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Dating My Best Friend’s Sister4. Radish is the brand new mobile app for serialized fiction, bringing you early access to stories from top writers. So enough to get you reeled in and hooked on the story line. The writers in my experience write very short chapters that you often have to wait 12 hours to read for free or pay much more than other apps for tokens to use to read. I love that it feels like they last forever! There is also a rapidly growing category of literature read and distributed on phones, marking a departure from the e-book form. Thank you for your time I really hope you guys take my idea into consideration , or even read my message.. I’m still thankful The Billionaire's Surrogate3. It’s just another way to swindle money out of readers and honestly the content is lame and not diverse at all. I absolutely love the stories on this app, however, now the app will not load no matter what I try. Analyze revenue and download data estimates and category rankings for top mobile books apps. What a great way to discover new authors, both new to me and new to the trade. This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience. Copyright © 2014-2020 APKPure All rights reserved. And I will discourage others from giving the app a try. If there was a list, saying that these books are at these times on this day, and other books on other days, it would be a great feature! I have no problem paying for books, but if I pay for something, I don’t want it to expire. I really didn’t want to leave a bad review and I have tried resolving the issue with customer service, however we’ve just been going around In circles trying to resolve my issue. Sex With An Alpha5. The problem is in fact that myself and many of the other app users don’t like how we have to wait for the episodes for so long. Theirs For The Night4. Now you can play Radish — Fiction Serials on PC, just like Radish … Not sure if this is just a network error, but it’s never happened before today. - Or read … Chapters are too short. Not to mention, the coin system simply doesn’t work. Also love that unlike so many apps there’s LGBTQ stories too, and it seems like they’re really making an effort in terms of not just having all white ppl in the story. Irresistible Love10. The one thing I get frustrated with is the slow release of chapters. I’d like to be able to use my coins before they expire please. Deffff recommend! I’m spent more then O wanted to trying to see a book to the end only to discover it has none. Don't Tell8. Dirty Rich Cinderella Story, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 3rd Week of February, 2020:1. Beast Academy6. Beast Academy8. I had an issue where I wasn’t getting a verification email and I didn’t want to lose the progress I’d made so I contacted support. I find grammatical errors a lot and while it doesn’t completely take away from the story it does bug me. It does have interesting coin buying options. Only get the first few chapters for free, then have to pay per chapter or wait for it to unlock. AppGrooves helps you contact the developer directly. His Royal Appetite5. Filthy Rich Alpha10. So long Radish! Beast Academy10. That’s only 9 chapters a pop. Radish is a magical world where you can indulge in thousands of the hottest bite-sized romance, mystery, thriller, and fantasy fiction stories. The Royals9. Not all stories have that daily free read. Even if I grudgingly wait 1 or 3 hours for new chapters, when you get to the end of the book they MAKE you use coins. Sometimes the best part about reading a story is getting to see other people’s reactions! Waiting 1-3hours to unlocked the next short chapter is unrealistic and to pay 3 coins for a few short chapters basically makes books that have 800 chapters, yes 800 worth $100, by the time you're done with it. Engaging stories but chapters are short. Torn Between Alphas2. It’s only on one or two stories, though, and the rest are fine. The Billionaire's Wake-Up-Call Girl6. III. |. And only earn them once a day. Beast Academy8. Sex With An Alpha, You might notice some of your favorite stories are now much easier to read as we've introduced "seasons" to our stories! His Surrogate3. I love using this app and the stories are mostly very good and interesting with minor grammatical and spelling errors here and there. Provides Dietary Fibre. However, I have a suggestion. Even at this rate, you get about 60 chapters for the $19.99. Most of the stuff is good, but there’s a few books marked as historical fiction but are heavily inaccurate (as a history nerd I am not willing to sacrifice someone calling a person “dude” in the 1800s or someone claiming to be a suffragette decades before the name was coined just because of the plot). Wicked Games6. Only a few I’ve read are ridiculously shallow and superfluous. However, I still think we should get a free chapter every three to four hours whether we have read the last free chapter or not. Then Comes Baby4. Ok this crap is ridiculous! The stories that I have been reading are really good! I love this app! I’ve already spent $24 and I’m only in season 3 with more than 30 to go. His Surrogate3. Also the new update makes it so that Radish won’t load? Tempted By My Brother's Best Friend5. I feel that if this app should take out the wait times and coins and let people read for free. You still make revenue as the company that has there ad with you has to pay you for there ads to be shown on your site. Loving the books especially the free story Friday thanks to the time difference this is Saturday for me and I can read multiple chapters free. My Pirate Prince9. Dating My Best Friend's Sister4. Theirs For The Night, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 2nd Week of October, 2020:1. Doctors Orders9. Please add a feature to allow ME to separate the books in my Library to those 3 categories. This update also includes minor bug fixes to enhance your Radish experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 3rd Week of June, 2020:1. If a book is completed, it will ask to pay with coins. Torn Between Alphas2. I like this app and the stories on it but I find myself always frustrated having to wait an hour, something a whole day, to read one chapter. Beast Academy8. This app is advertised on Facebook and allows you to read the first 3 chapters for free. Love this app! It annoys me, they should make it 2. Requires Android: Android 4.4+ (Kitkat, API 19), Signature: e3f02af964a35af3647a68bef21664ef12f0fbce, File SHA1: f6dccff60558c1d196501d5a271771ee247b869f, PNP–Portable North Pole™ Calls & Videos from Santa. In this video, I'm talking about Radish Fiction - an app that lets you get paid for your stories. I'm not sure... just a thought. LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire, LuluBox - Allow you to unlock all skin of FreeFire APK. Android. I just got the app about last week and the story I’m reading has almost 800 chapters, and the story still isn’t done! Dating My Best Friend’s Sister4. The Billionaire's Wake-Up-Call Girl6. The Billionaire's Surrogate2. I enjoy reading these stories but it is starting to get annoying that i can’t simply read the book the entire way through. Dating My Best Friend's Sister5. It’s way to expensive! And I love to binge read! And according to other readers it hasn't been since September!! Like come on. There is no way I will start another book on this app. Radishes are a group of root vegetables with light-colored, crunchy flesh, variable skin color, and an almost spicy, peppery taste. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE I can’t wait to long from reading because the COINS EXPIRE! The chapters are way to short. I find myself adding so many stories to my library, it’s a jumbled mess. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. I like the fact that you get free chapters every few hours but HATE that they don’t build up. Makes the book cost more than buying a novel. Products Ratings & Reviews hot. I still love this app and will continue to read but I really think these things should be lowered at least because with 265 coins which is about 88 chapters, I could easily read that in less than a week considering how short a lot of the chapters are. Beast Academy10. I love this app. Otherwise you have to wait an hour between free chapters. That is the reason most free reading apps lose me. The Royals6. Beast Academy10. Dating My Best Friend's Sister5. Would be better if only required to watch short ads or complete surveys to read free. It’s basically like Netflix for books lol. Join or Sign In. It is a great app if you like reading here and there. Tempted By My Brother’s Best Friend5. His Virgin9. Anyway the app is good even if it is a little expensive to read stories. I’m really into this interactive editorial hub. It’s also very user friendly, i’m kind of a moron when it comes to technology but it’s super easy to use. Already spent more than what you would if it was a book you could purchase somewhere and I’m not even half way through yet. No matter how many coins I purchase I’ve only received 6 free coins which was when I first downloaded the app. Theirs For The Night6. I found this really nice story to read I made it all the way to the end of chapter three when I realized I had to have found to continue. Wattpad gives you more chances to grow, unlike Radish … Our wide variety of stories are published and read in bite-sized installments optimized for the smartphone reader. Also, they have coin challenges everyday as a way to earn free coins. I am reading one story on this app because I cannot find it anywhere else and then I am finished...I will not be a repeat customer. I’m probably the last of my group who is still awaiting the next episode. Our Dirty Little Secret10. Book Review. Also, having to stop mid-story because the rest is only available by purchase is extremely annoying, and it has caused me to abandon a story more than once. I would like to continue to read these great books and stories via your app, but I’ve noticed that persons are drifting due to the wait time. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. Honestly the only reason I’m giving even 2 stars is because the books themselves are interesting. You have to wait 3 hours every 5 minutes of reading to get one chapter for free. Managing the Bosses8. The Billionaire's Surrogate2. It is very upsetting to have this happen and I would hope this issue would be fixed soon or honestly I might turn notification or honestly delete the app since the other notifications I find useful but with no option to filter them I find it difficult to use the app properly. I wouldn’t recommend waistline your time with this app! What you will love about Radish: Spend endless hours reading episodes of free stories from your new favorite romance authors with daily updates Read Radish Original stories written by … Beast Academy8. You wait the hour to then read the next chapter that only takes 2-3 minutes to read. Chicago's best delivery service. I love this book but it’s hard not being able to read it in a timely manner.I really wish there was an alternate way to get your next episode by watching a video or an advertisement of some kind. Make sure to check for the surprise every Tuesday!Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 1st Week of December, 2019:1. His Surrogate4. The Client8. Filthy Rich Alpha, With this update, you can now easily navigate between the home page and your library using the new tab bar.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 5th Week of October, 2020:1. I really like reading the story so far but wish I could earn coins faster cause I’d love to read through all of it. Living in Sin10. Cl2N15/29), 19 june 1997. The Royals, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 2nd Week of September, 2020:1. There are other coin packages available, for instance, the largest package is 182 coins for $19.99. The quality of writing is solid and the plot is gripping! The Boss7. I'm sure the company would make more money that way. At its cheapest you get 27 coin at 4 bucks. Sad because if the app was better I may have read more but now I don’t think I will. Do you mind checking into it and fix the issue? Society X9. Dating My Best Friend’s Sister4. The app developers seem to be focusing more on money than providing a good service. So I just downloaded radish, and I’ve been obsessed all through the week. No matter which option you take, it is absolutely absurd to pay that much for a book!!! Plenty of amazing apps out there that have great stories and don’t steal your money. Once Upon a One Night Stand8. Also it’s impossible to change my coin subscription within the app. Not a huge deal until I realized that your time doesn’t start ticking until you actually OPEN the chapter (really?!). Torn Between Alphas2. His Royal Appetite4. Cliffhangers are popular. You can compare other apps by clicking on "Add Your Own" below. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. Within a day they’d gotten back to me with a few options to try and the offer to further assist of those didn’t work. Finding Love in a Coffee Shop, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 3rd Week of November, 2019:1. Top 7 Bestselling Stories, 3rd Week of June, 2020:1. I went to bed hoping my chapters would stack and I would get to read three this morning. I don’t have a problem with the coins part, that doesn’t bother me because there are tons of free books as there are paid books. I wish you could get chapters unlocked fast though... and some of the stories I have started and not completed bc the grammatical errors were atrocious and just a complete turn off for me while I understand that many of these stories are written by everyday people and not by published authors it still doesn’t stop me from wishing the app had better editing! The Billionaire's Marriage Contract9. I just read a chapter of one then go to the next book until my 3 hours are up but it’s getting tiring. I feel like new apps are hit or mis with their customer service but this app did not disappoint! Finally deleted the app before I finished my first book. Waste of money . His Royal Appetite5. I’m sorry for the new authors who thought it was a way to get your book out there, the times when you bought a blockbuster for 60$ is way gone. The book is amazing but if I can’t go back to the prior chapter and have to rebuy the chapter it’s not worth it. CAR OWNERSHIP -- Apps Make DIY REPAIRS Much Easier *. It’s the … Dirty Little Secret10. Beast Academy9. Which isn't true, if the author turns around and deletes the story, it disappears and you can't access it ever again and no refund. Props for not making us stop every two minutes to watch an ad before continuing though. More than likely, after I’m finished with my current set of books (that I found pre-update), I’m deleting the app completely. Join our beta test e-mail list now! Se7en Deadly SEALs, This update brings a whole new Gift Box experience to Radish so you can discover new stories and earn coins to read for free. I have even sent them screenshots showing how the title page clearly states the free episodes are available but when I tried to access them the app still asks for payment. Some of the stories are great, but DESPERATELY need to be edited for spelling and grammar. The Billionaire's Surrogate3. As you can imagine, it’s been a horrible process to find new books to keep me interested in the app. Features of Radish — Free Fiction & Chat Stories on PC. There is no other way, that I am aware of, to earn coins. I can not even find where I can notify them to cancel my membership. Dating My Best Friend's Sister4. I don't mind paying coins for some of the chapters but I really dislike the way it tells me my free chapter is ready but when I go to the story it tells me I have to pay. I believe by doing what I am suggesting, more people will download your app and the rates will probably go higher than just a four star app. Grammatical errors, changes in characters names from one chapter to the next. The app allows you 2 pages an hour and charges every time you want to read more . Torn Between Alphas2. Please check again soon. CONTROLLING INTERESTS5. The pricing for coins and even more ridiculous. A new episode every hour gets me thinking that one should be able to get at least 22 episodes every day when you haven't opened the app for a day. Please offer an option to purchase the whole book, like $5.99 per book instead of individual chapters. Dating My Best Friend's Sister4. Club K, Introducing the upgraded Library! Doctors Orders9. Dating My Best Friend's Sister5. Thank you so much for this wonderful app, the best of all, I like everything about it, the novels are rich and attractive for reading, excellent summery for stories, mostly perfect length of chapters and the most perfect thing is the time factor for opening chapters, I appreciate that a lot and I appreciate you for this wonderful application, thanks mellion times. Why pay so much when I could just buy an ebook for $4.99 and enjoy it just the same, without having to wait or pay a exorbitant amount of money. Make a Time-Lapse Video With Bri from AppGrooves! It clearly says that you have to buy coins to unlock episodes that are within the 30 most recent. Doctors Orders8. I think this will help your app maybe people will download it more if you put my idea into thought!! Filthy Rich Alpha7. Torn Between Alphas2. Point being I’m super disappointed, and won’t be a radish user for much longer unless there is a fix coming very quickly. You have the ability to gain 3 free coins every 3 hours, but that will only unlock 1 episode that only takes you 3 minutes to read. But... yanno... peeps want money, right? PLEASE MAKE SOME MUCH NEEDED CHANGES!!!! Filthy Rich Alpha, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 4th Week of March, 2020:1. The first story I chose has been great! However, the stories advertise when you read three episodes you will unlock a free episode. I am highly addicted to it. Also it has great books that you can go through and read if you don't want to wait an hour for the next chapter buy the coins and then you are given the choice of waiting for an hour or just keep reading, Love This App Thank You. Bought By The Billionaire10. Torn Between Alphas2. This app is great, the stories are wonderful and I enjoy them very much. If that could be looked into the app would have my 5 stars! Dating My Best Friend's Sister4. The Royals6. Infrequent/Mild Horror/Fear Themes. Sex With An Alpha6. Beast Academy7. Which wouldn’t be a problem, except then after downloading the app, you find out that you either have to pay for each chapter or wait 1 hour between chapters so you can read them for free. If you love to support authors that love to write, this is the app for you!! your password, By continuing, you agree to AppGrooves Terms What I’ve read was a great story but after reading 1“episode” or chapter you have to wait an hour to read any more or pay for each additional chapter. Comet Radish Seeds, 200 Premium Quality Heirloom Seeds, On Sale, (Isla's Garden Seeds), Non Gmo Organic, 85% Germination Rates, Highest Quality Seeds, 100% Pure 4.0 out of 5 stars 30 $5.99 $ 5 . Torn Between Alphas2. Seriously this app is a godsend Rn during quarantine. Radishes have a high content of dietary fibre. The response I got was that I purchased the episode before it was available. I know that mostly because of the writers, but can’t there be an option that’s PG-13 or just a button with no mature books. His For A Week, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 5th Week of July, 2020:1. I am actually HOOKED on the story I am reading from this app. So u have to spend money if u wanna finish the story even tho u spent hours waiting. Then Comes Baby8. The RadishOriginals are by far my favorite. It is fun, easy to learn and addicting. Radish is an intense, fast-paced and pretty hardcore shooter game. Sex With An Alpha5. Filthy Rich Alpha10. Radish Download APK (2.3 MB) Versions. I don’t mind paying for quality stuff which is why I quickly paid for the yearly subscription, but my monthly coin supply only gives me 256 which I already finished in under a week. I would prefer to be charged a flat rate and just purchase the book! Have you ever thought of covering costs with 3rd party ads? Still trying to figure out after an hour or so. I wish there was other ways to earn coins, or that coins were cheaper. Seducing My Ex-Boyfriend's Dad7. Theirs For The Night, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 5 Bestselling Stories, 1st Week of September, 2020:1. I love Radish it a good way to read books.... but... Why do I need to pay to read books ? No Strings Attached8. Don't Tell7. His Royal Appetite4. Some stories better than others. Instead of letting me discover new books that are recent, and completed at that, they only show books from years ago, with a few parts at most, that have not been updated in years. Today’s Paper ... and delivered at regular intervals by email or app (Android and iOS). Doctors Orders7. Even with the ability to receive 3 free coins each day which is enough to read one short chapter of only one of the books I am reading. Currently reading, Want to Read, Already Read. There should be an option to purchase a story in it’s entirety or at least parts so I don’t have to wait 3 weeks for my coins to renew or 12 hours for a free episode to read a single chapter which I finish under 5 minutes. see more about Radish — Free Fiction & Chat Stories, The app won’t give the free episodes it promises, The stories are GREAT, but you can NEVER fully enjoy without PAYING money, Select an app to compare and find out which fits your needs, Must-Have Apps for Passing the 12th Grade, Best Apps for Learning about Wicca & Paganism, Best Apps for Deciding if You Need Plastic Surgery, Best Apps for Spreading Body Positivity Awareness, Must-Have Apps for Becoming a Professional Makeup Artist, Must-Have Apps for Filtering Selfie Videos, Best Apps for Handling the Kid That Asks for Everything, Best Apps to Distract Children During Thunderstorms, Great Apps for Traveling Manila on a Small Budget, Best Apps for Learning About Different Forms of Religion, Best Apps for Planning Your Hanukkah Celebration, Best Apps for Celebrating Christmas during COVID-19, Best Apps for Planning a New Years Eve Party During COVID, Best Apps for Learning How to Dance the Samba, Best Apps for Choose Your Own Adventure Book Fans, Improving Your Bible Study With Translation Apps, Bible en Français: Experience the Gospel in French, The Gospel in Mandarin: Discover the Holy Bible in Chinese, Bible in Spanish: Best Spanish Bible Apps, Great Ways to Find the Best Catholic Bible App, Enjoy Reading King James Bible Using Modern Technology. Stoehr, H. and H errmann, K. (1975) Phenolic acids of vegetables. The only reason there’s three stars instead of two is because of the quality of content. Thank you! The Client5. HOW TO READ YOUR HOROSCOPE - The Best Apps for Horoscopes from AppGrooves! Great stories, great authors, and love the new live feature. It's very frustrating that all the books have similar cost despite the length of each chapter.). Torn Between Alphas2. I even tried uninstalling the app, but no luck. Theirs For The Night8. I am still a new reader... but I also wish that the stories were edited better-but that is my OCD. In all it’s good if you can read the whole story right away, but really not worth it...they just want to make you buy coins. I will deleting immediately! Selling Myself to the Alpha4. Tempted By My Brother's Best Friend5. I’m torn about this app because I’m stuck at so many interesting parts of all the books I’m reading because of either coins or chapters being released once a dayvery frustrating. I hate them. Torn Between Alphas2. Torn Between Alphas3. Don't Tell10. Would be 5 star but makes me wait hour for next chapter or I can pay to read now. Dating My Best Friend’s Sister4. My Pirate Prince6. Alpha Kane, This update includes a few minor bug fixes to improve Radish Experience.Top 10 Bestselling Stories, 1st Week of March, 2020:1. “Radish is an exciting mobile fiction platform for serialized storytelling. Then Comes Baby5. His Royal Appetite3. I wish they had little reading goals like read 15 mins, read 30 mins and earn coins and daily check ins. Seducing My Ex-Boyfriend's Dad5. Sex With An Alpha8. We readers can enjoy reading your wonderful books by watching the ads to open chapters. The Billionaire’s Surrogate3. I love the story I’m reading, but unless changes are made, I will be deleting the app once I finish reading this book. I can read one of these chapters in less than 5 minutes and then have to wait 55 more minutes until I get the next chapter for free. Found a few stories that are very good reads and make it totally worth it. The Client5. And they are not whole chapters it’s more like a few paragraphs. There are no other apps available from this developer. Run Nox App Player Android Emulator and login Google Play Store Open Google Play Store and search Radish — Fiction Serials Download Install Radish — Fiction Serials and start it Well done! You can read "freemium" or "premium" stories using Radish coins. Beast Academy5. 100 maybe)...at this rate I might finish it by next year!! Please come up with a way to give back to us readers that come to the app everyday, read books and interact with the live chats! You can now communicate and exchange reactions for each episode with the writers and fellow readers! You only are able to read 2 or 3 episodes and then you aren’t allowed to read anymore. Doctors Orders10. I don’t know who decided it would be a good idea to ruin a perfectly fine app, but either way I’m not happy. I think the stories are great and often worth the price. So it would take 14 months to complete this book and cost about $140.00. Vampire Prep8. Tempted By My Brother's Best Friend5. Beast Academy9. Doctors Orders8. Also, I’ve recently had issues with the app not allowing me to continue to the chapter, despite having met the waiting requirement. Then Comes Baby6. You can now archive your finished stories and save stories to read later. Torn Between Alphas2. Bitten9. The Client9. Sign in to add and modify your software. It can be hard to know when the next update of a book will be, if there was a list, or a calendar saying when books in your library would be updated, it would be much easier to plan time to read them and also easier to know when to participate in Lives with your favorite authors.

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