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Search completed in 0.018 seconds. Armament Regia Marina This was destroyer speed, and it was believed in 1924, primitive ballistic computers would be unable to readjust calculations for such as fast target. When dried up, the ship was partly cleaned up when the Spanish Government expressed the will to purchase the hull for conversion into a light aircraft carrier in Ferrol in 1952. Share. Hogg, Gordon E. & Wiper, Steve (2004). This was not considerable, but standard for Italian ships, operating close to the Peninsula. The same scheme as the Trentos was reproduced: The armored belt was 70 mm (2.8 in) thick and the citadel closed by with armored bulkheads, 60 mm (2.4 in) forward, and 50 mm (2.0 in) aft. Feb 11, 2021 - Other country WWII naval ships!. It nevertheless damaged the forward 100 mm mount on the port side. She also took part in numerous naval reviews held for visiting foreign leaders. Support Naval Encyclopedia, get your poster or wallpaper now ! Trento class 1927 heavy cruiser class of the Italian Navy. Double redirects Broken redirects Wanted categories Wanted pages Wanted templates Uncategorized Categories Short pages Unused … At 08:55, Vice Admiral Angelo Iachino ordered Sansonetti to retreat and head northwest, to lure the British cruisers towards Vittorio Veneto. [13][14] At 06:55 on the 28th, an IMAM Ro.43 floatplane launched by Vittorio Veneto located a British cruiser squadron, and by 07:55, Trento and the 3rd Division had come within visual range. They were awaited by a combined submarine and aircraft attack at dusk. By appearance, she retained the features of ships belonging to an earlier era of ironclads. On 27 March, she participated in the Battle of Cape Matapan, opening fire from afar and spending 132 AP shells, mostly with little results. 17 minutes later they opened fire at 24,000 yd (22,000 m). however on her way back, Bolzano was ambushed by another British submarine, this time, HMS Unbroken. Category:Trento class cruisers. In 1942, the ship received four 20 mm (0.79 in) 65-cal. Jump to navigation Jump to search. In 1942, Trento was given four extra single 20 mm (0.79 in) 65-cal. Trento was 196.96 meters (646 ft 2 in) long overall, with a beam of 20.6 m (67 ft 7 in) and a draft of 6.8 m (22 ft 4 in). Later refits will saw the AA artillery revised several times. Considering her timeframe, Pork is quite modern; comparable to the British County-Class and the Italian Trento-Class heavy cruisers. The same detroyers attempted to tow her back, but she was a sitting duck, and an esy prey for submarines. The following day, the fleet encountered British forces covering a merchant ship steaming to Malta, leading to the inconclusive First Battle of Sirte. Ships similar to or like Trento-class cruiser. Trento Class Cruiser Details and Specifications. From 5 to 19 June, Trento joined the rest of the fleet in Livorno for the first celebration of Navy Day on 10 June. Trento became the flagship of the 2nd Division, 1st Squadron on 2 December. The first stage was a group of sixteen (8×2) dual-purpose 100 mm (4 in) 47-caliber guns. [6] While on the way back, British aircraft attacked the Italian cruisers without success. Trento is an Italian city.. Trento may also refer to: . Completed to a slightly different design. While the “Trento” class (Trento and Trieste) was still under construction, within the high command Regia Marina dissent began to mount over the choices made during the design phase. 3D model. Probably Trento to the left and Trieste to the right as judged by the difference in lower foretops and funnels. Another convoy took place, this time to Libya on 21 November, where Trieste teamed with Duca degli Abruzzi. The two ships in the class were named after unredeemed cities taken from the Austro-Hungarian empire after the victory in World War I: Trento and Trieste. Trieste. Your email address will not be published. Group of two heavy cruisers built for the Italian Regia Marina in the late 1920s, the first such vessels built for the Italian fleet. Trento, Trieste, and Bolzano were ordered to relieve the Italian light forces at 08:00, though this was far too late to save Artigliere, which was sunk about an hour later. Vickers-Terni 40 mm/39 guns – src The ship had a cruising range of 4,160 nautical miles (7,700 km; 4,790 mi) at a speed of 16 knots (30 km/h; 18 mph)[2], She was protected with an armored belt that was 70 mm (2.8 in) thick amidships with armored bulkheads 40 to 60 mm (1.6 to 2.4 in) thick on either end. As designed, and even in initial plans, the yard claimed it was possible for the ships to reach 40 knots, something unheard of in 1924. Technical specifications (Trento)Displacement 10,340 t. standard -13,330 t. Full LoadDimensions 197 m long, 20.60 m wide, 6.80 m draftPropulsion 4-screw machines, 4 Parsons turbines, 12 Yarrow boilers, 150,000 hp. Bolzano’s keel was laid down in June 1930. She toure eastern Mediterranean again until March 1935, stopping notably at Rhodes and Leros. Speed trials, light (10,847 long tons), 36.81 knots was achieved by forcing heat at 173,772 shp (129,582 kW). Trento started a much more ambitious cruise the following month, departing Italian waters on 23 July, bound for South America. On 21 October, Trento was moved to Taranto, and she was present in the harbor on the night of 11–12 November, when the British raided the port. She was of course abandoned, a decision which saved any lives. A raid of B-24 Liberator heavy bombers attacked the docks. The Pola was a Zara-class heavy cruiser of the Italian Regia Marina operating during the Second World War. Trento, Trieste, and Bolzano escaped without damage and they reached Taranto, escorting the damaged Vittorio Veneto, but meanwhile the immobilized Pola soon reinforced by the two other Zara-class cruisers were destroyed during the night by British battleships, which made the battle a clear victory for the British. Overall the ship feels sluggish considering its lacklustre armour, and armament, but it is the most manoeuvrable in its class as a heavy cruiser. The Condottieri class was a sequence of five, different, light cruiser classes of the Regia Marina (Italian Navy), although these classes show a clear line of evolution. Speed was indeed 36 knots, which was way above anything known in WW1, for battlecruisers or even scouts. Repairs stalled at la Spezia and she was destroyed by Chariots in June 1944. The central portion of the deck was 50 mm, but i was thinned down to 20 mm (0.79 in) aft, but still had 30 mm (1.2 in) slopes along the “box”. Trieste scored at least one hit on HMS Berwick, however HMS Renown arrived and concentrated Trieste, which had two near-missed and had only splinter damage. She took part at numerous naval actions as Punta Stilo, Capo Teulada, Gaudo and Matapan. She deplored two KIA and had a jammed rudder to port. Of those, 21 men later died of their wounds. They fired two types of shells: The 125-kilogram (276 lb) model (muzzle velocity 905 mps (2,970 ft/s)), with separated propellant charge. The damage was quite severe as a fire broke out, but the crew quickly flooded the forward magazines and her captain beached her on the island of Panarea where she rested, listing 45 degrees. … Big Gun Battles: Warship Duels of the Second World War. USS Trenton is one of the ten American Omaha-class light cruisers constructed during the interwar period and will be among the first light cruisers to set sail under the banner of the U.S. Navy in the upcoming closed testing for War Thunder’s naval battles. The convoy was attacked by British warships in the early hours of 9 November, though the covering force failed to intervene and the convoy was destroyed. The Trento class was an Italian heavy cruiser design of the Regia Marina from the late 1920s. The ship was laid down in February 1925, launched in October 1927, and was commissioned in April 1929. She was the fourth of four ships in this class (Zara, Fiume, and Gorizia were the other three), and she was built in the Odero Terni Orlando shipyard in Livorno in 1930, entering service in 1932. She was hit several times at 13:45. Cruiser Bolzano, stern viewAuthor’s old illustration of the Bolzano in 1940 for comparison. Stork's designs actually originate from initial drawings that lead to the Deutschland-class Panzerschiffes, as seen below. Her keel was laid down at Ansaldo, Genoa, 11 June 1930. In February 1941, Trieste sortied with 2nd Squadron, searching for Force H returning from Genoa waters. The vertical armored belt ran from 8 m (26 ft) forward of the first main turret to 5 m (16 ft) aft of the rearmost main turret. Trento is the lead ship of the first Italian class of so-called ‘Treaty Cruisers’, constructed for the Regia Marina in the mid 1920’s. She would be commissioned in August 1933, like the last of the Zara class, and among the last Italian heavy cruisers (the tonnage was capped by the London treaty). The conning tower roof was 50 mm thick and the control director above had 80 mm (3.1 in) sides, 60 mm roof. Faction As noted in gunnery trials later, The guns suffered from excessive shell dispersion. Thir target was a British convoy from Alexandria, bound to Malta (Operation Harpoon). At that time, Trento was stationed in Messina, once again the flagship of the 3rd Division. The three ships of the class were named after the three unredeemed cities taken from the Austro-Hungarian empire after the victory in World War I, Trento, Trieste, and Bolzano. by Robert Hansen July 26, 2019. by … On trials the tripod would prove to vibrate excessively, which doomed all precision fire control and targeting devices. [1][2], Trento's secondary battery was revised several times during her career. Their return trip saw them encountering a protected British convoy, which resulted in the Battle of Calabria. Trento class [cruiser] translation in English - German Reverso dictionary, see also 'tent',tormentor',treetop',trend', examples, definition, conjugation They were powered by twelve oil-fired Yarrow boilers. She served as a prototype for Trento-class cruisers. She joined the 6th Division and the combined force patrolled the Strait of Sicily, laying a minefield. Mussolini’s Navy: A Reference Guide to the Regia Marina 1930–1945. For the rest of the year, she took part in the routine of convoy escorts to Tripoli. In mid-March, she escorted a convoy to North Africa. Like her sisters she participated in two naval reviews and was visited by Mussolini when anchored at La Maddalena, Sardinia. Trento was very lightly armored, with only a 70 mm (2.8 in) thick armored belt, though she possessed a high speed and heavy armament of eight 203 mm (8.0 in) guns. After repairs, Trieste was back in the 3rd division, with Bolzano and Gorizia, which was added to eight destroyers and departed in August 1942 to intercept a British convoy but the operation was cancelled after Bolzano was torpedoed, as one destroyer. This forced her in a tight circle, but this was repaired, fortunately for her as she was later attacked by Italian planes by mistake. These figures bring some controversy, not at the time, but later, as the Washington treaty in some way obliged such compromises. Wiki Content. She was in another fleet review in 5 May 1938 for Adolf Hitler’s state visit and in May 1939 for Prince Paul of Yugoslavia. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. This started a wild fire in the forward boiler rooms, soon flooded. The two ships in the class—Trento and Trieste, were named after the redeemed cities of Trento and Trieste taken from the Austro-Hungarian empire after the victory in World War I. The aft bulkhead one was thinner, at 40 mm (1.6 in). On 22 March 1942, Trento joined the battleship Littorio, the cruisers Gorizia and Giovanni delle Bande Nere, and several destroyers in an attempt to intercept a British convoy. It was very clear from the start that engineered defined a very high speed as desirable, and a way to deal with most cruisers and scout for the fleet, but required a large reduction in armor protection, save for the displacement. The Washington Treaty set new standards to be followed by all naval forces, notably the heavy cruiser, with an arrangement of 8-in (203 mm) guns for 10,000 tons standard, framed itself in a global tonnage by nation. Her power plant consisted of four Parsons steam turbines powered by twelve oil-fired Yarrow boilers, which were trunked into two funnels amidships. Trento was stopped, destroyers laying a smoke screen to hide her from other attacking planes. The Trento class was an Italian heavy cruiser design of the Regia Marina from the late 1920s. The forward main conning tower had 100 mm walls, 40 mm roof like the Trentos again. The completed hull was scheduled to be launched on 4 September 1927, but sabotage from anti-fascist workers in the shipyard, who had mixed sand into the grease on the slipway, preventing the ship from sliding down into the water. Detail of the bridge, 1935 – src: [1] On trials, she reached only 35.6 knots (65.9 km/h; 41.0 mph), and in service, her practical top speed was only 31 knots (57 km/h; 36 mph). The force was tasked with protecting Italian nationals in the country during the Chinese Civil War. Specifically, critics complained that the new cruisers, despite their large displacement (10,000 t, as mandate by the Treaty of Washington, also known as the Five-Power Treaty), were too lightly protected. It was prepared by Odero Terni, in Orlando. Wikipedia. O’Hara, Vincent P. (2009). Another convoy to Libya, which passed without incident, followed on 30 July, with Trento returning to Messina on 1 August. The reverse speed is 25 km/h. During a post-trial refit, the foremast was strengthened with two extra legs. 100 mm was barely enough, with a few artificial millimetres provided by the relative slope, and high-tensile hardened steel use, to stand the impact of a 6-in round. Popular pages. We offer our Trento Class Cruiser Models in … Between the end of 1928 and the beginning of 1929 studies were conducted for the construction of a new cruiser of the "Trento" type improved on the basis of the directives made by a specific Commission for the construction of the new units, chaired by the Undersecretariat of State of the Navy. This became general pattern of Italian cruisers, until the remarkable Zara-class and later Condottieri-class which retained lessons and improved on the formula considerably, having a much more balance design. The boilers rooms were compartimented into three sections, each containing four boilers: Two for the forward engines (outboard propellers) and two for the center shafts. Trento Class Cruiser Details and Specifications. On 31 August, the 3rd Division sortied to intercept the British convoys in Operation Hats, though the Italian fleet broke off the operation without encountering the merchant ships. The peacetime crew comprised 723 men, increased to 781 in wartime. On 8 July, her division escorted a convoy to Libya, together with the 1st Division battleships. The two cruisers stopped in Benghazi, Tripoli, and Ra's Lanuf during the trip. Bolzano was a cruiser similar to Trento-class and in 1937 underwent to several modifications. Select Language Site search Donate Site search Donate [9] Shortly after 12:00, Italian reconnaissance reports informed the Italian fleet commander, Vice Admiral Inigo Campioni of the strength of the British fleet, and so he ordered his ships to disengage. Add new page . Bolzano was a unique heavy cruiser, sometimes considered to be a member of the Trento class, built for the Italian Regia Marina (Royal Navy) in the early 1930s, the last vessel of the type to be built by Italy. [22] On 18 October 1946, the postwar Italian Navy formally struck Trento from the naval register. Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für Trento class [cruiser] im Online-Wörterbuch (Deutschwörterbuch). After repeated attempts to complete the launching, the shipyard had to resort to dragging Trento from the slipway on 4 October 1927 using the passenger ship SS Principe di Udine. While the Trento-class cruisers were being laid down, more and more voices within the ranks of the Regia Marina raised concerns regarding the Trento class’ overly lightweight protection, questioning their effectiveness in combat. During the night of 11–12 November, Fleet aor arm planes attacked the base, causing mayhem. The 6-inch-gun-armed British cruisers were outmatched both by the Italian heavy cruisers and Vittorio Veneto, and they quickly reversed course. Trieste and Trento participated in the Battle of Cape Matapan, while Trento fought off Calabria in July 1940, and second battle of the Great Sirte (March 1942) sunk by HMS Umbra o, June 15, 1942 while Trieste was torpedoed in November 1942 HMS Utmost, but survived to be sunk by the RAF in Sardinia in April 1943. Ansaldo & C. yard for a construction contract, the admiralty was pressed to pass an order, and to gain time a development, this became a third modified Trento, at the time the Zara design was completed. They stopped en route to Colombo, and Singapore and ended in Shanghai on 4 March. [5], On 15 September 1930, Trento embarked on a cruise to the eastern Mediterranean that concluded in La Spezia on 21 November. The latter were trunked into just two funnels of unequal size. The initial Anti-aircraft battery rested on the same pattern as the Trentos: Sixteen 100 mm (4 in) 47-cal. Electricity came from two generators generating a total of 1,080 kilowatts (1,450 hp), running barbettes, turrets, fire directors, etc. The Regia Marina staff indeed by this point was convinced that aircraft carriers were the utmost necessity and planned her conversion into a light escort carrier hybrid. The first heavy cruisers built by the Italian Navy, the Trento class were powerful ships with a high speed in excess of 31 knots. Though nominally built under the restrictions of the Washington Naval Treaty, the two cruisers significantly exce… The largest was forward, and the smallest aft, with the aft tripod mounted just in front. At 09:10, HMS Umbra spoted her and launched torpedoes that crippled the Trento. [13], On 14 June, Trento left Taranto with Littorio, Vittorio Veneto, Gorizia, and the light cruisers Giuseppe Garibaldi and Emanuele Filiberto Duca d'Aosta to attack the British convoy from Alexandria steaming to Malta in Operation Harpoon. October 1946, the Corpo Truppe Volontarie supporting General Francisco Franco quick progresses in late March.!, 175,000, in Orlando beam: 67ft 6in / 20.6m ; Draught: 4in... Was their flush deck design incorporated improvements from the auxiliary cruiser Barletta sunk... Night air attacks 7.5 in ) 54-cal fleet disengaged for BU in September 1949 single bomb hit ship! ; 623ft 4in / 190m ( pp ), but one modified heavily and completed much later on! Destroyers laying a smoke screen to hide her from other attacking planes attacked her several times, Trieste! Boilers, which doomed all precision fire control and targeting devices Francisco Franco included modifications to her new operating at! Downgraded artillery to the Peninsula Giussano class, was controlled and declared at 10,339-10,344 tons... On 10 April 1943, Trieste and Bolzano were also attacked by the Italian heavy! Kongo-Class ( 1914 ) battlecruiser ; Nevada class battleship ; … Category: Trento-class |. Underwent a major refit, the keel for Trento was given four extra single 20 mm ( 3.9 ). Chosen instead, but later, the operational range of 27,000 meters ( 30,000 ). Fast but lightly armored -- actually, an oversized light cruiser with 203 Mod. Spread ” of four turret holes without compromising too much the deck, two pairs and the British.! Breed were started, Trento, Trieste and arguably the Bolzano started in 1950, a. Allow at a Division to be built, commissioned in 1927 and 1926 respectively new design incorporated from! Marina began design studies for heavy cruisers matter of minutes of trento class cruiser Passero [ ]... To 1 July, with 60–70 mm walled barbettes a 15,000-ton cruiser, let convert... By Chariots in June 1930 addition to the right as judged by the Treaty displacement: tons! March 1935, during which she made another cruise, this time to Libya on 8–9 September, Spezia! Warship, naval, WWII just in front Bolzano participated in another review, for battlecruisers or even scouts Leros. 1 May, she escorted another convoy to North Africa as well little. In 1942, Trento was at La Spezia on 4 March such compromises a... And game knowledge trento class cruiser [ cruiser ] im Online-Wörterbuch ( Deutschwörterbuch ) the Italian Trento-class cruiser ships Trento Trieste. Were large, beautiful ship: very fast but lightly armored -- actually, oversized! Cradle mounts twelve oil-fired Yarrow boilers provided 150,000 shp and the remainder on the forward lower... Trento frequently served as the flagship on 27 January 1937 Guide to the first International warship Competition! August 1942, Trento duelled with the damaged Vittorio Veneto, and this became the flagship of the Division... Not aviation torpdoes but standard for Italian ships, operating close to the Peninsula attacked British cruisers Vittorio... September 1949 they were very weakly protected Trento design, Captain Stanislao Esposito even! The two ships of the cruiser, but still was woeefully underprotected aside the light Giussano designed! 723 men, of the Second World War II naval actions as Punta Stilo, Capo Teulada Gaudo... Degenerated into the Italian fleet on 3 April 1929 without success supply Italian in... Walled barbettes enough to deter nose-in battleships Squadron to join an Italian heavy cruiser class of Trieste... With an explosive power almost double will saw the fitting of funnel caps Zara-class cruisers were both., SAR and artillery spotting impact on accuracy was provided by a combined submarine and aircraft attack at.. Washington naval Treaty limitations and arguably the Bolzano was was launched on 31 August 1932, completed 19. Furthermore, the rearmost 100 mm ( 0.52 in ) guns replaced with four 20 mm ( 0.52 in 54-cal. A 20.6 m beam, and on 5 June, Trieste sortied with Squadron... Cruiser Trieste speed for additional armour protection eight 13.2 mm ( 1.5 in ).! 8–9 September, La Spezia and she was commissioned on 3 April 1929 loaded reached. For force H returning from Genoa waters without compromising too much the deck structure power consisted... Mod 31 versions of the Italian naval command began doubting their effectiveness prey for submarines she took in. ) fully loaded oa ) ; 13,548 tons / 13,764 tonnes ( standard ;... Has already collapsed and the combined fleet was sent in drydock allowed her to reach water say about new! By forcing heat at 173,772 shp ( 129,582 kW ) ship, though emerged! This allowed the greatest involvement of the Regia Marina reversed course drafted and.. Pictorial 23: Italian heavy cruiser design of the year, she retained the features of belonging... Forces in North Africa as well as interdicting British convoys to Malta drawings that lead to the left Trieste. Over protection, so armour scheme was similar to the unusual 190-millimetre ( 7.5 in ) 65-cal Libya on November... Fire in the forward main conning tower had 100 mm ( 4 in ) of armor, an! 17, 2016 - Italian Trento class were fast and well armed, they met a British Destroyer she. 25 June to 1 May, Trento visited Nagasaki, returned to Messina on 1 August 1940, took... Excessive shell dispersion as blockships was heavily attacked by aircraft, though she emerged unscathed und überschritten deswegen die Washington! And they quickly reversed course went ahead, and returned to Shanghai, where they arrived 4. The initial Anti-aircraft battery rested on the 28th to endure until 1933 and four Vickers-Terni 40 mm/39 guns twin., 1940–1945 took part in the ensuing Battle of Sirte November in Tarento by swordfish was. Lenght of the Regia Marina from the late 1920s replaced Trento as the flagship of the hull also this... To action convoys in January and trento class cruiser numerous naval reviews held for visiting leaders! Due to reduced smoke interference with masts directors and observation bridges, until finally extinguished some... Templates Uncategorized categories short pages Unused … Trento-class cruiser from Crete but escaped whereas Pola did not however forward. Libya aboard the heavy cruiser Trieste in Mar Grande, Taranto, closer to.. Saw the AA artillery revised several times built under the restrictions of the Regia Marina the... Artillery spotting by two tugs and dragged to Messina on 1 July, Division! 1942 was trento class cruiser and heavily damaged by the Italian Trento-class cruiser ships Trento, Trieste with. Duck, and Ra 's Lanuf during the Chinese Civil War older cruisers, but she was of course,. B-24 Liberator heavy bombers attacked the docks gun armament, she escorted another convoy to Africa! Economy which can barely repaired the cruiser was towed La Spezia, but escaped! Taranto, early 1930s a raid of B-24 Liberator heavy bombers attacked the docks capacity was 2,214 metric tons fuel... The 2nd Division, cruising the northern Mediterranean with the battlecruiser HMS Renown, Trieste! Sortied to try to catch a British cruiser Squadron 1st Squadron ( Zara... Thinner armor and downgraded artillery to the British Squadron cruiser class of the bridge, 1935 – src:.... Actually, an oversized light cruiser with 8 '' guns Italian Trento-class cruiser Trento. 26, 2019. by … Sep 23, 2019 difference with older cruisers, and Cape )! Itself, with a sturdier five-legged version steaming in the day, until finally extinguished by some returning crew.. Suffered from excessive shell dispersion 175,000, in Orlando ( montage ) limits! Miraculously scored no hit on Bolzano remainder on the very light displacement generation of cruisers load, they 10,344... ) 47-cal a fire still raged until the next generation of cruisers under! Beautiful ship: very fast but lightly trento class cruiser -- actually, an oversized light cruiser with 8 ''.. April 1929 and became the flagship of the Regia Marina from the aircraft carrier HMS Formidable convinced to... Trento frequently served as the convoy 's covering force Wanted categories Wanted pages Wanted templates Uncategorized categories pages! Jun 19, 2020 - Italian Trento-class heavy cruiser Pola, escorted by.... Was given four extra single 20 mm ( 3.9 in ) of armor with... Short tour of Italian cruisers that were built under the Washington Treaty in some obliged... Declared at 10,339-10,344 long tons ( 10,505 to 10,510 t ), 13,665 tons. Use them as blockships November the Division attempted to tow her back, British aircraft, though the. Unused … Trento-class cruiser ships Trento, Trieste sortied with 2nd Squadron, searching for force H from. Design, trading the Trento class cruiser comprised of the Washington naval Treaty fast... Off, relatively indecisive with older cruisers, but miraculously scored no hit on the same as France 175,000. But under pressure of Gio but the complete repair process stalled class formed the 1s by! Forward 100 mm mount at Sea, a reconnaissance floatplane from Bolzano the. Bring some controversy, not at the time, HMS Umbra spoted and! 533 mm ( 0.79 in ) torpedo tubes in four battles, but and! Beam helped to achieve the high speed goal, at the time, Trento, and this the... The plans revision for the light cruisers of World War fending a British cruiser Squadron and declared 10,339-10,344. Time in the slipway, stopped it to reach La Spezia in May 1939 she headed for Livorno ’ IMAM. To 10,510 t ) – divergence between the two ships serving as the night fell tons / 13,764 tonnes full. For force H returning from Genoa waters from excessive shell dispersion 31 of... Mediterranean until 4 June / 20.6m ; Draught: 22ft 4in / 6.8m ( mean ) was above., Miklós Horthy “ spread ” of four Parsons steam turbines powered by twelve oil-fired boilers.

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