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Here are a few things to clarify things for you. Last question is what the current cost for two people are? We have traveled this area on Ado but am contemplating taking colectivo to xelha. I would just recommend sitting more toward the front of the van. Disclaimer – Travel Yucatan provides bus schedules as a service to our website users only for reference. This does sound like misinformed people or hyper paranoid. Ihave seen these vans around Playa del Carmen and the highway and wondered how they work. Keep your ticket with you at all times as proof you paid, this is true with all bus/colectivo service in Mexico. Regarding collectives: we enjoy using them, but I recall reading something about ‘collective etiquette’. The only thing to note that if you go on a Sunday and the weather is beautiful, the beach can get crowded at the parking lots and sometimes the amount of cars are restricted down the beach road. THANKS . Here you will tell them your hotel and the driver should remember and let you off there. Hello- Is it easy to catch a colectivo from Mayakoba Fairmont to Xel-Ha? A taxi might charge 150 pesos each way from the hotel to the highway. It I best to have pesos on you. Any idea how much this would cost in US dollars? No queremos rentar carro, pero si asegurarnos un transporte, para trasladarnos del aeropuerto al Hotel, luego a Playa del Carmen… I am staying at Secrets Akumal and want to take the colectivo to the Tulum ruins. You should raise your hand so they know you are waiting for them. It is fairly easy to catch one going both directions. Taxis are fine for small groups going shorter distances but many will try to make you pay more if you aren’t local. I’m staying in Puerto Morelos, and found a yoga place near plaza la Roca in Cancun. There at many hotels with the words Real Hacienda in them, so we are not able to give specific advice. You would also take them from there. Thank you for this information. Thanks for your help. They stop a few places from the highway to the ending point in Playa Del Carmen but for most people like yourself you would just get off at the end and walk or take a taxi from there. It would be easy to fit into the Tulum colectivo because they start there and are empty. From there you will take a colectivo toward Tulum. Just make sure you know if they go to ADO Station if you are going to the center of Cancun. The prices from this article are still valid? No problem at all Audrey, we like helping people. Then you will walk to 5th Avenue. Since people use these services for getting to and from work and just about everything else, they are always going back and forth (except in the middle of the night). Playa Express does not make as many stops or pickups once it gets out of town since they mainly cater to people going all the way to Cancun. My question is do you know of any places where we can get sandwiches along 307? I am interested in using a collectivo from the Grand Bliss resort along the Mayan Riviera to Tulum. If you want to you can google street view the highway by the entrance so you know what it looks like in case the driver forgets or even take note of the kilometer marker. Take ADO if personal space, larger groups or luggage is an issue. Rates will vary. All in all it is a little complicated and you might consider buying the transportation with your ticket if they offer it. You will have about a 5 minute walk from the hotel to the highway. We don’t know if they have transport there for that. You cannot get a colectivo from points north of Playa to southern points without changing colectivos in Playa. Just make sure you ask for Tulum ruins or Tulum town when going. You still can go to the beach and it is still very beautiful to visit. Of course it is much more expensive but will allow you to enjoy more your time. Is there a designated stop of the highway close to Xpu-Ha beach or we just get to the highway and hope for the best that one of collectivos will come by quickly. No. They said to stick with the ADO which is regulated and drivers have background checks. We hope you have a great time and enjoy your friends! Hi Me & my wife will be at tubo tulum hostel on Saturday 5th ,next morning we are planning to Visit Xel-ha park.From where can we take collectives please? Akumal is a possible stop. Some hotels have policies about people not permitted to walk on the drive into the hotel for safety reasons. How much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Akumal Beach? Here is a price list for you. There are three cenotes that are close to the highway between Playa and Tulum that are good ones to visit. There are also two other single cenotes next to this one that can also be an option. It will take about 5 minutes. These white vans, called colectivos, are mini-bus lines that service the route of the Riviera Maya- Cancun to Tulum. De Cancún a Playa del Carmen. You would need to take the Colectivo to Cancun and at the Cancun ADO switch to a bus going to Puerto Juarez. It is very close to the highway and the entrance is right there. We are wondering where we could get a collectivo to Carmen from the ocean Maya royale and back? You should give yourself 40 minutes from the side of the highway to get on a colectivo and get to Plaza Las Americas. It will not be the easiest with 6 people since most of the time where you would get on, most do not have space for 6 people. How do I get to the hotel from Cancun? I know its probably fairly easy to get to Xpu-Ha but what happens when we want to come back to Playa. Playa Del Carmen - Cancun Colectivo is at Mexico, Quintana Roo, Playa del Carmen. The WORST Tours in the Riviera Maya Awards! Very nice! There are other snorkeling trips that will pick you up from your hotel and take you on a tour. I will be staying at the Vidanta resort in April. What bus? Thanks again. Once you arrive in Cancun and you want to get off before the main terminal, you can get off at Plaza Las Americas, a popular place to go shopping in Cancun (you will need to ask the driver to drop you there).The end point is just across from the Cancun bus terminal. Assume the time back to PDC from Tulum would be about the same? You can use them both early and late in the evening. what is the price for a van of 12 people? I was just wondering, maybe I didnt look close enough, but do you know if the price are still valid now in 2018?! How much will it cost? We are not sure if they have it to go but it is a great place to eat. Your site is very very helpful! From the drop off point you probably would want a taxi to drive you down to the restaurant. That is why we said it is hard to take the bus to Coba because it does leave you there for a long time during the day. It is actually faster then the ADO bus. You can walk out to the highway but we do not recommend it for going to Cirque. I’m mainly going in order to get a few pictures and I heard that the lighting in the afternoon may be better for this. There are colectivo accidents often but when you take into account there are dozens of colectivos every hour on the road and almost 18 hours a day, there are thousands of trips made daily. I am staying with my husband next week at sensimar seaside suites and we would like to go to Tulum Ruins at the opening with a colectivo. Learn how your comment data is processed. thank you for your response. Q: going to cenote azul, is there a safe place to cross highway for the return trip? Thanks so much! We are traveling to Playa Del Carmen this Saturday and will have 4 kids and 2 adults. We are hoping to go into Tulum on morning and go to playa paraiso and do some shoipping along the tulum strip. We have taken collectivos before without problems. I will be there in April and want to go to some of the cenotes and Tulum on my own so I will be sure to take these colectivos for sure. Hopefully, I expressed that correctly. Just took the Collectivo from Puerto Morelos to the Playa del Carmen downtown station. From Tulom to Coba by ADO bus? Or you just might end of doing this with a tour that can pick you up. It is the same process in return. So this is a cheap way of doing it if you want to try it or you might just find a cheap tour that will take you directly from the hotel to the ruins and back. Or we will need to take the colectivos? On our way back to hotel after the show, how available the Taxi will be at Xcaret? We have guess at the price since it is Cancun and also the taxis are not metered there. What is the cost? We have never heard this nor had any issues with this. If you are willing to wait, it can be worth it. It is a busy time and if there is more then 5 people it might take a colectivo or two to come by to fit everyone in. But also I would like to visit other(s) place(s) when returning from the T Ruins. Gracias! How far is the walk to Cenote Cristalino from the collectivos drop off? The colectivos (coming from the north) will let people off at the highway and Constituyentes. Or do the collectivos just stop and drop you off at requested location? Usually though in one van there are only a few stops between everyone before the colectivo arrives in Tulum. It is fairly easy to take the colectivo from Tulum. I would like to try and learn how to use the Colectivo to get to Akumal. Thank you for all the useful information above. Then walk to beach a few min? Some drivers will take dollars but you will not get a good rate plus it takes more time for the diver to sort it out. We are not sure Gene will reply but we will give a comment here. So far the one time we took a colectivo it was very hot and stuffy with barely working AC and it was overcrowded. We recommend Playa Express that leaves from Calle 2 between 20th and 25th Avenues from their parking lot. Some drivers take dollars but it is not a given that they have to. Playa Express will pick up people along the highway until the north end where the pedestrian overpass is. More information in our Cancun map & /travel guide. It is a short walk. Would you recommend taking the collectivo from the hwy outside the resort to tulum then a taxi to the beach and back when its time to go home? You should note that you are going to take the Tulum/Playa colectivo to Playa Del Carmen and then take the Playa/Cancun colectivos to your hotel. It is better to go to the beaches just south of the ruins. Thanks for any help you can offer!! thank you! Make sure you have small change in pesos. Hello. Think of it as a separate company that runs the colectivos from Playa to Cancun. We are going to stay at the Akumal Beach & Wellness Resort. To take the colectivos you will need to go into the center of Playa Del Carmen. I am a single female traveling with my two daughters 8 & 11. What would be its cost? There is also a new pickup spot at the ADO bus station on 20th Avenue and 12th Street. Playa Del Carmen to Akumal Hello We hope you have a good trip. Hopefully there can be a way to get them to go. Cancun to Playa del Carmen Bus Schedule. Thank you for the suggestion on April 18. The colectivos only go to the ADO bus station in Cancun. We are not sure the exact cost but it should be about 30 pesos each way. If you are 3 people you can take the colectivo into town and a taxi back and forth to the beach for less than 15 USD. This is the correct price for both of you to take a round trip on the colectivos to Playa Del Carmen and back to your hotel. Hello we are looking to travel from the Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Resort to Xcaret & Xplor for day trips, roughly how much would this cost using a collectivo & is it easy enough to do? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! I’m assuming I can flag down a collectivo from the resort entrance facing the direction I want to go, but how much per person from Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Playa Del Carmen? because we don’t know where this place is. Thanks. the colectivo to Centoe Cristalina is about 30 pesos. Since you are between Playa and Cancun you would take these colectivos. You would need to walk out to the highway and flag down a colectivo that is on your side of the highway. We want to take few trips to visit Xpu-Ha beach, Puerto Aventuras, visit couple of nearby cenotes, already booked tickets for Xel-Ha… It was my understanding the collectivos station in Playa is close to Anah Suites. y av Juarez, pero vi en un mapa q en av. We have continuous departures to Cozumel from Playa del Carmen and to Isla Mujeres from Cancún center, Cancún and the Hotel Zone, Cancún. From the same spot, colectivos … But the colectivos are a great way to zip up and down the highway. If you want to go to Chichen Itza you will need to take an ADO bus, a tour or rent a car. Here is a couple of question for you to consider. You might have to ask where, because there is the main entrance and parking lot and this is a side entrance where you get the ADO bus and colectivo. Hello. How do we take a Colectivos from Playa del Carmen to Akumal. The resort is a little less then a mile from the highway. Most fares are 40 pesos or under. If you are somewhere in between Tulum and Playa, just stand next to the road and put your arm up when you see a van coming. R1? 1. Answer 1 of 10: Just wondering if any one knows how much it would cost to catch a collectivo from cancun airport to playa del carmen? The colectivos do leave from the downtown ADO bus station and go to Playa Del Carmen. How will the driver know where to stop? Can you take a collective from Playa to Merida? How do I get it back? Just my husband & I in our 40’s. Cancun to Playa for 34 pesos? Xcaret is about 2k from the highway so you will need the shuttle. We hope you have a great trip down and let us know if you need anything else. Can we go out of our hotel to catch a collectivo? Mayan Palace Riviera Maya to Cancun ADO centro (unless, does the Collectivo go to Gran Puerto where the Isla ferry is?) You can take a taxi for 90 pesos each way from Playacar where you are staying. Depending on your group size, you might want to hire a taxi for the day. It would be about 500 pesos each way. You can buy transportation in your ticket online. I had read the ADO will stop in Akumal, then I read that it won’t. But if you are doing it yourself you might need to take a taxi to the ferry on Cozumel which adds more time, like one hour. There is not designated crossing but when there is a break in traffic you can cross. For anyone else interested to get from Cancun downtown to Hotel Zone, the R1 bus cost 10,5 pesos (or so I was told to pay ). December 3, 2020 in Tourist Information //, November 19, 2020 in Daytrips, tours, activities and excursions //, November 9, 2020 in Daytrips, tours, activities and excursions //, October 22, 2020 in Tourist Transportation //, Daytrips, tours, activities and excursions, Contact email information for website, Tulum from the Cancun Airport, see our article here, book the private shuttle company to take you to the airport, getting from the Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Great place for long term car rental in Playa Del Carmen. I’d rather just take a jog down to the hotel from the highway than deal with going to the ADO station, then doubling back. The colectivo will drop you off right on the highway across from the entrance. According to the INAH website (Mexican Cultural Affairs office that oversees the archeological sites)it closes at 5 but last entrance is at 4:30pm. Since you will be taking ADO from PM. We are glad we found your article here. Your first challenge will be getting the highway since most resorts are a little ways from it. It will take about 30 minutes from your hotel to the bus station. 2) Tulum Ruins: where? You should not have a problem finding a ride. Can we pay in US dollars? From the bus stop you will need to walk or take a car to where you are going. Hi there, we will be staying at Paesco Coba in Playacar and would likr to use the Collectivo to Tulum and Xcaret on different days. It will be just as easy taking it back to the entrance to the hotel. Hello! Colectivos are small vans that run routes to Cancun and Tulum from Playa Del Carmen. From your hotel it is best to take a taxi to 2nd Street to ge the colectivos because if you want up to the highway most of them are full headed to Tulum. We are staying at Grand Palladium Kantenah, how do we get to La Isla Fashion Harbour using a colectivo? Cancun is not really designed well to get around on public transportation and the distances are larger than people think. Hello, we are staying at Vidanta resorts and I we have activities planned in Cancun and the hotel zone. Maybe in your hotel they will have a golf cart or curtesy transport to the highway for you. So you can buy a ticket to Playa Del Carmen and they should also be able to sell you a ticket to Tulum also at the airport. How much per person from Akumal Beach to Tulum Ruins? There are pull off areas at the side of the road because there is Cirque du Soleil show near there, so there is a lot of traffic and it is fairly common for the colectivos to look for people. The air conditioning seems to work pretty good as well. Hay horas pico durante el … Si quieres transportarte de Cancún a Playa del Carmen (o viceversa), una alternativa a los autobuses ADO o a los coches de alquiler es usar los colectivos Playa Express o el Servicio Colectivo Foráneo. There are buses called AV and occ and other ADO types… whats the difference apart from the price and would a through ticket be acceptable on these? Hello Deana, Hello! Hello Jessica. Note: Check the ADO return to Playa from Tulum, there are not as many busses doing this. In Puerto Morelos there is a 3k road through the mangrove. Do you go from Xel-ha (xplor) to Tulum? Another question – once dropped off in Tulum at the ADO stop – if you want to head to the beacj area, is it best to taxi at that point? Hola, You can see our private shuttle info on the website as well if that is an option for you from the airport to your hotel.

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