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Smoking is not permitted in the Clubhouse at any time or in any dining area of the Terrace during mealtimes. are also given honorary membership in the club while serving since its headquarters is just a few miles away in nearby Bernards Township. Simple ways to speed up play: forego the honor system (institute ready golf), avoid story-telling on teeing grounds and putting greens, take 3-4 clubs to your ball when split from your caddie. The kind of ‘plop and splat’ golf offered at most inland, clay-based courses pales in comparison. The star of the photograph are the dolomites and the green which is glued to the ground at grade – and is fiendish because of it. A membership that gets you to commit financially, but access to 80% of a regular membership. In order to make your visit as pleasant as possible, please note a few important guidelines. Clubhouse (908)766-0043. The club was formed in 1899 for social and recreational purposes. Young quotes from Tillinghast himself when he writes, ‘If you were asked to explain Tilly’s philosophy of designing a golf hole in a single sentence, how would you put it? Membership Amenities Include: • As a non-equity club, Basking Ridge Country Club does not require a bond, sponsor, or initiation fee. The Franklin Country Club is a private club located on the Franklin Wrentham, Massachusetts Line with a rich tradition spanning over 100 years. Bondholder Guest Rate (Non-Member) $35: $20 : Special Rates: Twilight Special (Sat. American architects in the 1910s were mindful of the sport’s nascent roots and mindfully provided designs that would accommodate a wide range of playing levels. We are a member-owned club located in Ipswich, MA, set amongst 380 acres of tranquility and beauty.The Golf Club at Turner Hill offers a variety of membership opportunities designed to fit the needs of both individuals and families. Michelangelo, in describing how he sculpted stone, said, “Every block of stone has a statue in it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Not only is that true of the golf course architect, but Tilly’s design here is a true example of that rarest of tasks accomplished.’. Such flexibility provided the foundation for golf to explode in popularity from coast to coast during the next decade when the economic boom created the ‘Roaring 20s.’ Even though the first is sturdy (it was a par 5 in Tillinghast’s day), its open green can be accessed in every possible manner and Slawnik refers to the contours feeding onto the putting surface as ‘genius stuff.’ The author has coined the phrase ‘inclusive architecture’, meaning architecture that welcomes all to the game while being engaging for the best club golfer. For Members who donated their fee in 2020, they can claim a further £20 reduction on the ‘early bird’ price of their Membership fee (£50 on the full price) if purchasing before January 31 st 2021. Indeed, Tillinghast named the holes here, so clearly one of the greens at Nairn was in his mind at the time. A jewel among golf courses in New Jersey, Basking Ridge Country Club offers members a stunning retreat of 257 acres in the beautiful tranquil area of Somerset Hills. Alas, Hurricane Sandy didn’t ask permission and 200 trees were lost in 2012. II, Olympia Fields Country Club (North Course). Directions: Get here! The membership department is friendly and responsive…and realistic. Proper attire is required in all areas of the Clubhouse including the Dining Room, Grill and on the Lawn/patio. For more information, visit You May Also Be Interested In Only change the text / images / link. Clubhouse. With the open front nine laid on and around an old racetrack and the back nine through rolling wooded terrain with streams and a pond, one would think the course could have a Jekyll and Hyde character (as with, for example, Spyglass Hill). after 3:00) $40: $30: Monday Special Foursome Before Noon: $25 pp : Student Rates (School ID Required): Walking: $20: $10: With Cart: $35: $19 The Golden Age architects were adept at cutting bunkers into landforms and making them look like they were part of the landscape. They hired Tom Doak’s Renaissance Golf Design in 2004 and Brian Slawnik has been the point man since. Overall Somerset Hills Country Club has a relaxed and low key feel to it. Join us for championship golf, gourmet dining and fun around our pool. With a Par 70 and many up, down, and sidehill shots, the course is … Today, a tee ball needs to find the fairway or carrying the Sahara on one’s second shot becomes problematic. Please click here for a listing of nearby hotel information. To change the link, click the table (Not on the text or image) then click the hyper link from the drop down above. First, it is worth noting that it dispels one of the knocks of courses built in the 1910s: namely, a lack of doglegs. Tillinghast joins MacKenzie, Maxwell, Ross, Travis, Coore and Doak in the pantheon of great green builders. A tee ball short tumbles backwards fifteen yards into the bunkers at the base of the hill. When Tillinghast supervised construction in 1916, that is the brand of golf with which he held in highest esteem. & Sun. A perfect use of a valley with the tee ball descending into it and the approach climbing out on the far side. Made-made, irregular mounds with bunkers cut into them are features that enchanted Tillinghast from his trips to England and he used them here to add playing interest to the otherwise flat green surrounds. Somerset Hills has long gone the opposite route by concentrating on enhancing the member’s playing experience. Somerset Hills YMCA on Mount Airy Road, has a state-of-the-art fitness center, two lap pools plus one recreational family pool, numerous fun and innovative group exercise classes, an early education and child care center, enrichment classes for kids, a comprehensive program for seniors and individuals with special needs, babysitting services, and so much more. and end with the same appealing result. Somerset Hills enjoyed the reputation as ‘a sleepy club’ when the author lived in Bernardsville in the mid-1980s. Somerset Country Club in Somerset, PA - Where families come to play. Gentlemen and children are expected to remove their hats and caps in the Clubhouse. Think of the striking features of each: Winged Foot (West) with its raised, wickedly contoured greens and proportionately deep greenside bunkers; Ridgewood, with its holes interacting off a major spine, Baltusrol (Lower) which enjoyed a rustic, low-profile look in Tillinghast’s day; San Francisco with its stylishly flashed bunkers placed at all sorts of angles within broad fairways; Bethpage (Black) with its sprawling scale and Somerset Hills with its intimate layout. Irregular mounding is littered across the course but nowhere more liberally and attractively than this hole, hence its name. The one above (the 16th) is the least talked about! Hats and caps are to be worn with the brim forward. Fifth hole, 350 yards, Nairn; This green with its dramatic two foot rolls toward the rear are unabashedly wonderful features and only could have come from someone who had the opportunity to soak up the dramatic interior green contours at courses like North Berwick and The Old Course. The combined result is that Somerset Hills plays surprisingly long and that many of its design attributes remain in play. Collared shirts and/or shirts with sleeves are required for ladies. Two good golfers from the same spot in the fairway could play shots to land as far apart as 60 yards (!) The founders were primarily New York City residents and, thus, the use of “country” in the name of their Club. Done indiscriminately, and maintenance costs mushroom for no real purpose. One of the reasons architecture flourished during the Golden Age of architecture was that it attracted those who loved the game for the game’s sake. These comments from an ace player in David Eger and a historian in Phil Young highlight the range of Somerset Hills’ appeal and pointedly suggest that to understand Tillinghast’s genius as an architect, Somerset Hills is where a student of architecture must head. Amenities. ClubCorp Signature Gold Unlimited. This aerial captures the imaginative Sahara bunker configuration that bisects the 9th fairway. Golf Shop (908)766-0044. He laid the course out accordingly and so many of his features – starting with the intriguing land movement thirty yards prior to the open first green – were built expressly for bouncy-bounce golf. Official Club competitions have priority at all times and others should not expect to play through. I met Mike on the driving range at Prairie Dunes Country Club back near the end of June. Image (530x350): Heading: Thirty years ago, the ninth tolerated looser golf but no more. As has been the case many times in my Top 100 Odyssey, a stroke of blind luck put me in contact with a member of this club. The exquisite fairway contours are evident in this view from the side of the 1st fairway. Tennis Shop (908) 766-3686. Fourth hole, 460 yards, Dolomites; Standing on this tee, the player is delighted to discover that his drive that will catch a down slope and scamper toward the green. The one at Somerset Hills certainly is that but it also is more nuanced with plenty of random rolls and hollows as seen in this view from behind. Please contact the Club for updated protocols regarding preventive health and safety measures There are different tiers of clubs in the Twin Cities – whether it’s the golf course, history, or location…not all clubs are created equally. Trim or accent color of approximately ten percent is permitted. Old Town is a 1939 Perry Maxwell design set on a beautiful piece of rolling land just north of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Place to-go orders by calling 978.356.4822 (All-Day Menu) between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Wednesday – Saturday.Pick-up hours are 4:30 - 5:30 p.m. Somerset Hills Country Club, located in Bernardsville, New Jersey, is ranked No. A family oriented, private club located in the heart of Somerset County. Denim, halter tops, cargo shorts, flip-flops, golf sandals and similar casual and athletic wear, including tennis whites, are prohibited. The road to playing a round at Milwaukee Country Club was longer than the drive from Canyata. The club has planted indigenous hardwoods around the perimeter and wisely maintained the secluded, woodland theme on the back nine that the course enjoyed in Tillinghast’s day. © 2020 Somerset Hills Country Club. He stated, “The one shot that tells the story in golf is the shot to the green, and if you conceive of golf being a game of animate attack and inanimate defense with regard to that shot, you have my design in a nutshell.” At Somerset Hills, each hole appears to flow out of the land rather than having been built into it. The cant of the green from the right to left is as severe as any Redan with which the author is familiar. Such holes lend a course much of its fabric and appeal for regular club play. It’s right up there with Cypress Point, Seminole, Fishers Island, Camargo, Shore Acres, Crystal Downs, Garden City and Valley Club.’. Take this hole as an example. The above series of events (e.g. First hole, 460 yards, Orchard; Hugely underrated, this two shotter will never receive its proper due as the course’s most famous hole follows it. Prior to playing there I knew little of Somerset Hills other than it was one of several Tillinghast designs on the … The par threes are well balanced at 205, 230, 150 and 170 yards and it is always nice to find a set with at least 20 yards difference between all four holes. It is a story played out scores of times across America over the past two decades but it is all the more compelling here because we are dealing with a Tillinghast masterpiece rich with neat design features. Proper tennis attire, including proper tennis shoes must be worn at all times while on court. Somerset Country Club is a semi-private golf club, located at 1216 N Highway 1247 in Somerset, KY 42503. As sunlight and wind replaced trees and shade, the newly reclaimed playing surfaces hardened and firm and fast playing conditions were once again on the menu. All Rights Reserved. Somerset Hills Country Club has a rich history that began over 100 years ago. Ryan Tuxhorn, who trained at Merion, was hired as the Green Keeper in 2008 and he and Slawnik have formed a tight bond. The hugely appealing rolls in the back of the 5th green feel like something straight from Scotland – and that is not a coincidence. Even after 100 years, Somerset Hills remains what it has always been: a pinnacle of design in America. Somerset Hills Country Club, 180 Mine Mount Rd, Bernardsville, New Jersey (NJ) 07924, USA +1 908 766 0044 ‹ Previous › Next Please call 814-445-5200 for more information and to schedule a personal tour of our facilities. Please ask the Professional Staff for tips for speeding up play if you need guidance. This was a complete win for the club and how thrilled Tillinghast would be to see Somerset Hills today. As Slawnik staked out where he would like to see the fairways expanded, Tuxhorn balanced the equation by recycling fairway turf that was too close to tees to provide value. The first two holes highlight that using the ground is integral toward success. It is generally preferred for the slower group to wait until their play has reached the green before waving up the group behind. If the architect can get the routing right (a huge if, mind you), then much of the rest follows seamlessly. Somerset Hills Country Club. when he notes, ‘ It would take an act of God to make us alter any of our 17 Tillinghast greens.’, David Eger, who has played Somerset Hills numerous times especially when he was the Senior Director, Rules Competition for the United States Golf Association in nearby Far Hills, marvels at the putting surfaces, noting, ‘Each of the original 17 putting greens is great in its own right and even better, each features unique slope and contours from one another. After teeing off, the forward group should wait for the group “playing through” to tee off so that both groups may walk together to their respective tee shots. For sure, variety is the cornerstone to Somerset Hills: variety of terrain, variety of length of holes, variety of approach shots and variety of greens. One result is that his work is fabulously impossible to stereotype with the player hard pressed to believe that the same architect designed the courses at Winged Foot, the three nines at Ridgewood, the courses at Baltusrol, San Francisco Golf Club, Bethpage (Black) and Somerset Hills. Tillinghast took up the game sometime between 1890 and 1895. The staff is accommodating and the food isn't bad, but the view across the back porch down across the course, with the lake to the right - what a sight. 63 on Golf Digest's America's 100 Greatest Courses of 2019-20. Congratulations to Slawnik and the green keeping staff for getting the mow lines corrected from the 1980s version that the author knew. New for 2015, club student membership offer for all students high school and college 50% off! With such a small membership the course does not get much play and I only recall seeing one other two ball on the course the entire time we were there. … the green! The 7th tumbles down the hill from the left, the 8th plays across the valley with the pond and the long ninth bends left in the distance and returns the golfer to the professional shop. SOMERSET HILLS COUNTRY CLUB BY THE NUMBERS: 448 members $65,000 Initiation fee $10,830 Annual dues $5.2M Gross volume $3.4M Annual dues volume $1.1M F&B volume $2.4M Gross payroll 50 Employees in-season; 16 off-season 16 Board members 58 Average age of members SOMERSET HILLS COUNTRY CLUB WEB SITE: As the following group makes their way to the green, the forward group should finish putting, move to the next tee and tee off. Founded in 1899, its picturesque scenery of gently rolling hills, tree lined fairways and manicured greens ma This hole is joined in that pursuit by the seventh and eleventh where the aim is well right of where the golfer wishes the ball to finish. Member Benefits. Such random, irregular mounding also greatly influenced Stanley Thompson, as we learned from the October 2018 Feature Interview with Dr. James Taylor. Somerset Hills enjoyed the reputation as ‘a sleepy club’ when the author lived in Bernardsville in the mid-1980s. Not enough praise can be heaped on the one here as it ticks all the important boxes: it is dramatic in an unforced manner, it rewards creativity and bold play, it’s perfectly presented, and it is fun for all. From 1900 to 1905, Tillinghast competed in many golf events and in 1905, he was awarded the Silver Cross medal by the Golf Association of Philadelphia as the outstanding player of the year. While most players do not relish long, 200+ yard approach shots, Tillinghast had the unmatched ability to make them appealing – no architect was clearly better. That helps make Somerset Hills among my very favorite “fun” courses to play. Another reason the course is so good is because it has not sought outside events. Along with Shawnee-on-Delaware, Somerset Hills was one of his first eighteen hole designs and it opened for play late in 1916. Become a member . …today! With golf like this, Tillinghast was one of the prime instigators in making inland golf (nearly) as compelling as links golf. In his book Albert Warren Tillinghast: A Timeline of his Life and Work, Tillinghast expert and historian Phil Young neatly lays out how Tillinghast’s interest progressed from player to architect. Tillinghast’s own take on Redans was that ‘some of the most interesting holes are those where the best line of the flag is not direct.’ He never produced a better example of that philosophy than at Somerset Hills. One thing is for sure: a bulldozer never wrecked this land. 2 reviews of Somerset Hills Country Club "A lovely club with a tough final hole that winds up to the club house, with a classic feel to the building. Bear in mind that Somerset Hills was built in the middle of the age of hickory golf; steel shafts weren’t yet a dream, much less a reality. Amateurs (the most recent in 2013) and three U.S. Pricing for the memberships are on the applications. However, the course flows well, and members are split over which side they prefer. Golf Membership: Our golf course has developed into a challenging, beautifully landscaped 6,906-yard haven. Prairie Dunes was the fourth course on my quest to play in one year, the top 100 courses in the United States as ranked by Golf Digest. Golf Course Review by: Bill Satterfield. Such variety is further amplified with the two shot holes. PROPER ATTIRE. Done judiciously, the original architect’s features and playing angles are restored and the design thrives. Collared shirts are required for gentlemen and should be tucked in at the waistline. Pine Valley leads the way. Tillinghast’s very lack of identifying characteristics make his work desperately difficult to brand, while simultaneously elevating it to the top of his profession. This wasn’t his first trip overseas (he had been to England as a four year old) but it represented the first time that he met the legendary Old Tom Morris in St. Andrews. Somerset Hills Country Club. No surprise then that Tillinghast and Macdonald produced the two finest versions in the United States. Only two remain today. Click HERE to forward Guest information. Any course would love to claim this world beater for itself. Macdonald expressly set out to build template holes that borrowed design features from his favorite holes in the United Kingdom. Charles Blair Macdonald, Albert Warren Tillinghast, and George Thomas possessed a far different – and healthier – interest in the welfare of the game than did developers that followed in the 1960s-1990s, intent on profiting from the sport by selling residential properties. No need to move a bunch of dirt when the routing incorporates so many natural features. The Country Club was also host to the 1999 Ryder Cup Matches. 180 Mine Mount Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924. Sign up for golf membership, swim membership or both, depending on your needs. Please click here for a listing of nearby hotel information. It was built in 1923 and was expanded in 1993 to 18 holes and includes many of the original holes played. The golfer plays the course’s longest two shotter, longest one shotter and longest three shotter in succession. In the American Cricketer, Young found an article where Tillinghast quotes from Henry Leitch who talks about the Alpinization of the hazards at Mid-Surrey outside of London. The top executives of the U.S.G.A. One green (the tenth) is no longer in its original place but otherwise, the course is as authentic to its Golden Age roots as any. The idea seems an impossible task, yet Tilly, in answering a question during an interview with a reporter from the Boston Herald did exactly that. Annual fees for membership at the Basking Ridge Country Club range from $2900 to $7650 for the 6906 yard course. Now, especially with the course enjoying such firm playing conditions under Tuxhorn for the past decade, the hole encapsulates Tillinghast’s stated ideal of hitting toward point A to have the ball end by Point B. To find out more about any of these offers, or to schedule a tour of the Basking Ridge Country Club, call Kelly Pantone, Director of Marketing and Membership, at 908-766-8200, ext. Not only that, but pushing the tee back shortened the walk from the prior green, which is always a good thing. It probably still cherishes that moniker today but now there is a laser-like focus on getting the fine points right in regards to course presentation. While Tillinghast was also keen to see the best attributes of the game transplanted across the pond, he did so mostly through original adaptations. - 180 Mind Mount Rd., Bernardsville, New Jersey 07924 – UNITED STATES shorter than midway between the hip and kneecap), and tee shirts, sweatshirts or workout clothing. Young goes on to chronicle how Tillinghast transitioned from player to writer to architect from 1910 to 1917. Second, the golfer is immediately introduced to one of the design’s most beguiling elements: a green that is open in front. Nonetheless, this opener deserves applause. Rather, they worked for little or no design fee, with their reward being to see the nascent sport flourish in their home country. Tillinghast 1917 Cost: Private Phone Number: (908) 766-0044 Course Website: Official Website - Visit Somerset Hills Country Club's official website by clicking on the link provided. How good are the one shotters at Somerset Hills? Somerset is a private Club and welcomes all guests accompanied by a Member. Inappropriate attire in the Clubhouse includes denim or blue jeans, cargo pants, short shorts or skirts of unreasonable length, (i.e. The Takeaway: Grade A- Quick Facts. Increasing fairway width is not as easy or straightforward as it may seem. Somerset Hills Country Club has a rich history that began over 100 years ago. Somerset Hills possesses an abundance of such and many of them (here, nine, eleven, and fifteen) are among the course’s finest holes. These are the best golf courses in New Jersey, according to GOLF's 2020-2021 Top 100 Courses in the U.S. ranking. Take this hole as an example: length coupled with the suppressed tee has brought a key design feature back into play, namely Tillinghast’s Sahara concept. Men’s shirts should have a collar unless specifically designed as tennis apparel. Seventh hole, 495 yards, Racetrack; As with the eighth at Pebble Beach, the visually uninteresting uphill tee shot is significant because the player dearly wants to catch one so he can enjoy the smashing approach. Annual dues are another $18,500, plus a $1,500 food charge. Born into a well-heeled family in Philadelphia in 1876, Tillinghast was unfortunate only in the sense that even as a teenager, golf barely existed in America. Somerset Hills epitomizes inclusive architecture and should be heralded as a design ideal because it is the perfect course for youths through seniors. Per the Green Committee Mission statement, no major work occurs without Slawnik’s input. Some Redans center around a tilted putting surface that runs from front right to back left. For those who join the club, Trump National Bedminster provides major championship golf, superior service and award-winning facilities in an incomparable, exclusive setting.

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