Blast From The Past


Joy revisits her experience with Past Life Regression therapy and Justin shares his perspective on being a supportive husband along Joy’s spiritual journey.

  • It’s Justin’s Birthday Week!
  • Creating safe spaces to release and work through your emotions.
  • Our fifth weekly wellness newsletter is out. Have you signed up?
  • January’s required reading: You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero
  • Nike got it right – JUST DO IT!
  • Joy’s recent Past Life Regression experience.
  • The conflict between religion and spirituality.
  • And much more!

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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


Justin and Joy discuss who they’re thankful for this holiday season and how teamwork has anchored their relationship and marriage.

  • Our 1st vegan Thanksgiving was a success!
  • The people and experiences we are thankful for this season.
  • How therapy gave Justin the release he didn’t know he needed.
  • Joy’s over-the-top Christmas decorations.
  • Why teamwork is at the center of our marriage.
  • The power of apology.
  • And much more!

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Dr. Allycin Hicks | Why Therapy Works

Dr. Allycin Hicks
  • Debunking the negative stigmas associated with therapy.
  • Religion’s impact on people’s perception of therapy.
  • Allycin’s journey in becoming a mental health expert.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral therapy vs. Dialectal Behavior therapy.
  • EMDR therapy and its benefits for trauma patients.
  • The importance of breath and how it ties you to the present.
  • The struggle of maintaining mindfulness while working in a traumatic field.
  • How Allycin is using her psychology background as a creative consultant.
  • Fish Bowl: What worries you most about the future? What have you gained from your current job? Who have you hurt the most and have you apologized?
  • And much more!

Allycin Hicks
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Mental Health Matters

Mental Health

Joy gives an intimate look into her experience with anxiety and depression, including tips on maintaining your mental health.

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  • Our recent Blavity interview about balancing our relationship as husband and wife and business partners.
  • In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week, Joy opens up about her battle with mental health disorders.
    • Suffering her first panic attack at 14 years old.
    • Experiencing anxiety and depression throughout college.
    • Seeking professional help at the age of 22.
    • The importance of identifying your triggers.
    • Justin learning to be a supportive partner.
  • And much more!

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The Divided States of America

National Anthem

Justin and Joy discuss forty-five’s poor leadership and the outcry regarding the national anthem protest.

  • It’s officially Joy’s favorite season – Fall!
  • Justin’s often, yet poor, conflict resolution skills.
  • Black men vs. therapy: I accept the challenge.
  • The Solange concert and partying on a Compton farm.
  • Forty-five’s SOB comment.
  • National anthem protest and boycotting the NFL.
  • And much more!

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