lavender varieties australia

English lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) Of all the lavender varieties, English lavender (often referred to as true lavender) is the most popular, thanks to its remarkable scent and colour. Until the mid nineties the only real way to import lavender was by seed as AQIS treatments were proving fatal to the new plants. Suited to rockeries and pots. All lavender varieties require well-drained soil, especially during the winter months. hopefully the post content Article english lavender varieties australia, what we write can make you understand.Happy reading. Its peak flowering season is midsummer but its aromatic leaves are fragrant year round. are hardy perennial plants that are well known for their attractive clumps of silver-grey, aromatic foliage and purple to blue flower spikes.The flowers appear in late spring to early summer. Each felted leaf is delicately toothed, and rich in essential oils, slightly scented of camphor. angustifolia and L. angustifolia ssp. The sweet heavenly scent of the plant, its uses and its returns, should be satisfactory enough to coax you, to grow the much-loved plant. Lavender dislikes being moved. Buy Lavender Plants online from Online Plants Australia. Unit price / … English varieties tend to flower in the warmer months, whereas French lavender will often flower in winter. Foliage is gray-green unless noted. On this board you'll find them all!. This variety is much hardier in cold temperatures than the Italian or French lavender. To ensure good drainage, mix some sand or gravel into the soil before you plant lavender or grow the plants in mounds, raised beds, or on slopes. USE IN: Perfect for cottage gardens and hedging. Don't overcrowd lavender with too many plants as this leads to poor air circulation. There are color varieties with Lavender flowers ranging from spring green to the deepest royal purple imaginable. Grosso Lavender (Lavandula x intermedia) Violet Blue. 5. Jun 3, 2019 - Did you know there are different lavender varieties, such as French, English and Spanish lavender? Regular price $32.00 Regular price Sale price $32.00 Sale. Adored by bees. They can be moved to their flowering positions early in spring. In early spring the plants can be cut back quite hard to promote new growth. By: Sarah Terry 21 September, 2017. There are three main lavender varieties: English, French and Italian/Spanish. While Lavender is usually regarded as a summer-blooming flower, some Lavender plants are early bloomers with their magnificent blooms appearing early in spring. Each option is going to have different growing requirements that you will need to follow. Lavender varieties. Australia's largest farm producing lavender oil is the Bridestowe Estate near Nabowla in the north-east of Tasmania, which was established by the Denny family in 1921. Find full advice on how to grow the best lavender in our lavender grow guide. These evergreen shrubs are known for their strong fragrance and leaves with aromatic oils. English Lavender flowers help to attract beneficial insects to your vegetable patch and are a favourite nectar source of bees and hoverflies, the larvae of which feed on aphids. Best rule of thumb is when it finishes flowering, that’s the perfect time to prune. While the more unusual Lavender species that grow and are cultivated in areas of New Zealand and Australia belong to the third group known as Pterostachys Lavender. This is the classic lavender for perfume, decorating the French countryside where it is farmed en masse. For all types, flowers grow on spikes in the summer and are most common in purple and blue but come in pink and white as well.

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