities. Vacations vs. Trips. Justin’s belief in spending a little extra money to make experiences more memorable. Joy’s new found love for essential oils and appearance […]

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Episode 55: Blaming Everyone Except Yourself


Justin and Joy discuss accepting responsibility for your emotional well-being and playing the blame game. Elevator Pitch Welcome new listeners! Love Jays x Blavity: Episode 2. Joy’s spa day and selfish acts in the sauna. Justin’s continual struggle with taking emotional care of himself. Everything really is bigger than Texas. Justin’s revelation after watching Denzel’s […]

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Episode 52: I Do?

I Do

Justin and Joy discuss the long-term success of a relationship with conflicting views on marriage. Elevator Pitch Celebrating a year’s worth of shows! Happy wife, happy life: couldn’t be more true. Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” video. Justin’s reckless trip to Nike’s employee store. Joy The Barber. Why home buying is unattractive to us. John Cena and […]

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Episode 50: When FOMO Wins


Justin and Joy relive the moment when FOMO finally caught up with Justin. Elevator Pitch March Madness bracket buster. Joy’s TV watching double-standard. Justin’s FOMO finally won…and it wasn’t pretty. How to balance sharing a new experience without being judgmental. The body clock is ticking! Justin and Joy or Joy and Justin. And much more! […]

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Episode 49: What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Justin and Joy discuss maintaining consistent levels of love and the problems with unbalanced relationship advice. Elevator Pitch Daylight Savings Time. Fitting rooms negatively play with our emotions. Joy’s continued obsession with her new diet. Justin’s issue with fantasy books and shows. Holding hands is overrated. Maintaining consistent levels of love for your partner. Balancing […]

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We Started A Vlog!


Subscribe to Our Channel on YouTube! Hey Everyone! We’ve decided to add a little somethin’ somethin’  in addition to our podcast for 2017. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel and share it with your friends! Thank you so much for your continued support. Let’s do this! Love, J+J Follow Us On Instagram For More Shenanigans! […]

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Episode 36: Welcome to Marriage


Justin and Joy share their rude awakening about life as a married couple. Elevator Pitch Joy layering our bed with unnecessary blankets. Justin’s best friend is coming home and he’s HYPED. Untimely injuries and Joy’s hypochondria. The best advice our pastor gave us on our wedding day. Our first real marriage “fight”. Justin opening up about […]

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Episode 35: Disappearing Act

disappearing act

Justin and Joy discuss the ongoing battle of how they spend their time together. Elevator Pitch New podcasting equipment. Justin’s poor Christmas shopping habits. How combined finances made Christmas shopping not-so-fun for Joy. Do you like to solve the mystery or be surprised when unwrapping gifts? Justin finally realizing he can run errands on his […]

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