Episode 6: Follow Your Dreams Strategically


Justin and Joy discuss the value of time, transitioning into adulthood after college, self-identity, and following your dreams strategically.

Elevator Pitch

  • Six Weeks ‘Til Summer Challenge: Week 2.
  • Justin’s shoe collection.
  • Joy organizing…FINALLY.
  • The value of time.
  • Formation World Tour.
  • Transitioning into adulthood after college.
  • Following your dreams strategically.
  • Self-Identity.
  • Settling for Option B.
  • The Aha! Moment.
  • And much more!

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Episode 6 Preview 

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Episode 5: When You Don’t Care To Share

Justin and Joy recap Mother’s Day weekend, splitting holidays, and the ongoing battle of sharing their food. Elevator Pitch Justin’s bromance with his best friend. Beyonce’s upcoming concert and the original Destiny’s Child. Sneezing: Bless You vs. Bless Me. The difficulty of splitting holidays between families. Justin’s uncontrollable snacking habit. Joy’s lack of portion control. […]

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Episode 3: #LEMON(SH)ADE


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Episode 2: The Secret Sauce

secret sauce

Justin and Joy explore how they have maintained their relationship for the past 8 years. Can you guess the special ingredients in their secret sauce? Elevator Pitch Learn the six special ingredients Justin and Joy prioritize in their relationship. Why Justin hates getting plucked in the head. Joy’s reasoning on letting dishes stack up in […]

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Episode 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Welcome to Married Millennials, a conversation about being young, in love, and navigating life one student loan at a time. Join Justin and Joy as they introduce us to their world in the pilot episode. Elevator Pitch Launching Married Millennials Getting married at a young age Moving in together before marriage Organizing our finances…or lack their […]

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