Pumpkin Pie

pumpkin pie

Justin and Joy open the floor for a detailed Q&A session and discuss the key differences between compromise and sacrifice.

  • A special Q&A episode with the Love Jays
    • What classic throwback song is guaranteed to get your dancing at a party?
    • What’s your go-to pick me up for rough starts in the morning?
    • What colors do you prefer to wear: dark or light?
    • If you got a tattoo of a quote, what would your tattoo say?
    • Which person is more likely to win a game of ping pong?
    • Sweet potato or pumpkin pie?
    • Which person is most likely to hog the covers?
    • Whose morning breath is worse?
    • Night shower or morning shower?
    • What’s your favorite Disney movie?
    • Name a book you are currently obsessed with?
    • Which house would you be sorted into if you got accepted to Hogwarts?
    • Who wins the most bets?
    • If you had to pack a bag and get on a plane right now, where would you be going?
    • How do you handle having a different belief system or the evolution of a belief system in a relationship?
    • What’s the difference between lowering your standards and compromising when dating?
    • How have you put God in the center of your relationship?
    • What advice would you give to a newly married couple?
    • Was it easy to refrain from sex and what strategies did you use to become celibate?
    • Did either of you experience any difficulty with family adjusting to you being married?
  • And much more!

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To Infinity and Beyond


Justin and Joy discuss their experience with a medium and share their journey on ridding themselves of judgment.

  • Joy’s unpleasant reaction to Justin’s planned day date.
  • Justin feeling some type of way about Joy taking “interest” in his interests.
  • Justin’s experience with a medium.
  • Our journey in detaching ourselves from material things and passing judgment on this who think differently than us.
  • How we are living more abundantly while generating less income.
  • The weekly wellness newsletter is changing lives, including Justin’s. Have you joined?
  • Finding enjoyment in life’s challenges.
  • And much more!

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Blast From The Past


Joy revisits her experience with Past Life Regression therapy and Justin shares his perspective on being a supportive husband along Joy’s spiritual journey.

  • It’s Justin’s Birthday Week!
  • Creating safe spaces to release and work through your emotions.
  • Our fifth weekly wellness newsletter is out. Have you signed up?
  • January’s required reading: You Are A Bad Ass by Jen Sincero
  • Nike got it right – JUST DO IT!
  • Joy’s recent Past Life Regression experience.
  • The conflict between religion and spirituality.
  • And much more!

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Paranormal Activity

paranormal activity

Justin and Joy recap the importance of mental health and discuss Joy’s experience with a spiritual medium.

  • Happy Halloween!
  • Would you rather sit courtside or in a suite at an NBA game?
  • Ready for your next vacation? Enroll in Justin’s credit card course for tips and tricks.
  • Mental health awareness recap and the benefits of meditation.
  • Joy’s visit with a medium.
  • The conflict between religion and spirituality.
  • And much more!

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Dr. Allycin Hicks | Why Therapy Works

Dr. Allycin Hicks
  • Debunking the negative stigmas associated with therapy.
  • Religion’s impact on people’s perception of therapy.
  • Allycin’s journey in becoming a mental health expert.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral therapy vs. Dialectal Behavior therapy.
  • EMDR therapy and its benefits for trauma patients.
  • The importance of breath and how it ties you to the present.
  • The struggle of maintaining mindfulness while working in a traumatic field.
  • How Allycin is using her psychology background as a creative consultant.
  • Fish Bowl: What worries you most about the future? What have you gained from your current job? Who have you hurt the most and have you apologized?
  • And much more!

Allycin Hicks
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Moral Dilemma

Dear Love Jays,

What’s your opinion on two people in a relationship who have two pretty different moral compasses? Can it work?

Dear Moral Madness,

We received a question similar to this a while back regarding religion and relationships. Although this question is not about religion, it does involve yet another thing at your core — your moral compass. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you agree on everything, but what do you do when at your core you feel something is purely good, and at your significant other’s core they feel that very same thing is purely bad? This wouldn’t be so terrible if it were just one or two minor issues. When your moral compass’ are different, chances are this happens more often than once or twice, and it’s not always with minor issues.

In order to have a successful relationship you need the 3 C’s.




Unfortunately, having a different moral compass affects your compatibility. Compatibility matters most when it comes to your core and ultimately, your morals dictate your actions. Is the real you truly compatible with the real them? When you are in the trenches will you be able to fight the real problem, or will you start fighting each other? You need a person who is going to be on your team to help you make your lay-up, not someone who is going to block your shot.

Good Luck!


Miss J

Dear Differing Moral Compasses,

Can it work? Possibly. Would I recommend it? No.

Our core values and morals are the blueprint for how we live, love, act, speak. Every decision we make is directly influenced by our internal rules and guidelines. The majority of these morals are adopted through religious or spiritual affiliation, but even if you don’t associate with a religious entity, humans typically understand good vs. bad, wrong vs. right.

When we enter into a relationship with someone, we are looking to find someone who will complement our personality and help develop us into better people. Dating someone who is on the exact opposite end of this process simply doesn’t make sense. Relationships require constant maintenance — why add unnecessary challenges?

Miss J and I have been successful for almost six years because our core values, morals, and religious affiliation are similarly aligned. I’m not saying you need to fit the same requirements — I’m just sharing an ingredient of the secret sauce that helps maintain a healthy and happy relationship.


Mr. J