Episode 61: Sex Makes Babies

Elevator Pitch

  • ICYMI: Last week’s interview with Tom Williamson.
  • People’s unwillingness to truly open up.
  • What if you lived in a world where you could not lie?
  • The downside of living life with an unconscious fear.
  • The mental clarity shift since switching to a predominately plant based diet.
  • Atlanta’s beautiful blackness.
  • Unprotected sex and why the pull-out method is overrated.
  • And much more!

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Episode 61 Preview

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Episode 46: #HurtBae


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Episode 45: In the Mood for Love


Justin and Joy discuss how they’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day over the past nine years. Elevator Pitch Happy Birthday, Mom! “I brought you into this world” strength. Growing up in a black household. Kiss and Tell Live. Joy’s inspirational dream and attempt to clean up our diet. The 59th Annual Grammy Awards. Valentine’s Day: America’s most […]

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Episode 41: Is It Time to Breakup with Makeup?


Justin and Joy discuss the impact makeup has had on today’s perceived beauty standards. Elevator Pitch Obama’s final week in office. Twitter’s reaction to Biloxi trying to rename Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Obama’s love for Michelle and Joe Biden. Joy’s completely depleted energy stores. Keke Palmer’s response to looking “unpolished”. The slippery slope of […]

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Episode 40: Barack’s Rock


Justin and Joy discuss the powerful dynamic between Barack and Michelle Obama. Elevator Pitch Justin’s 30th birthday party goals. Joy’s aunt’s 70’s-themed party. The struggle of conceding victory to your spouse. Our obsession with Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic and The Get Down. Justin + the piano. Our new vlog: Oversharing! A bid farewell to Barack […]

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We Started A Vlog!


Subscribe to Our Channel on YouTube! Hey Everyone! We’ve decided to add a little somethin’ somethin’  in addition to our podcast for 2017. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel and share it with your friends! Thank you so much for your continued support. Let’s do this! Love, J+J Follow Us On Instagram For More Shenanigans! […]

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Episode 27: Grind Time

Grind Time

Justin and Joy discuss balancing their financial obligations while pursuing creative endeavors. Elevator Pitch Autumn air. Justin’s disdain for electric blankets. Joy’s refusal to pick up after herself. #ForeverDuncan Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris. Three-month financial update. Balancing financial obligations with creative dreams. Protecting your dreams. When are you most creative? Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. […]

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Episode 24: Celibacy – The Road Less Traveled

Justin and Joy share the lessons learned along their three-and-a-half year journey through celibacy. Elevator Pitch Do you love Tuesdays? Basking in quiet time. Children timeline…we don’t agree. iPhone 7: Why I don’t have you, yet. Celibacy: The Road Less Traveled. The defining moment(s) that led to our decision. Sex is a distraction. Redefining intimacy. […]

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