Baby Fever

Baby Fever

Justin and Joy discuss the unexpected awkwardness surrounding family planning conversations and actually saying the words, “I’m sorry.”

  • Happy Easter / Resurrection Sunday!
  • Lena Waithe’s continued success with Ready Player One and Vanity Fair.
  • Experiencing a historic soccer game.
  • Joy’s experience with meditation and Justin finally joining in on the fun.
  • Justin’s interview on Talk Thirty To Me®.
  • Pillow Talk Thursday debuts this week. Mark your calendars!
  • Family planning conversations are low key awkward. Who knew?
  • Recognizing your wrongdoing(s) is NOT the same as apologizing.
  • And much more!

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Caught Up

Caught Up

Justin and Joy discuss our generation’s rebellion against tradition, doing sh*t for the ‘gram, and Kevin Hart’s recent infidelity claims.

  • Lena Waithe’s historic Emmy win for outstanding writing in a comedy series.
  • Joy still owns, wears, and can fit clothes from the 8th grade,
  • Kevin Hart’s apology to his wife and family regarding his “wrong behavior”.
  • Love does not equal fidelity.
  • Our generation’s rebellion against tradition.
  • Joy admitting to snooping through Justin’s phone.
  • And much more!

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Lena Waithe | Hollywood Is Life

Justin and Joy sit down with Lena Waithe to discuss her recent Emmy nomination, relationship with a Hollywood executive, and the importance of having television content reflective of black culture.

Elevator Pitch

  • Lena’s recent Emmy nomination for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series.
  • The importance of representing black culture in Hollywood.
  • The story behind Lena’s coming out story in Master of None’s “Thanksgiving” episode.
  • Being her current partner’s first girlfriend and dating a Hollywood executive.
  • Working with Steven Spielberg in the upcoming film, “Ready Player One”.
  • Her upcoming series with Showtime, “The Chi”, and the the motivation behind its inception.
  • Why it’s critical to have more black executives in Hollywood.
  • Fish Bowl: Are you holding onto something you should let go of? What big lesson can people learn from your life?
  • And much more!

Lena Waithe
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