Episode 51: Time To Let Go

Let Go

Elevator Pitch

  • Justin’s lack of urgency for open-ended requests.
  • Joy’s ability to create problems when none exist.
  • Dave Chappelle’s Netflix comedy special.
  • When’s the right time to walk away from something you love?
  • The overcomplexity of pursuing happiness.
  • Learning to control your response to life’s challenges.
  • And much more!

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Episode 51 Preview

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Moral Dilemma

Dear Love Jays, What’s your opinion on two people in a relationship who have two pretty different moral compasses? Can it work? Dear Moral Madness, We received a question similar to this a while back regarding religion and relationships. Although this question is not about religion, it does involve yet another thing at your core […]

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Single & Ready To Mingle

  Dear Love Jays, I’m 22 and I have never had a boyfriend or been asked out on a date (pretty sad, I know). I’m graduating from university this summer and I feel like I’m ready to start dating. How should I go about this? Dear Ready To Date, Stop beating yourself up for never […]

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Afraid Of Being Alone

Love Jays

Dear Love Jays, I am unhappy in my relationship, but I love my significant other while also being afraid of being alone. Advice? Dear Unhappily Staying, Happiness: Life’s ultimate goal. Sacrificing your happiness out of fear of being alone is ultimately hurting your own personal growth and development. When we love someone, our logical processes […]

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Unhappily Single

Q: Dear Love Jays, My friend is almost 30 and has been single basically always. That would be fine except he desperately wants someone special in his life and is very unhappy being single at his age. He won’t approach girls he finds attractive, he has very high ideals of what he wants and he […]

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A Broken Engagement and A Broken Heart

Q: Dear Love Jays, Hi, thank you guys for your great advice. I’m here once again for more advice. I was engaged and in love, but he happened to be a very jealous and controlling boyfriend. I thought that things would have gotten better after I told him how I felt and how I wanted […]

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The Transition Question

Q: Dear Love Jays, Since you guys have been together through a significant transitioning period in your life, how would you say being in a relationship affects finding yourself and the person who is right for you? Or, is it better to find yourself outside of a relationship? A: Dear Finding Yourself, The road to […]

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Something New & Different

Hey Love Fans, We present to you…our first VLOG! Dozens of requests have been sent requesting video responses to questions, so in honor of all our lovely supporters, we have accepted your challenge! We look forward to incorporating more content in the future and giving you a better glimpse of the Love Jays beyond the writing! Love, […]

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R&R after a Break Up

Today’s post is inspired by a question we received yesterday and a conversation I had with  a newly single friend, the question was as follows:   “I’m newly single after a fairly serious relationship. Some people say to take time before dating again and some say to get back on the horse! What do you guys […]

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Me Time

Q: Dear Love Jays,  I’m newly single after a fairly serious relationship. Some people say to take time before dating again and some say to get back on the horse! What do you guys think?  A: Dear New to the Single Life,   I’m going to keep this short – Take.Time.For.Yourself! It’s imperative for people who […]

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