Follow Your Dreams Strategically

Justin and Joy discuss the value of time, transitioning into adulthood after college, self-identity, and following your dreams strategically.

Elevator Pitch

  • Six Weeks ‘Til Summer Challenge: Week 2.
  • Justin’s shoe collection.
  • Joy organizing…FINALLY.
  • The value of time.
  • Formation World Tour.
  • Transitioning into adulthood after college.
  • Following your dreams strategically.
  • Self-Identity.
  • Settling for Option B.
  • The Aha! Moment.
  • And much more!

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One Reply to “Follow Your Dreams Strategically”

  1. Loved the conversation on this episode. So important to talk about these things. There were a few things that I really wanted to contribute my two cents on, and would love to hear your feedback!

    “…once you decide what it is what you really want; you have to work tirelessly to get there..”

    Balance. Balance, Balance, Balance. Its hard when you can become almost obsessive with the goal and vision, like myself, but you have to take the time to step away, get refreshed and renew perspective. The other shortcoming I’ve experienced with this has been the tunnel vision. Along the way of your path and reaching the end goal, often times we can overlook little things that we can create or give back to help others who come after us; creating value in our journey. If you want to look at it from an entrepreneurial perspective, we can often miss ways to supply a demand and create another stream of income that will ultimately help back door your way to your ultimate destination.

    “when people are taking a leap, take it for the right reasons.”

    Its great to follow your passion and pursue what you think you’re good at. But its more important to recognize what other people think you’re good and what they are willing to pay you to do. I’ve definitely started businesses to help fund what I really wanted to do/create. That just defaults to the strategic pursuit of your dream.

    “had a lot of big dreams, and then as reality started setting in…doubt starts to set in…”

    we were raised to be great middle class citizens (read: working class). That’s no disrespect to our respective parents; they did the best with what they knew. This comes from the social construct of where we grew up and what we had access to. Its uncomfortable to think about the what-ifs when it comes to what if it doesn’t work? Just remind yourself, when pursuing a path less taken or less advised from folks who don’t see your vision, “whats the worst that could happen?” ..once you realize nothing is truly that bad, especially failure, you will be able to take on a lot more risk — and have a story to tell or a learning lesson if you do indeed “fail” in the first attempt.

    “I just want to be comfortable — just want my family and a nice-ish house..”

    There’s nothing wrong with creature comforts; and the purest form of activism is how you rear your children; your legacy. Having a place of comfort and retreat may not always be the downfall of your pursuit of fulfillment nor your desired success; however, it may serve as the daily rejuvenator where you can find peace and get the much needed charge up in preparation for the next day. While we don’t have to pinch pennies as much anymore, doesn’t mean we have to spend recklessly or live a life of excess either.

    Love the show, guys. Keep up the great work and solid content.

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