Episode 51: Time To Let Go

Let Go

Elevator Pitch

  • Justin’s lack of urgency for open-ended requests.
  • Joy’s ability to create problems when none exist.
  • Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special.
  • When’s the right time to walk away from something you love?
  • The overcomplexity of pursuing happiness.
  • Learning to control your response to life’s challenges.
  • And much more!

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Episode 27: Grind Time

Grind Time

Justin and Joy discuss balancing their financial obligations while pursuing creative endeavors. Elevator Pitch Autumn air. Justin’s disdain for electric blankets. Joy’s refusal to pick up after herself. #ForeverDuncan Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris. Three-month financial update. Balancing financial obligations with creative dreams. Protecting your dreams. When are you most creative? Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. […]

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Episode 6: Follow Your Dreams Strategically


Justin and Joy discuss the value of time, transitioning into adulthood after college, self-identity, and following your dreams strategically. Elevator Pitch Six Weeks ‘Til Summer Challenge: Week 2. Justin’s shoe collection. Joy organizing…FINALLY. The value of time. Formation World Tour. Transitioning into adulthood after college. Following your dreams strategically. Self-Identity. Settling for Option B. The […]

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In your Dreams

 Q: Dear Love Jays, What does it mean to dream about your girlfriend cheating on you? So for at least a year, maybe more, I have had terrible dreams about my girlfriend cheating on me. There are a few recurring similarities in my dreams. Like I always walk in on her cheating. Either I walk […]

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