Episode 67: Cassy Athena | Stay In Your Frame

Cassy Athena

Elevator Pitch

  • Cassy’s early photography inspirations and love for visual arts.
  • How she developed her signature Cassy Athena watermark.
  • The infamous Nick Young meme.
  • Surviving a brain tumor and her continued path to recovery.
  • Overcoming the obstacles of being one of the few women in a male dominated industry.
  • The impact her career has had on her dating life.
  • The power of social media and personal relationships.
  • Fish Bowl: What big lesson can people learn from your life? When will you be good enough for you? What would you change if you were never going to die?
  • And much more!

Cassy Athena

More About Cassy

Growing up in Los Angeles, Cassy loved to draw, paint and take pictures. As she grew to nearly six feet tall in middle school, she began to play volleyball and basketball. Quickly falling in love with the sports world, she pursued both Art and Sports in college.

During her Junior year of college, Cassy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. During this tumultuous time, Cassy began to have a new perspective on life. She states, “God saved me and gave me a second chance at life so I knew I needed to not only find my purpose, I needed to fulfill it because tomorrow is not promised. After my operation, I knew I was on this earth for a bigger purpose and I wanted to pursue and find that passion.”

Following this life-changing event, she graduated with her B.A. in Art from California State University, Northridge and started her career in the entertainment industry as a Visual Effects Coordinator for famous TV shows and movies.

With her love of photography and video constantly playing a big factor in her life, she transitioned to continue pursuing it full time. Her work has been published in Sports Illustrated, Samsung, Billboard, Red Bull, Fox Sports, Dime Magazine, Slam Magazine, NBA, Adidas, Under Armour, Nike, Jordan Brand, Monster Headphones, Ball Up and more. Most recently, she shot Team USA Men’s Basketball, NBA All-Star Weekend, and has helped with branding/marketing many athletes and entertainers.

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