Episode 8: The One – When You Know, You Know


Justin and Joy discuss the moment they knew their relationship would last a lifetime.

Elevator Pitch

  • Memorial Day is the summer kick-off.
  • Joy’s brain moves a million miles per minute.
  • Justin’s biggest fear about having a child right now.
  • Reckless shopping habits.
  • How Justin and Joy met.
  • Joy quickly accepting Justin was the one.
  • Justin’s denial about Joy being the one.
  • Joy holding it DOWN when Justin was unemployed.
  • And much more!

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Episode 8 Preview

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Six Weeks ‘Til Summer: Week 4

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Episode 6: Follow Your Dreams Strategically


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Episode 5: When You Don’t Care To Share

Justin and Joy recap Mother’s Day weekend, splitting holidays, and the ongoing battle of sharing their food. Elevator Pitch Justin’s bromance with his best friend. Beyonce’s upcoming concert and the original Destiny’s Child. Sneezing: Bless You vs. Bless Me. The difficulty of splitting holidays between families. Justin’s uncontrollable snacking habit. Joy’s lack of portion control. […]

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Episode 3: #LEMON(SH)ADE


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My Summer with Kobe Bryant

Growing up 30 miles east of Los Angeles, it was difficult to root for any other team. Purple and gold paraphernalia littered the streets every time I left the house. During the championship three-peat in the early 2000’s, just about every single car had a Lakers flag attached to their window. Us included. The city […]

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The Truth About What Makes You Happy

Whenever I ask the question, “What should I do with my life?” people tend to respond with, “Do what makes you happy.” This is such a loaded response because: I am a bit fickle so what makes me happy today, may not make me happy tomorrow. #Human What if I find that thing and it’s […]

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