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All of them were looking at their own variation of the console, watching the live feed from the satellite. And, at that very moment, a group of airmen were standing outside the hull of the Daedalus. A sequel to Esama's "Wizards IN SPACE". What wasn't expected, was that both the leader of the group, and the AI raised their eyebrows in unison. Mysterious didn't begin to describe that race, not with the fact that no human had even seen one, in either timeline. Sooner than we expected too.". Their past selves hadn't seen most of what the Galaxy (and Pegasus) had to offer yet, but the AI had. "You know they won't be happy about that, right George? The Wraith were avoided like the plague (in no way were they ready to fight them yet) but the city had been raised, as everyone on the time-traveling ships had been aware of how close to running out of power it had been. Heliopolis II is a castle, similar to that of Heliopolis in the Milky Way, on a planet in the Pegasus galaxy, which was nicknamed Heliopolis II. Okay, today's post is in the form of a meme, borrowed from astrogirl2:) 1.Write down the names of 10 characters. And, the Asgard were forever thankful for that aid. None of them are wearing NID uniforms, and if they try messing with anything you can just beam them out.". Series. ", Thor nodded, "Indeed. Especially with the fact there wasn't a greeting party for them...just a ramp up into a spaceship. A note though: I'm going to have to ask readers not to leave reviews in other stories asking for updates on this one. "I do not blame you for that," the Asgard said. Geonn Cannon, author of almost 200 Stargate SG-1/Atlantis stories on Area 52, has made the leap to the world of published authors! None of them looked forward to that meeting. And I thank the Nox for their aid, though it is shameful we forgot our ancient alliance and were too proud to ask for help in the timeline Colonel Carter comes from. Major Danny-whumping, and … That was going to be an interesting meeting to be sure. The Railguns that were provided to destroy their blocks have made them more cautious when assaulting our forces. Tags. Between discovering the secrets of alien tech, creating their own, fighting for survival and building up an international organization, they are up for an interesting year. I remembered recently that there's a site called the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, which essentially takes captures of websites so that they can … The cloaks kept them hidden, allowing them to look out at the surface of Earth as it passed them by. Written in the style of a historical text and goes in detail so that to quote one review "WHY any of this is important to anyone not at least in college studying world political history". This also resulted in several massive arguments between the authors, several more nearly leaving or just stop writing SG fanfiction. Holo-Daniel asked, as the three ships settled down outside the base. The Furling homeworld is barren, no signs they had ever been there. Even if construction on the Prometheus' hangar had begun, it wouldn't be ready or large enough. Sure, the plan was not to tell them anything about the future, but holding to that could be difficult. No odd colors or forcefields, just dull grey metal with the occasional piping. The Ancients?". Its up to our ships to do this...even though I didn't want to expose them yet.". A sigh was heard from the other end of the line, and that clued Hammond in that the President didn't disagree with him. Rest assured though, I will not be abandoning this fic, barring some extreme circumstances. These had been spread around the major worlds of the System Lords, to watch any major movements. As part of that plan, a series of satellites had been co-designed amongst the three races, Asgard sensors, human design, and Nox cloaks. And, somewhat surprisingly, it seemed that the area around Area 51 was clear of anyone who wasn't on the base. "What are we going to tell him?" Sam fiddled with the radio she was carrying, and soon enough her own voice came out of the device. Thus, Thor shook his head in the negative, "We have been sending messages in every code or frequency the Furlings ever used. Summary: Jack needs an incentive to decide on a vacation destination. Please be warned that this archive contains stories that depict sexual activities between members of the same sex. "As soon as they can get here I suppose," Holo-Sam replied, knowing Daniel was talking about their past selves. I've made no attempt to edit this list for quality or content. SG-1, the past one, wouldn't be able to get aboard those ships if they had already left. This was that reason...the building had been designed as a meeting room, and thus, had hologram projectors built into the walls to allow the Four Great Races to communicate even from long distances. The show itself is a spin-off from the 1994 hit movie Stargate written by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. Fave sites: Suz's The Lies We Tell site ~ Salmon Czar (Alli Snow) ~ Noda's Stargate: SG-1 Fan Fiction ~ Beyond Level 28 (Dust Devil) ~ Sally Reeve's Stargate Fiction ~ Heliopolis: SG1 Fanfic Archive ~ Stargate: SG-1 Novel Archive ~ Sam/Jack Directory ~ Sam and Jack Always and Forever Archive. After what happened with the Tollan, I can't say I blame them sir.". The author would like to thank you for your continued support. As soon as they cleared the cloud layer though, the three AI began feeling nostalgic. Such as... "Two Ha'tak are leaving orbit of one of Apophis' worlds," a mechanical voice reported from a newly installed console on the wall. It was on this planet that they gathered to share their experiences, debate matters of mutual interest, and resolve any disputes that arose. ", "The Nox have had no more luck. The first season of the military science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 commenced airing on the Showtime channel in the United States on July 27, 1997, concluded on the Sci Fi channel on March 6, 1998, and contained 22 episodes. It was March 1, 1998. the distorted voice asked. … To write at least. With the time-travelers, it was now an Alliance of Three Races, one that was keeping a very close eye on both the Goa'uld and Wraith. It hadn't intervened (to avoid waking the Wraith) but it had relocated the remaining population to Atlantis. We only ever found the Crystal Skull and the Gateway, nothing else of the Furlings.". And what they saw was indeed two first-generation Ha'tak, breaking orbit from the world on a course towards...Earth. I'm assuming that the entire area has been cleared of anyone who might see the ships? Updated frequently, it uses a version of the Automated Archive system. With that out of the way, lets get on with the chapter! View Tag Cloud. It also meant the ships wouldn't be given a chance to be studied before being put to the test. Complete. Of course, there was still the problem of the size of the ships to deal with. The best option would be cloaking the ships. Most favorite author: Suz Voy by a huge margin. "You called sir?" This is a Sanctuary / Stargate SG-1 crossover story. Walmart updates Supercenter stores for the digital era There, they will be left...until a fateful day when SG-1 stumbles upon them. After failed experiments to uncover the mysteries of the Stargate, Ernest Littlefield was trapped on this world. Hammond took the radio from Sam and spoke into it, "Space has been cleared around Groom Lake for your ships to land. And this will benefit the writers by providing them with the widest audience possible. It was ironically fitting. 900th Author Added. PHO's Stargate SG-1 Fanfiction One of the consistently good authors in the fandom, divided between short episode continuations (This Is Getting Old is a favorite) and longer, well-plotted action fics (Mishap, The Past Remembered). October 13 2007. Click here for related articles on Fanlore. "I'll give the SGC the news and ready the ships. But trying to force them to stay on Earth against their will was just a bad idea on several levels. The Stargate Slash FanFic Archive. June 8 2007. Heliopolis. This includes, but is not limited to, placement of the text or images on another Web site. "Should I allow them in Colonel Carter?" May 25 2007. And certainly not ready to be thrown into things by seeing three spaceships heading for Area 51. Holo-Sam nodded, transmitting from Earth, "Yes they have Thor. Coronavirus detected in lake water, researchers find. Heliopolis strives to be the central depository for general SG-1 fan fiction on the Internet. Atlantis is destroyed, Earth and her allies culled to the brink of extinction. Viking Chick's Reading Room . That, and cut off the Stargate from the network at large, neatly preventing the first test of the Stargate on Earth from working. Thor nodded, and those who knew him well (such as the two 'in' the room) were able to see an ever-so-slight smile on his alien lips. If Earth hadn't been ready for Disclosure before the Wraith had arrived, it certainly wasn't ready now that it wasn't even a year into the Stargate Program. She drinks and neglects her work until someone comes to help her. Sam the AI winced, while the Jaffa AI looked away, in shame or regret. Unfortunately, most stories archived there are housed off-site, so may or may not be accessible. Exciting news! € X-Files Fanfiction. The halls were very clearly a human design, looking like something out of an aircraft carrier or destroyer. Ficwad - is similar to and has some Stargate fanfiction. Stargate Atlantis crossover - What a way to die, the tall woman thought. Two of the holoprojectors remained dim in the meeting room. On the other hand, the very best means to discover something brand-new, heretofore unidentified, is to take your mind off your day-to-day troubles and reveal rate of interest in a topic that you might have considered as spam

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