Beautiful vs. Hot


Justin and Joy recap their Thanksgiving failure and discuss the key differences between beauty and hotness.

    • Our Thanksgiving dinner gone ALL THE WAY WRONG.
    • Joy is trying to create a 6th love language and Justin isn’t feeling it.
    • Christmas is around the corner and our house is more lit up than Nordstrom.
    • Joy’s IG boycott continues and she’s showing little signs of returning.
    • Bret Weinstein breaking down the science of beauty vs. hotness.
    • Challenge: Ask a man what makes a woman “beautiful”.
    • And much more!

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Is It Time to Breakup with Makeup?


Elevator Pitch

  • Obama’s final week in office.
  • Twitter’s reaction to Biloxi trying to rename Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
  • Obama’s love for Michelle and Joe Biden.
  • Joy’s completely depleted energy stores.
  • Keke Palmer’s response to looking “unpolished”.
  • The slippery slope of wearing make-up
  • What is sexy?
  • Fall in love with YOU!
  • And much more!

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