Dating Outside My Race

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Dear Love Jays,

I’d like to date outside of my race, but I feel I’d be uncomfortable going to somewhere like a country bar. Any suggestions?

Dear A Tad Uncomfortable,

Dating outside of your race may be difficult or uncomfortable…if you allow for it. This past weekend, we featured an interracial couple on our radio show and asked if they had experienced any negativity for dating outside of their race. Their answer? Once they passed the threshold of real love, it wasn’t even a thing considered.

“For those people who feel a lot of pressure, it’s because they are insecure and they are looking for reasons to why this might not work in the future.” -MC Prototype

Some cultures are much more accepting of dating outside of race, while others have very strong opinions against it. I’m all for embracing our culture and respecting family beliefs and values, but love is love; we all have different paths toward finding it and the person(s) made right for us could very well be a different color.

Getting out of your comfort zone isn’t easy; it requires us to open our minds and embrace vulnerability. However, remaining in a safe space only allows for minimal growth and countless of missed opportunities. Open yourself to the possibilities of something different and do it with a smile! If it makes you feel at ease, I went to a country bar a few times in college and enjoyed myself each and every time; I even learned how to line dance…kind of.


Mr. J

A:Dear Ready to Try Something New,

It is common to want to experience something new and unfamiliar in the dating world and otherwise. I think instead of aiming to date outside of your race it may be better to be open to dating outside of your race. No need to go fishing. You want something to happen organically.

If you are uncomfortable going to a “country bar”, then it makes no sense to go looking for someone to date there. If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone completely, that’s okay. But realize you more than likely will be returning to more “country bars” in the future.

In my opinion, the same rules still apply. You want to find someone with whom you are compatible and share similar interest with. People of all races are into all types of thing. I am sure there are plenty of people outside of your race at a number of places you would normally go. Love of all colors can happen anywhere, not just at places that you know will have a plethora of a particular race. Stay true to you. Good Luck!


Miss J

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