Better Luck Next Time

black history

Justin and Joy discuss their differing opinions on birthday celebrations and revisit their experience with celibacy.

  • Happy Black History Month!!
  • Justin’s 29th birthday celebration(s) had Joy feeling some type of way.
  • Our experience hosting a friendship support group session.
  • 100×100 Campaign – 100 reviews by our 100th episode.
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  • Salute to Colin Kaepernick for completing his Million Dollar Pledge.
  • Revisiting our celibacy journey.
  • Removing the power from sex and redefining its purpose within your relationship.
  • And much more!

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Expect the Unexpected


Elevator Pitch

  • Justin’s unexpected birthday turn up.
  • Joy’s retirement from grindin’ on the dance floor (in public).
  • Beyoncé broke the internet…again.
  • The conflict with giving your child a “unique” name.
  • Super Bowl 51: Election Night Pt. 2.
  • Our first TV appearance.
  • When expectations don’t match reality.
  • Driving a 2000 Honda, but demanding a 2016 Range Rover.
  • And much more!

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