Episode 76: Caught Up

Caught Up

Justin and Joy discuss our generation’s rebellion against tradition, doing sh*t for the ‘gram, and Kevin Hart’s recent infidelity claims.

  • Lena Waithe’s historic Emmy win for outstanding writing in a comedy series.
  • Joy still owns, wears, and can fit clothes from the 8th grade,
  • Kevin Hart’s apology to his wife and family regarding his “wrong behavior”.
  • Love does not equal fidelity.
  • Our generation’s rebellion against tradition.
  • Joy admitting to snooping through Justin’s phone.
  • And much more!

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Episode 76 Preview

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Episode 72: It Takes Two

it takes two

Justin and Joy celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary and share three lessons they learned in their second year of marriage. Elevator Pitch Today is our two-year wedding anniversary! Joy’s extreme comfort with talking about death. Organizing our closet with these gems from IKEA. Justin rationalizing the size of his shoe collection. Three themes we learned […]

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Episode 69: (S)expectations


Justin and Joy discuss sexual compatibility, the negative effects of taboo subjects, and using “female” to describe a woman. Elevator Pitch When watching music videos was the thing to do. Joy’s wisdom teeth removal and HARSH breath. The downside of seeing movies after all the hype. Esther Perel’s series on Audible and view on sexual […]

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Episode 66: Move! Get Out The Way

move out the way

Justin and Joy review their mid-year progress report and discuss life’s biggest obstacle. Elevator Pitch Our mini BSU college reunion. Jay Z’s 4:44 album and Blue Ivey’s freestyle. Our Spider-Man movie meltdown. Our mid-year progress report. Identifying problems vs. creating solutions. A valuable piece of insight from Phil Knight’s, Shoe Dog. Three helpful tricks to […]

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Episode 63: Like vs. Love

Justin and Joy discuss the differences between liking and loving your partner. Elevator Pitch Father’s Day brunch fail. Amanda Seales serving all the tea to Caitlyn Jenner. Joy’s appearance on the Brown Girls Rising podcast. The unfortunate and not surprising verdict in the Philando Castile’s trial. The difference between liking and loving your significant other. […]

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Episode 61: Sex Makes Babies

Justin and Joy discuss living in a fear based society, our newfound mental clarity, and the ineffective pull-out method. Elevator Pitch ICYMI: Last week’s interview with Tom Williamson. People’s unwillingness to truly open up. What if you lived in a world where you could not lie? The downside of living life with an unconscious fear. […]

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Episode 59: Give Me Some Credit

Justin and Joy discuss the importance of having a best friend who gets along with your significant other and leveraging credit responsibly. Elevator Pitch Spending our first full weekend together in almost 3 months. Wardrobe woes and social media’s effect on our outfits. Pedicures and manicures: Joy’s ultimate sacrifice. Our love/hate relationship with graduation. Since […]

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Episode 58: Caught Faking It

bow wow

Justin and Joy discuss how to navigate your relationship when the feelings just aren’t the same. Elevator Pitch Mother’s Day weekend and Joy’s baby fever. Blavity Episode 5: Living Together. Netflix cheating. The #BowWowChallenge and Joy’s similar experience. You don’t like your significant other anymore…what’s next? Justin’s love/hate relationship with check-ins. Why suppressing natural attraction […]

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Episode 56: Sex and Good Vibes

Justin and Joy discuss good vibes, the importance of questioning your beliefs, and goal setting. Elevator Pitch Atlanta is black excellence on FULL display. Justin Simien’s Dear White People. Blavity Episode 3: Social Media. Justin’s grumpiness report. Why it’s good to question your beliefs. The moment we told our parents about our first time… Individual […]

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