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She immediately ran to check on the little girl she was babysitting and found that she was choking. “[They] were going absolutely crazy and really saved my life,” Endris said. It’s actually kind of a joke in our family,” Ariana Kecskes said. The snake bit Khan, but his owners were able to quickly get him to a vet. Indiana resident Andrew Hardiek was sleeping after one of his shifts when his mobile home caught fire, apparently from heat tape the previous owners had wrapped around the pipes underneath his home. Buddy led the trooper straight to the property and was able to keep Heinrich and the family home safe. She stayed near him at night in order to keep him warm and even allowed him to milk her, so he had some sustenance as he waited for his eventual rescuers. On May 13, 2014, 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo was riding his bike in the driveway of his house. One summer, dairy farmer Fiona Boyd set out to move some cattle around her farm, something that is typically very routine. Todd was on a walk with his owner Paula when they came upon a rattlesnake! Adam Bavario, 46, had been having chest pains since his … - Irfan Anwar on Dailymotion Many people agreed, including the Los Angeles SPCA who awarded Tara with their 33rd Annual Hero Dog Award for her great act of heroism. The rabbit's odd behavior caught the eye of Victoria and when she couldn't get Simon to respond she called in the paramedics for more help. She received several awards for her incredible service. For as long as I can recall I've always felt a little bit safer having a pet in the house. Baby!”. Her mother and grandmother believed Karina had gone with her father, but four days later they discovered she went after him instead of with him and immediately launched a search to find her. A service dog named Yolanda saved her blind owner when a fire broke out at their Philadelphia home. After going to the hospital, the family discovered that Miley saved their lives from carbon monoxide poisoning. They then discovered that the gas boiler in their basement was leaking carbon monoxide into the home. And then Whittlesey sent his third and final homing pigeon — Cher Ami. There, she stopped traffic by laying in the middle of the road until someone got out of their car and followed her back to Altsman’s home. Pets can be very loyal and in some cases they are able to save their owners life when something bad happened to them. One of them had been pulled into a riptide by a rogue wave, and the other was trying desperately to pull her friend out. Create . Willie received an award from the Red Cross for saving the little girl’s life. Suddenly, a neighborhood dog rushed over to Jeremy and bit his leg. On New Year's Eve, Bob was home alone watching football and waiting for the celebratory, late-night TV programming at his Michigan home. Animals. Since the incident Rawlinson says that Slinky keeps a closer eye on her. Watch 10 Pets Who Saved Their Owners Lives! 5 Amazing Stories of Dogs Who Saved Their Owners Lives| written by: Quarticles. Amazing Pets That Literally Saved Their Owners' Lives, awarded Tara with their 33rd Annual Hero Dog Award, LuLu the pot-bellied big who squeezed through a doggy door, her pet horse came galloping to her rescue. Rachel Mancino was taking her pet African Grey parrot, Wunsy, out for exercise in Sunny Hill Park in north London when Wunsy managed to scare off an attacker. The calf became confused and cried out. Dog lovers like to point out that their four-legged friends are the most loyal companions a person could ever need. Charlotte’s mother became alarmed, thinking the dog might attack her daughter, but she was completely wrong. 3. Whittlesey decided to send a message by pigeon. The Lanes rushed over to help the women, and Chi Chi was declared a hero by all. After LuLu's act of heroism, she was thrust into celebrity status, appearing in magazines, books, and on talk shows until she passed away, ironically, of a suspected heart attack in 2003. This is Todd. In 2005, a 12-year-old girl was kidnapped from her home and beaten by seven men who were attempting to force her into marriage to one of them. The family finally took note of Mr. Boo’s warnings and left the house. After that, Nanook’s owner engraved his collar with the words “Crow Pass Guide Dog.” Much later, Swift realized that his dog was not only accompanying other hikers but also saving their lives. His mother Dorrie was woken up by Jedi jumping on and off of her and then bowing, which is his signal to alert the family to a low blood sugar. “He wasn’t running from me, but was leading me,” Shanigan said. You don’t expect that they’ll one day save your life. 10 Pets Who Saved Their Owners Lives! They started receiving friendly fire from allied troops who didn’t know their location. The glucose monitor was showing that his blood sugar levels were steady, but Jedi refused to budge. Baby! Unable to move, her pet cat Slinky Malinki — who is normally quite timid — came to her rescue by heading outside to tap relentlessly on the window of her next door neighbors. Michael Bosch decided to take his dog Honey out with him as he ran some errands. Realizing she was in trouble, Altsman tried to alert neighbors by throwing an alarm clock out the window. Ever since Pretty Pippa was rescued, she’s been waking 8-year-old Mia up when her blood sugar gets dangerously low. Honey was awarded Dog of the Year in 2006, when she saved her owner from a car accident. Altsman was immediately flown to the hospital for open-heart surgery and was told that she wouldn't have made it if 15 more minutes had passed. Next up is the incredible story of Chi Chi the Chihuahua! 7 Heroic Dogs That Saved Their Owners' Lives (and Most of Their Toes) If you're skeptical about the courage of dogs and their determination to save loved ones in danger, get ready to change your mind. She and Michael Bosch found their SUV rolled over and stuck upside down in a deep ravine, and Bosch was trapped. Dopey Don’t be fooled by the name because Dopey is an intelligent dog with a special gift. However, Naida only came home to show them the way to the little girl who had made herself a bed in the grasses and survived by eating berries, drinking water from the rivers, and of course trusting her fluffy hero. On April 4, 2010, a fire broke out in Ben Heinrich’s workshop as he was doing maintenance on his truck. His wife Victorian thought he had merely fallen asleep while watching television. The altercation was captured on the family's outdoor security cameras, the video went viral and showed that pet cats can make good guard dogs too. He was surfing at Monterey Bay’s Marina State Beach when suddenly a great white shark began attacking him. These pet owners have companions so loyal and determined that they are attributed with saving their owners' lives in the most dire of situations. In the summer of 1998, the world was introduced to LuLu the pot-bellied big who squeezed through a doggy door to get help for her owner, Jo Ann Altsman. He managed to release Honey … “I feel like they were jumping over the top of me and swarming around me.”. Meagan performed the Heimlich maneuver on the little girl, and her life was saved. At least, those were the ones that Swift knew about. Take a look at these fluffy, furry, and flighty animal heroes that went to great lengths to help save their owners in need. Pets are great to have around the house to keep you company, but did you know that some pets are superheroes in that they have actually saved owners lives.Secret Videos:Top 10 MOST INSANE BANNED Waterslides YOU CAN'T GO ON ANYMORE! In 2018, Michael was at home when his blood sugar levels dipped dangerously low. Most times the Nuttall family catches his changing levels by his glucose monitor, but it's not always accurate. Dylan was squawking furiously to get out of his cage, which alerted Hardiek to the imminent danger he was in. 10 Pets Who Saved Their Owners Lives! Take a look at some of these fluffy, furry, and flighty animal heroes that went to great lengths to help save their owners in need. State Trooper Terrence Shanigan started heading toward the property, but his GPS device gave out as he was driving through the remote Alaska back roads. "I was surprised to find out that I didn't have any frost bite," Bob said in the hospital press release. 19 Pets Who Saved Their Humans Lives. She was also used to evacuate wounded soldiers. She then lay down in traffic until one man stopped and followed her back to the trailer. You might want to have a tissue handy for this one. Luckily, Todd was able to make a complete recovery. Watch out below videos for some real time stories. From friendly whales to the heroic pets that saved their owners from disaster, these are 12 Creatures that Saved people's lives. On October 3, 1918, Major Charles Whittlesey and his men became trapped behind enemy lines without food or ammunition. He seemed to kind of want us to get us out of the house.”. In a remote part of Siberia, three-year-old Karina Chikitova wandered away from home with her pet dog Naida, following her father who was journeying to his native village. One night, Molly woke her human up by repeatedly tapping her feet on the floor next to his bed. The man quickly called in the paramedics. Todd acted immediately, jumping between the snake and his owner, but was bitten in the process, USA Today noted. When Dorrie followed Jedi to Nuttall and tested his blood she realized how low it really was — dropping out of a safe range. There’s plenty of research that prove dogs can sense when their owners will have an epileptic seizure. In 2007, the Svillcic family adopted Khan from a local animal shelter. Even though I knew my dog Tucker would sell us out to a stranger for a crumb, I felt that his big lumpy presence would be enough to scare an intruder away anyway. Without Mr. Boo, the entire family may have perished. Clever Dog Steals Owners GoPro And It’s The Funniest Thing Ever. Just three minutes later, the fire alarms started going off in the house. It was then that Steggall’s pet rabbit Dory began jumping on his chest and thumping furiously on the ground. These pet owners have companions so loyal and determined that they are attributed with saving their owners' lives in the most dire of situations. Here are nine of the year's most courageous and quick-thinking animal companions - who, when called upon to help their humans, revealed themselves to be nothing less than furry (and feathered) heroes. 5 Bridges You Would Never … The dog had quite a hold on the boy's leg and dragged him for a short distance for only moments before the family cat Tara came to the rescue, fast and fierce. In 1996, a garage where Scarlette and her five kittens had been living was set ablaze. A firefighter was able to take all six cats to a local vet clinic where they were taken care of and eventually adopted out into loving homes. They looked out into the water and saw two elderly women in a very dangerous situation. Dory the pet rabbit sensed one evening that her diabetic owner Simon Steggall's blood sugar levels were strikingly low. It was Buddy, Heinrich’s German Shepherd. When Luke Nuttall was two years old, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Heroic pets who saved their owners’ lives The recent famous case of a dog saving his owner from choking has put the spotlight on pets who risked their lives to save their masters. The first pigeon was shot down. Pets Saving Lives: Here are the top 10 pets who saved their owners lives when their owners were in trouble. Greg Guy holds Schnautzie, a cat he and his wife Trudy Guy credited with saving their lives. Suddenly a group of dolphins surrounded Endris, creating a wall between him and the shark. This increased everyone's fears for Chikitova's well-being as she was now alone in a territory roamed by wild bears, wolves, and cold nights. She told BBC that she initially thought the person was trying to steal Wunsy as he was sitting on her shoulder, but her trusty bird spooked off the attacker by flapping its wings and squawking loudly, which caused the man to flee the scene. This next story is absolutely incredible! Jo Ann Altsman agreed to look after LuLu for her daughter one day, but it ended up being LuLu who saved Altsman’s life. He never meows. His face swelled up dramatically but he made a full recovery. Can't Help But Watch July 14, 2018 27 . He’s a golden retriever pup from Arizona. When a burglar attempted to break into Justin Becker’s house, it was Becker’s pit bull Kilo who jumped into action and saved the day. She also began barking and howling relentlessly until finally a neighbor came by and found them to call for help. In fact, Khan had spotted a King Brown snake that was about to strike Charlotte. 14 Pets Who Saved Human Lives 12/06/2011 08:35am EST | Updated July 27, 2012 In early November, 3-and-a-half-year-old Duncan saved his best friend's life. Since Milling’s ordeal, Nanook has saved three other hikers. While her dog Bear began barking, none of the neighbors noticed the commotion. For nine days there was no sign of them, until Naida the dog appeared home. A simple chore turned into a nightmare when Bob slipped and broke his neck. Mindful that access can be a problem for rural pet owners, it is exploring options to offer vet consultations over the phone. Saving your owner once is something to be proud of, but Yolanda the Golden Retriever has saved her owner on no less than three occasions. In another pit-bull-saves-owner story, Roxy the pit bull saved her person from cardiac arrest—and just in the nick of time. Still, she walked back into the inferno five separate times to rescue her kittens. His house was nearby and in danger of being caught in the blaze. The angry cow began to straddle Boyd and kept knocking her to the ground with its head. Bosch was completely pinned by a tree limb, but Honey was able to escape through the broken passenger window. All Dogs Pets Wild. Dog Calls 911 for Collapsed Owner When Kevin Weaver collapsed from a diabetic-induced seizure, his dog Belle knew just what to do. “I woke up to my cat meowing. Boyd said that after the incident, despite being sore and bruised, she had no lasting injuries. The pup … The young girl had been missing for a week when police officers finally found her — surrounded by three lions who were standing guard. As soon as the lions saw the authorities, they calmly walked away. Boyd feared being killed, with no one around to hear her screams when suddenly her pet horse came galloping to her rescue. For her great work in saving Simon's life, Dory was made an honorary animal member of the Rabbit Welfare Association. Dogs are often very loyal to their owners and will even die for their owners. Around the same time his family adopted a pet — Jedi the puppy — and began training him to sniff out Nuttall's high and low blood sugars based on changes in the chemical composition of his blood. The heroics of dogs aren't confined to just your television screen. Heroic dogs that saved their owner’s lives from fires, ... a Washington State family's home was destroyed by a blaze, but the family was fine thanks to their pet Chloe's frantic barking. Here is my reaction. You'll never look at your furry best friend the same way again. Slinky caught the neighbors' attention with his overall odd behavior and by tormenting their dog, so they went next door and found Rawlinson in her almost comatose state and called for help. Take a look at some of these fluffy, furry, and flighty animal heroes that went to great lengths to help save their owners in need. Pregnant Pit Bull Abandoned At School, But She Wasn’t Alone. Dory — who the Steggalls had only owned for three months at the time — sprang into action, jumping on Simon's lap and thumping on his chest furiously. The Lanes said they had never heard him bark that way before and knew immediately that something must be wrong. Chi Chi’s owners Rick and Mary Lane were enjoying some downtime at a beach in North Carolina when Chi Chi — who was tethered to a beach chair — suddenly began barking in alarm. At first, Humphreys was entertained by Fidge’s habit of resting on her breast. The man shot Kilo in the head but left without taking anything or harming anyone else. She received several awards for her military service, including a Good Conduct Medal, a National Defense Service Medal, a Korean Service Medal, a UN Service Medal, A Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, and two Purple Hearts. The New York Fire Department came to put out the fire and found this brave mama cat who had been severely injured and blinded by the fire. Buddy — This sweet Mississippi pooch has saved his owner's life twice already. During the Battle of Panmunjom-Vegas, she made 51 solo trips to and from ammo delivery sites under enemy fire. Hardiek credits his life to Dylan, his seven-year-old pet cockatiel, that woke him up from his sleep. Nearly all pet owners cherish and adore their pets just as they do other members of the family, and many of these pets lead healthy and happy lives filled with love and affection; however, many family pets are extremely loyal and have been known to go to great lengths for their owners, showing that they can be there as well when the tables are turned. In 2004, a diabetic man named Simon Steggall quietly slipped into an unconscious state due to low blood sugar. Cher Ami was shot through her chest, blinded in one eye, and her left leg was gravely injured…but she managed to make it back to headquarters and deliver her important message. Her heroic flight saved the lives of 194 men. As she moved along with a young calf, several other cows gathered around and became agitated. Godwin rushed her canine friend to the hospital, where he was treated for the bite. 12-Year-Old Boy Genius Set To Study Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech, Man’s Secret Handwritten Note Hidden Under the Floor in 1917 Found by His Granddaughter, Grandmother Acts as a Surrogate for Son and His Boyfriend. Bob's loyal companion Kelsey the golden retriever stayed with him the entire time, keeping him warm and alert by climbing on top of him and licking his face. Kilo suffered some injuries from the gunshot but was able to make a full recovery. Animals. The horse, named Kerry Gold, began kicking the cow away with her back hooves until Boyd was able to crawl away to safety. Animals. When Mancino was nearing the end of the park a man came up from behind her, grabbed her by the neck, and pushed her to the ground. She then chased him away and went back to check on Jeremy. Make social videos in an instant: use custom templates to tell the right story for your business. Medics were able to save her life and even carved a new leg for her. She saved the lives of seven people, two dogs, and four cats! Altsman suffered a heart attack while her husband was away on a fishing trip. Altsman was home alone while her husband was away fishing when she was hit with her second heart attack in less than two years. Former nurse Janet Rawlinson was taking morphine for her chronic back pain when she suffered a bad reaction to the medication and was left drifting in and out of consciousness for five days. She immediately called the authorities who were able to revive Steggall. Honestly, sometimes it feels like we don't deserve pets. She alerted her of her Breast Cancer diagnosis before it was too late. Huge Dog Gets Adorably Cooled Off By His Loyal Friend. Wendy Humphreys claims that her cat Fidge saved her life by sensing cancer hidden within her right breast. Blue Cross helps to rehome all sorts of animals, from dogs and cats to rabbits and horses, and supports owners who can’t afford vet bills. Fidge continued this behavior for two full weeks until Humphreys finally decided to visit her doctor and was told that she had a cancerous lump. Around 10:30 p.m. he stepped outside to grab a log of wood for the fire. There are occasions of near-tragedy, however, when a pet's undying affection for their owners is manifested in lifesaving actions. Tiny but fierce, a Yorkie-mix saves her owner from a diabetic coma As reported by Fox 10 in Phoenix, a man named Michael has his rescue pup, Jazzy, to thank for saving his life when he fell into a diabetic coma. Duncan, a boxer, pawed and barked at his owner, Scott Dunn, until the man awoke to find the house …

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