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Chinese Fan Palm (Livistona Chinensis) Chinese fan palms, also known as fountain palms, hail from China and Japan. Sick Mexican Fan Palm Tree. Rhapis: R. excelsa, the slow-growing lady palm, is a multi-trunked palm with deeply cut green leaves. It is the most vulnerable part of the plant. Your Chinese Fan Palm has sharp barbs on the stems of its fronds. Do not overwater. In hot desert areas, potted palm trees need protections from full sun. The Bismark is a spectacular ... Read more>> Take care of the palm spear! Free shipping over $75. Water in extended dry periods. They are prized in coastal areas for their ability to withstand the heavy winds that often accompany storms. Care & Maintenance. Watering: Water regularly during growing season. see more; Family Arecaceae . They perform well in both bright light and shade, they are … A potted palm will require repotting every 2 to 3 years during spring as it outgrows the pot. When the plant is mature, the fronds can easily have a stem that is over four feet in length. The spear is the point where new growth occurs in your palm tree. This small, multi-stemmed palm is the only one native to Europe, hardier than most palms, and reaches heights of 8 to 15 feet. Fan-shaped fronds are carried on 4-foot high stems. Hardy palm trees care GENERAL CARE. Palm trees thrive outdoors in warm climates that don't experience winter freezing. Updated: Apr 22. Lady palm or Rhapis is a plant that is native to Asia, Japan and China. Trachycarpus: T.fortunei, the chusan or Chinese windmill palm, a single hairy-trunked palm with distinctive fan-shaped fronds in whorls. A spectacular looking fan palm with large blueish-grey leaves up to 3m across. It’s slow-growing and can eventually reach 15m, but will be smaller if kept in pots. Fan palms need three to four hours of direct sunlight daily. Chinese fan palm is a plant that will make a lovely addition to any southern yard. This can appear rotten (worst case scenario: it just lifts away if you pull it upwards). Indoors the Lady palm can grow up to 14ft tall. The best way to take care of this problem is to find a fertilizer that contains Potassium Sulfate. The popularity of areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) shows in its several common names, including golden cane palm, yellow butterfly palm and bamboo palm, and the care for an areca palm tree is easy once established.It grows outdoors in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 through 11. This is the only palm native to Europe and it is hardier than most palms. Distinguished by its spectacular near circular leaves that grow up to 2m in diameter this palm grows well in sheltered spots outdoors in tropical or subtropical climates. It’s one of only two palms native to Europe and copes happily with British weather. There is normally no need to water Chamaerops palms during the winter, only make sure the root ball does not dry out. Discard the pruning debris because it can harbor plant pathogens. Read More To 2m height, 4m canopy. An indoor palm fertilizer is required only during summer and spring. Suitable for pots. With its strong architectural features and tropical good looks, this palm is a must for all interior landscapers. Care tips; Position: Full sun. This article will help you save your ill palm! Plant palms alongside other hardy tropical-looking plants to give people something to look at outside of the massive plantings of rhododendrons and forsythia bushes. Forming an attractive clump of large round fan leaves, the Australian fan palm (Licuala ramsayi) is a gorgeous native palm – arguably Australia’s best – that is suited to subtropical and temperate climates. Australian fan palm. To 1m height, 2m canopy. Cold Hardiness Zone: 10b Comments and Curiosities. Use care when unboxing, moving, or repotting. Mediterranean Fan Palm Chamaerops humilis var cerifera (Uncommon), ‘Vulcano’ (Rare) (var cerifera) (var cerifera) Outdoors, full sun. Mexican Fan Palm (Washingtonia robusta) Canary Island Date Palm (Phoenix canariensis; California Fan Palm (Washingtonia filifera) Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) Coconut Palm (Cocos nucifera) Palm Tree Sunlight Requirements. With more weird winters, garden experimentation should be mandatory. (var ‘Vulcano’) Outdoors, semi shade to full sun. Proper palm tree care and nutrition helps prevent pale, yellow leaves. Cold temperatures, wind and drought won’t phase it. The dwarf fan palm is a plant that looks tropical but is perfectly ok with non-tropical conditions. Garden & Greenhouse - Outdoor Showing over 30 products. Hardy palms are invaluable as structural plants in tropical-style gardens and look effective when … The Madagascar palm requires cactus potting mix, or 2 parts all-purpose potting mix with 1 part sharp sand or perlite as soil. Fan palms produce multiple stems … Potted palm trees add a tropical flavor to your interior. The diminutive European fan palm is silver-green, slow-growing and one of the most easy-care, cold hardy palms for South Florida. Finding the proper site in your yard to plant your palm trees is a tricky situation. This slow-growing, single-trunked native fan palm dislikes cold and drying winds. Palms are part of the Arecaceae family of plants, and prefer tropical climates. This palm responds favorably to frequent, light fertilization. It is a drought- and salt-tolerant plant, and it can be seen growing in hardiness zones nine, 10, and 11. This plant is another fan type of palm that can be grown indoors. If you find the fan type palms look appealing then this one is a good option to consider. The palm's slow growth and graceful habit make it suitable as a container plant anywhere, … European fan palm, sometimes called Mediterranean fan palm, also works well when grown in containers or clustered in the landscape. These can grow up to 2-7 ft high and grow much slower than many other palms. The Mexican Fan Palm has a tall, slender reddish trunk that swells towards the base topped by a crown of large, bright green, fan-shaped leaves, with cotton-like threads hanging from each leaf. Besides sun and pruning, potted palms need some other care to thrive. Bismarck Palm. 5. Your Chinese Fan Palm tends to grow towards the light. The "Mediterranean Fan Palm," as it's often called, is a multi-trunk palm yet it stays very compact and won't outgrow a small area. Young plants need partial shade. If you want to keep your palm looking its best, rotate it every month so that it will stay full and lush. But before getting to the saving part, you need to figure out exactly what is wrong with your true love. A palm variety Rhapis Excelsa was listed as one of the best plants for removing toxins in the air by NASA. Palm plants are easy to care for. The Mediterranean Fan Palm is an extremely easy palm to grow, when small it is ground-hugging multi-stemmed suckering shrub and can grow into a tall single trunked plant with small stiff leaves or drooping tipped large leaves, themselves of varying colour. The Licuala grandis is a truly out of the ordinary palm.It's beauty is deraigned from it's magnificient fan-like fronds, which dominate the palm at it's early age.

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