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Kasus jatuhnya pesawat Garuda GA 200 di Bandara Adi Sutjipto Yogyakarta memasuki babak baru. Anonymous. Marwoto Komar has been facing trial in the Sleman District Court, in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, charged with deliberately crashing the plane, a charge that carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. "At times like this, after all the troubles I've been through, I feel like my prayers have been answered," he said. Captain Marwoto Komar, the pilot of a Garuda Indonesia aircraft that crashed at Yogyakarta airport last year, listens to the prosecutors during a trial in Sleman in central Java July 24, 2008. 21 people were killed when the Boeing 737 crashed at Adi Sucipto Airport in Yogyakarta. "Kasus ini merupakan yang pertama kalinya di dunia kecelakaan penerbangan sipil dengan dipidanakannya kapten pilot Marwoto Komar," kata penasihat hukum Marwoto Komar … Prvním důstojníkem byl třicetiletý Gagam Saman Rohmana, který u letecké společnosti působil tři roky a měl 1 528 letových hodin, z toho 1 353 hodin na Boeingu 737. Hänellä oli 13 421 lentotunnin kokemus, josta 3 704 tuntia Boeing 737:llä. Prvním důstojníkem byl třicetiletý Gagam Saman Rohmana, který byl u letecké společnosti tři roky a měl 1 528 letových hodin, z toho 1 353 na Boeingu 737 . When the aircraft was 10.1 miles from Yogyakarta Airport Runway 09, the crew was given clearance for a visual approach. The aircraft had a total of 35,157 airframe hours and 37,328 cycles since its first flight on 5 November 1992. "The court stated that he should be reinstated in his position and that is not impossible," Napitipulu said. "Kasus ini merupakan yang pertama kalinya di dunia kecelakaan penerbangan sipil dengan dipidanakannya kapten pilot Marwoto Komar," kata penasihat hukum Marwoto Komar … The court ordered that the charges against Komar be dropped and he be returned to his position. O capitán era Muhammad Marwoto Komar, de 44 anos, que traballara en Garuda Indonesia durante máis de 21 anos. Articles presented on Wikinews reflect the specific time at which they were written and published, and do not attempt to encompass events or knowledge which occur or become known after their publication. My interests = Anything that interests you … Tuesday, July 22, 2008 . All text created after September 25, 2005 available under the terms of the, Tom Allard, Andrew West and Jonathan Pearlman. [13] Aftermath. One of the passengers was a cameraman for the Australian Seven Network. Kapitánem byl 44letý Muhammad Marwoto Komar, který pracoval s Garuda Indonesia více než 21 let. O primeiro oficial era Gagam Saman Rohmana, de 30 anos, que levaba na aeroliña tres anos e tiña 1 528 horas de voo, das cales 1 353 eran no Boeing 737. Měl 13 421 letových hodin, z toho 3 703 hodin na Boeingu 737. YOGYAKARTA, KAMIS - Sidang terhadap Marwoto Komar, kapten pilot Garuda yang mengalami musibah di Yogyakarta tahun lalu, merupakan kasus pertama di dunia yang mendudukkan pilot sebagai terdakwa dalam kasus kecelakan penerbangan. The pilot, Captain Muhammad Marwoto Komar, claimed that there was a sudden downdraft immediately before the flight landed, and that the flaps on the aircraft may have malfunctioned. Cơ phó Gagam Saman Rohmana, 30 tuổi, đã làm việc với hãng hàng không trong 3 năm, anh có 1.528 giờ bay, trong đó có 1.353 giờ trên chiếc 737. Kemarin petang, Marwoto sudah ditahan di Mapolda Yogyakarta guna memudahkan penyidikan [baca: Pilot Garuda Marwoto Diperiksa di Mapolda DIY]. ", Passenger flight crashes upon landing at Calicut airport in India, Power firm helicopter strikes cables, crashes near Fairfield, California, Former basketball player Kobe Bryant dies in helicopter crash, aged 41, Iran admits downing Ukrainian jet, cites 'human error', Fire erupts in parking structure at Sola Airport, Norway, Garuda pilot gets two years for negligence, Garuda Indonesia pilot jailed over deadly crash, Got a correction? As the plane approached the runway the Ground Proximity Warning System sounded fifteen times to inform the flight crew the jet was going too fast for a safe landing. From Wikinews, the free news source you can write! Captain Marwoto Komar, who was arrested on Monday after eight hours of interrogation, ... the pilot’s lawyer Muhammad Assegaf said. Cơ trưởng Muhammad Marwoto Komar, 44 tuổi, người đã làm việc với Garuda hơn 21 năm. "Flying's been my life for more than 22 years. The court ruled that Article 479G(b) of the Criminal Code had been breached by Komar — negligence resulting in death. On the 6th of April 2009, Captain Muhammad Marwoto Komar was sentenced to two years in prison for criminal negligence. The Yogyakarta High Court overturned Marwoto Komar's criminal negligence conviction and two year prison sentence imposed earlier this year for the March 2007 crash at Yogyakarta airport. "I have a personal belief that the sentence is inadequate given what transpired on the day, especially in view of the pilot's behaviour.". "It does not give me any peace of mind," said Keevil. I am a Malaysian who loves Hollywood but has never set foot there. The aircraft had crashed due to the excessive speed that it landed at, with prosecutors originally claiming the crash was deliberate while Komar blamed an issue with the flaps. Lennolla 200 oli seitsenhenkinen miehistö. Add the template {{editprotected}} to the talk page along with your corrections, and it will be brought to the attention of the administrators. "If he passed all the tests, psychological test, physical test, performance test and others, then why he could not fly a plane anymore? This page was last edited on 9 April 2014, at 20:14. Kapitánem a velícím pilotem (PIC) byl 44letý Muhammad Marwoto Komar, který byl v Garuda Indonesia více než 21 let. Tersangka kasus tersebut, pilot Marwoto Komar, akan disidang Kamis 24 Juli. He was sentenced to two years in prison, half the term prosecutors were seeking. "Until the end of time, flying will be my life.". YOGYAKARTA, SENIN - Tim kuasa hukum kapten pilot Muhammad Marwoto Komar, terdakwa kasus kecelakaan pesawat Garuda GA 200 di Bandara Adisutjipto Yogyakarta pada 7 Maret 2007 lalu, menilai dakwaan jaksa penuntut umum (JPU) kabur dan menyamakan seorang pilot dengan teroris yang sengaja merencanakan dan melakukan kejahatan. Others felt that the sentence was too light. Tiña acumuladas 13 421 horas de voo, incluídas 3 703 horas no Boeing 737. Aftermath. Komar's Boeing 737 slammed onto the runway at Yogyakarta airport, careered into a field and exploded in flames on March 7, 2007. Twenty passengers and one crew member were killed. Investigators had argued Komar ignored a series of warnings not to land the plane as he brought it in at about twice the safe speed. Answered July 24, 2014. Had the airport been aware of the problems on board, they could have readied Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting crews to prevent or contain the fire when the plane departed the runway. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-400 that had 133 passengers and 7 crew members on board. What's he going to do, steal a plane full of people so he can accidentally crash again? They also said that Law No. I understand from the evidence that was presented that there was nothing mechanically wrong with the aircraft and that the pilot just landed the plane at far too high a speed, way over the limit of the landing of an aircraft." Kapteenina toimi 44-vuotias Muhammad Marwoto Komar, joka oli työskennellyt Garuda Indonesialla vuodesta 1985. Formerly known as Easy Comes Easy Goes 2.0. Note that some listed sources or external links may no longer be available online due to age. Kevin Keevil, father of AusAID's Allison Sudradjat, who also died, had a similar opinion. Captain Marwoto Komar was approaching the Yogyakarta runway at almost double the normal speed when his Garuda Boeing 737-400 careered into a rice paddy and burst into flames., Yogyakarta: Markas Kepolisian Daerah Yogyakarta akhirnya menyatakan pilot Marwoto Komar bersalah dalam kasus kecelakaan pesawat Garuda Indonesia di Bandar Udara Adisucipto, tahun silam, yang menewaskan 22 penumpang. Marwoto Komar was questioned by police on Monday as part of an investigation into a crash at Yogyakarta airport in March 2007 which killed 21 people. "The court has recognised that Marwoto did all he could to save the plane and that if he hadn't, there would have been a higher number of casualties," lawyer Mohamad Assegaf said.

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