Episode 17: Down in the DM


Elevator Pitch

  • Key advantage of recording in the morning.
  • Our babysitting history.
  • The Points Guy.
  • Justin’s ongoing feud with economy seats on airplanes.
  • Trusting your partner with Snapchat.
  • Rebelling against limitations and restrictions.
  • The one time Justin tried telling Joy what she “could” do.
  • Justin’s Golden Rule.
  • Molding your significant other into their best self.
  • And much more!

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Episode 17 Preview

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Episode 16: #Adulting


Justin and Joy discuss the growing pains of adulthood. Elevator Pitch Sweet sixteen party. Birthday celebrations and how much other people don’t care. Budget attempt #1: Fail! Justin’s first experience with anxiety. Stress outlets. The non-existent work-life balance. James Clear’s Four Burner Theory. Deferring professional goals when it’s time for a family. Adulting: The constant […]

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Episode 15: Proposalversary


Justin and Joy share the story of their 2014 proposal. Elevator Pitch Happy Proposalversary! Picking the proposal date. Matching Joy’s high end taste with Justin’s budget. Getting Joy to the proposal destination by 7:00 AM. Picking out the right outfit for the surprise photoshoot. Justin’s nerves before popping the big question. Post-proposal celebratory nap. Surprise […]

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Episode 14: Race – A Conversation

race conversation

Justin and Joy discuss the uncomfortable truth regarding race relations in America. Elevator Pitch Alton Sterling shooting. Philando Castile shooting. Black Lives Matter movement. Dallas police shooting. The importance of allies. Problem identification. Paris and Belgium response vs. Istanbul and Baghdad response. Jessie Williams  Embracing discomfort and having a conversation. And much more! Spread the […]

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Episode 13: The American Dream

American Dream

Justin and Joy discuss shared bank accounts, financial setbacks, and striving for the American Dream. Elevator Pitch 4th of July Weekend. Frozen food struggles. Officially combining finances. Joy’s reckless financial management. $1,000 grocery bill. Using LinkedIn for dating. Credit card tricks. Student loan setbacks. Trust fund babies. What is the American Dream? And much more! […]

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Episode 12: Friendship Custody


Justin and Joy discuss who gets “custody” of their friends after a breakup. Elevator Pitch Recording in the summer without AC. Spending the 1st week of summer sick. Joy’s tonsillectomy. Justin’s less than stellar nurturing skills. LeBron James cementing his legacy. Joy’s basketball knowledge…or lack their of. Men “allowing” their women to do what they […]

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Episode 10: No Phone Zone

Justin and Joy discuss the dependency our culture has with technology, social media, and the illusion of connection. Elevator Pitch Justin’s inability to recall how many weeks are in a year. Joy claiming she’s right more times than Justin. Justin’s attachment to his phone. “Mark Unread” feature for iPhones. Social media in relationships. Justin’s refusal […]

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Episode 9: Relationship Roles


Justin and Joy discuss the woes of expected gender roles within their relationship. Elevator Pitch Central AC in Los Angeles. Finding the right bedroom temperature. Acupuncture. Going out without your significant other. Relationship roles. Different eating habits. Joy’s disdain for cooking the majority of the meals. Tag-teaming household responsibilities. Justin and Joy’s fundamental difference regarding […]

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