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Low Oval Cross Section. Stretching your fingers is something that’s going to take some work to get used to, but it’s well worth it once you have it mastered. Yamaha FS800 is a small body mini acoustic guitar with a slim Nato neck and a natural finish. While it is priced under $200, it has amazing materials used in the composition of the body. On Song Simian, he aims to share this knowledge from 20+ years playing and recording music. Overall, this is an excellent acoustic guitar that is well worth to try. The construction quality of the TL-6 is largely responsible for its incredibly smooth sound. Here are the criteria that we use to evaluate the playability, quality, and value for your money: Whenever I happen to pick up and play around with a guitar that’s a ¾ size travel guitar, I always happen to expect it to not have the same type of sound that a full-sized guitar has. By Danny Trent It’s your hands that shape the sound, and whether you should use a slim or chunky neck is all up to your personal taste and vibe. Its the best value guitar i’ve ever seen, i bought one myself cause its a great deal. If playing a chord hurts, stop and take a second for your hand to relax. The Epiphone SG Special was born when Epiphone decided that they wanted to make their own double cutaway solid guitar. So if you’re a tonewood-obsessed guy looking for a guitar with a narrow neck, this is your ideal match. Back to that neck – this is one of the most elegant, slim, slick, elegant and sexy necks we have ever seen on a guitar. If you are a guitarist that prefers to play on a typical Jaguar or a Jazzmaster, this is a guitar that you will want to try! The LXK2 has a rosewood fretboard and the neck profile of the guitar is carved from stratabond. Altering the guitar neck angle of a traditional neck assembly can require invasive surgery to remove wood and relocate the bridge. This is my dream guitar. Thin neck acoustic guitars are the kind of guitars to go for if you want more playing speed and versatility. However, I would suggest this piece to professionals who enjoy the sound of the BT2 but know how to properly take care of a guitar. An acoustic guitar is considered a wide neck guitar when its neck dimensions are more than 45mm or 1 and 7/8”. If you’re a person with small hands who has looked around at local guitar shops to purchase a guitar, you may have noticed that you have struggled to find the best guitar for small hands like yours. Artist CL44SPKAM Full Size Classical Guitar Pack, Nylon, Slim Neck. It’s not guaranteed that the closest shop to you will have the guitar that you are looking for, so try calling up the shops around you to see if they have what you’re looking for before making the trip down. George Harrison, Frank Zappa, Angus Young, and Jimi Hendrix all have played the Epiphone SG; the Epiphone SG Special is the same exact guitar, with a smaller body and a smaller price. Buy slim acoustic guitar and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! The wood used on this instrument’s neck is nothing short of best quality, and it’s something that isn’t easy for manufacturers to get their hands on. We ship super fast!! The S6 Original Slim comes with a slimmer neck than the S6 Original. Best Wide Neck Acoustic Guitar. However, Martin decided to stray from that path and make their smaller sized guitars from better quality materials. The deep tone that I heard is not common to find in small guitars and that is why I have fallen in love with the Martin LXK2 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar. At the end of all of the reading that you just did, I hope you have learned something about small-scale guitars. The controls on the Kurt Cobain Jaguar are a little bit more complicated in comparison to the typical Fender. The laminate also makes the Taylor BT2 Baby feel cheap, as laminate on most guitars does. You may be questioning the true versatility of this Eastman because it is a parlor guitar, and parlor guitars are famous for being played in the blues genre, this Eastman is way more versatile than any other parlor guitar on the market today. One of Epiphone most popular models from their lineup is the SG Special, as it has been seen in the hands of some of the most legendary guitar players. two-Way pickup and preamp system. If you are looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar that has a sound that will fit many different genres, the Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic is certain to deliver. This is without doubt one of the best narrow-neck acoustic guitars. However, they did keep the heavy modifications on the guitar; the black chrome bridge, second volume pot, the DiMarzio PAF/Super Distortion pickup combo, three-way pickup switch, and the ‘Spaghetti’ Fender logo that is correct to the time period. Comfort is the main consideration for most people drawn to a thin-neck guitar, and ESP has certainly put that at the top of their list when designing this guitar. The slimmer neck makes it easier for a small-handed player for grab onto the neck, making it easier to produce chords; slim necks are also great for guitarists who like to shred or play at a faster tempo . Also included in the mix is a luxurious African mahogany neck that makes all the difference, along with a top-notch ebony fingerboard. seagull s6 original (slim neck) - solid cedar top acoustic guitar …S6 Original SLIM includes a pressure tested cedar top, a silver leaf maple neck with a 1.72" nut width for comfortable playability, a custom polished semi-gloss finish, and a bolder look on the neck, back and sides. Just because the Taylor name is attached to the instrument, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing for a professional to purchase. If you’re looking for a guitar that can provide you with the best of both the acoustic and the electric world, as well as having a thinner neck than conventional guitars to ensure that it’s easy to play, Ibanez has this gorgeous model that you’re sure to fall in love with from the moment you hold it for the first time. When not in gearhead mode, he enjoys photography and travel. Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is because it will be drastically easier you, the player, to take hold of all chords properly, because there will be less finger strength and less power needed in order to be able to play the guitar. While the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar Electric Guitar does perform as advertised, the price is way too high. If you have small hands and you want to play bass guitar, then you should start looking at Fender or Ibanez guitars, especially the GSP series which feature skinnier necks. Alvarez AD60 Acoustic Guitar Review. In the electronic department, the instrument utilizes the renowned A.R.T. The only major difference between the Epiphone guitar and the Fender is the price; $200 vs $1,200. Top 5 Best Guitars for Small Hands [2019 UPDATE]: Acoustic and Electric Options, Martin LXK2 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar, Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar Special Electric, Tips for Playing Guitar with Smaller Hands, My Epiphone Les Paul vs Gibson Les Paul Full Comparison [2019 UPDATE]. The laminate back and sides do not provide this guitar with amazing tonality. My Bottom Line Up Front: I personally prefer the Martin LXK2 available here as my top guitar for smaller hands. Yamaha APX500III Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review (Editor’s Choice) How to Pick a Good Acoustic Guitar with a Slim Neck. On the other hand, if you’re just dying to try a Fender guitar, do a little bit of research. FAST & FREE. Even just serving a quick glance at the Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic Guitar, you can tell that you’re right next to an instrument that’s high quality. However, with this Little Martin, I was shocked when I heard a deep sound produced. All four aspects of a guitar meant for small hands does have an impact on the sound of the guitar. The Kurt Cobain Jaguar is comprised of a maple neck that has a bound rosewood fingerboard that has a “C” shape, with a 24-inch scale, and 22 frets. This fella goes by the name of Yamaha NTX1200R and it just might be the best six-string of its niche. While the process of shopping for a guitar that fits into smaller hands isn’t all that complex, it does take a bit of knowledge to know what you should be looking for. A few years ago Gibson came out with the 30/60 neck which is .030" thicker than the 60's slim taper. One of the best acoustic guitars with a slim neck is the Taylor 114ce. Buying an acoustic guitar is a difficult process, but it helps a lot if you have the right information on finding the best guitar for you. This is … When I first picked up this Martin LXK2 Little Martin Acoustic, I was very surprised at the volume that this instrument produced; I have found that in a lot of the smaller guitars there is a brighter sound produced. Right off of the bat, you should know that you’re going to have to learn how to stretch your hands more than other players. Acoustic guitars that are high-quality tend to be harder to shop for when you have smaller hands because acoustic guitars naturally have bulkier bodies compared to electric guitars. We take our job seriously. It has a rosewood fretboard with 20 thin frets. This acoustic electric guitar features a spruce-topped mahogany body with mahogany back and sides. While the hardware of the E10P isn’t the most complex, each component that does contribute to this guitar are still in top form; each component has been carefully assembled to ensure that this six-string beauty stays in proper shape for years to come. However, after re-releasing the Kurt Cobain Jaguar Electric Guitar, Fender began to finish their guitar with a gloss polyester coat. In the electronic department, the instrument features a Fishman Sonicore pickup paired up with Ibanez AEQ210T preamp system with onboard guitar tuner, delivering clear, loud and resonant tone both in unplugged and plugged-in regime. Martin Guitar Neck Shapes and Widths. The neck width at the nut on the S6 original is 1.80”(45.7mm). For more information on the Martin LXK2 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar, read my full review here! I would suggest checking out the Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic Guitar if you’re really interested in finding an acoustic guitar that’s easy to use for people who have smaller hands. We are so confident you will love your new Artist Guitar that we offer you: 100 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee, and 3-year Warranty. Practice is the most important key to remember in order to sound amazing on a guitar! Since some kids just don’t know how to grow up, he continues to write about guitars because you can do that these days. If it was all about slim necks, they wouldn’t even be making the chunky models, now would they? Note: There is a slim neck version of this guitar and a non slim version. If you are an acoustic guitar player, try replacing your guitar’s steel strings with nylon strings to see a big difference in the playability of your guitar. The 4 Best Acoustic Guitars for Blues – Reviews 2020, The 4 Best Acoustic Guitars under $400 – Reviews 2020, The 4 Best Strings for Drop B Tuning – Reviews 2020, The 4 Best Passive Pickups for Metal – Reviews 2020, Yamaha NTX1200R Acoustic Electric Classical Guitar, Rosewood, ESP LTD TL-6 Thinline Acoustic Electric Guitar with Resonant Chamber, Black, Ibanez GA35TCEDVS Acoustic/Electric Guitar - Dark Violin Burst, Alvarez Artist Series AD60 Dreadnought Guitar, Natural/Gloss Finish. Natural, Black, Sunburst and classy all-mahogany finishes are all available from Guitar Center, who are knocking off $50 this Black Friday. While the Taylor BT2 Baby has been advertised to produce large and full tones, I tend to disagree with that. Thin-neck guitars are a godsend for certain people. Ortega RCE131SN Slim Neck Electric/Acoustic Classical Guitar Product Description This great Guitar came to us directly from Ortega blem guitar because of a few minor flaws . The best guess for the most common guitar neck widths would be 1 11/16″ (43mm), and 1 3/4″ (44mm). Also, the thickness of the neck does NOT affect the sound in a direct way. While the short scale may feel a little bit off to Strat players, it helps to bring together the Jaguar’s edgy sound. Love to know all about guitars, but hate reading? In order to get lighter strings, you are going to have to go with a smaller gauge. Try it and see if you won’t take our word for it. The Eastman E10P Parlor Acoustic Guitar has a pack of six chrome vintage open-gear tuners, a two-way adjustable truss road, a hand-fitted dovetail neck joint, an ebony pyramid bridge, a nut width of 1 13/16 inches, and strung with a pack of 012-054 Martin SP Phosphor Bronze guitar strings. The neck and the fretboard are half of an inch below the standard dreadnought length, which makes this guitar play like a real gem no matter the player’s size or preference in style. Every guitar player knows that thin neck guitars are much easier to play, since they allow you more control over the fretboard. This instrument sports a Mahogany tonewood back, sides, and top and it weighs 6.2 pounds. Short Scale Guitars that have smaller bodies do not resonate as well as guitars that have average-sized bodies, slim necks do not produce chunky sonic attacks, light gauge strings sound completely different than heavy gauge strings, and the material the strings are made out of also produces a different sound. Make sure that you test all of the different options out to see which one best fits your needs and the sound goal that you’re looking to produce. These are the most common widths. While there are several choices of finish you can choose from, the red and black combo or all black are the two more popular choices. However, if you happen to be a collector, someone who likes to play a large variety of guitars, or a performing artist, I would recommend this guitar. Six-string guitars that have a smaller string length will also have a slimmer neck, which is one of the requirements that we have listed above.

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