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But I am also writing this review in response to the comments I read on other reviewers complaining that the Egyptian God cards they received are fake because they have printed on the bottom left hand corner saying "This card cannot be used in a Duel". If you pick up Dark Armed Dragon nowadays as a secret rare from his original pack Phantom Darkness, you might get enough to pay for a lunch, but that's about it. I am to believe that even if these models were cards now that they are still fake as I remember the limited edition being under the left hand side of the image and not at the bottom. creator Kazushi Takahashi himself and is on sale in a Japanese card shop for 450 000$ USD. Here we have it, folks, the very first Shonen Jump Championships prize card from all the way back in 2004... it's Cyber Stein! "Yu-Gi-Oh Nightmare Troubladour" is a video game for the Nintendo DS based on the trading card game where you collect and battle cards. Only in fantasy card games could a giant hand with creepy looking symbols on each of its fingertips exist. Online. I cannot stress this enough. Use MAVIN to look up what your Yu-Gi-Oh cards are worth. 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Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like. Yu-Gi-Oh cards have been collected for years, and some of them have really climbed up in price and popularity. These cards when graded can be worth more than 8k when sold together. Dark Magician Girl is one of the most beloved monsters by the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom for her umm... well let's just say not for its stats or effect. Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2014. i just got these in the mail today and i must admit i am super pleased. So take a look at the images and decide for yourself. I know I personally went through my collection at one time hoping that I would be able to buy something by selling my old cards but they amounted to nothing more than a hill of beans. They aren't fake because you can't use these in duels. If you were a hardcore player who attended the highest tournaments, then you might have some of the cards on this list. was that before Konami got the exclusive license to the trading card game, Bandai had made their own version of the game with their own cards. While the monster cards from the original Duel Monsters anime era are trash, the spell and trap cards are actually amazing, and they don't get much better than Harpie's Feather Duster. I remember when I last looked for the head of Exodia that it was listed at $25. Japan on the other hand got a version of the card as early as 1999. Includes all SetsFAST SHIPPING. video games from that time period, you'll know just how good of a card this can be. View accurate and up to date prices for all Yu-Gi-Oh cards. Lightsworns are one of the few archetypes in Yu-Gi-Oh! Are Egyptian god cards worth using in a deck? Reviewed in the United States on April 13, 2012, I was very happy with this delivery! Must be at least 18 & over to purchase. Look for the Egyptian God cards that have their effects listed on them. First of all, with a name like Obelisk the Tormentor, it's hard not to recognize … A God Card deck needs to work harder to get those three tributes, and while it is arguably more powerful once properly summoned actually summoning it is far tougher. If only magazines held such valuable prizes, then maybe print magazines wouldn't be fading so fast. But I love the rarity and pictures on all YuGiOh cards which is why I collect them. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Not real cards, as some design elements were off, Reviewed in the United States on June 14, 2020, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 11, 2019. Please try your search again later. Free shipping. Imagine fitting that on a poster. No this isn't Dr. Facilier from Disney, this is Blood Mefist! This is one of those times; a dragon with a rainbow and a creepy grinning smiley face on his chest. you could win a duel in a single turn because you would just destroy you opponent with one attack. Finally, the older a card, the higher its value. Japan on the other… Given its worldwide popularity and the fact that it has been going strong ever since 1998, it's not surprising that thousands and thousands of cards have been made of the various monster, spell and trap cards in its 30-year history. Released originally as the prize card to the winners of the 2009 Shonen Jump Championships, it has now been seen selling on eBay for 700$ USD. One of the signature spell cards of everybody's favorite rich douche Seto Kaiba, Shrink is a quick play spell that doesn't see much use but back in the early days of the game was a decent card to lower your opponents' strongest monsters. But hey, he actually has a decent effect and is easy to summon for a synchro. It is a great deal! I'll be the first person to tell anyone that I SUCK at dueling. Original cards. Nowadays as reported by kotaku.com, there is a version of the Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon that was given to the winner of the Asian Championships 2001. Used most predominantly by … National Tournament in Japan back in February 1999. Again, I cannot stress this enough! World Championships just last year in 2017. BP02-EN125 OBELISK the Tormentor Mosaic Rare HoloFoil Card. For those who don't know there are two sets of God cards whens you can use in duels and ones that you can't use. I am the original owner of these cards. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Egyptian God Cards - SECRET RARE - COMPLETE FULL SET - OBELISK RA SLIFER. Unable to add item to List. The God Card art variations may vary order to order. The Egyptian God cards are the most powerful cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh series and, as a consequence, they are extremely rare. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. The cards are in excellent condition but as another reviewer commented it would be good if they came in separate clear card holders instead of being in one holder. Please try again. Some cards on this list are literal ones of a kind and you better believe they cost vast fortunes. Amazon always has their pictures in my recommendation box. Seeing as how this card is the only one of its kind in the world, it's pretty impossible to put a price on it. 1.6k. They are for my young grandson who collects these cards and he has often told me how he would like these 3 rare cards. The secret rare version of the card won via lottery has only 100 copies and due to her beloved status will set you back around $50 000 USD on eBay. But to all of my fellow card collectors looking for cards to add to their collection and appreciate them because of their value, get these cards. card and wonder just what in the world Konami was thinking when they design a card. But if you really need to nail that Arkana cosplay in style, you need to get it. One of them was a super rare variant which goes for a few hundred dollars alone. An extremely easy to summon XYZ monster, this lady's original printing was only as a prize card to the winners of the 2015 Yu-Gi-Oh! For those who can't Mandarin, this version of the card was released only in China as part of a Shonen Jump giveaway. franchise was Yu-Gi-Oh! God cards are not weak, they are powerful. the point is u can summon 3 god cards combos: ultimate offering+gadgets=3 god cards cyber dragon+quckdraw synchron+double summon+1 monster=1god card junk synchron+boost warrior+1 level 2or lower+ultimate offering=1god card cyber dragon+Fiend's Sanctuary+quickdraw synchron=1god card good luck jason adhimulia I intend to entertain, generate discussion and save the world with my articles (in that order). The holographic symbols look really weird to me. Furthermore, back in the day when there were no XYZs and Synchro monsters, these cards were the greatest cards that you could own. One of the cards that got players excited about Lightsworns years after their debut was Minerva The Exalted Lightsworn. They are all in very good condition. The ultra-rare version of the card hasn't been spotted for sale yet, but the super rare once went for as high as $1900 USD but now can be bought for just $600 USD. But only those who watched until the end of the series now about their merged form; Horakhty The Creator of Light. The Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm Patrick. Completing the list of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! They aren't quite worth the same amount as the cards Pegasus gave away during the Duelist Kingdom tournament, but you can still expect to fetch a few hundred dollars for a prize card. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The Egyptian God Cards Were The Basis Of Duel Academy In Yu-Gi-Oh GX. Very well kept. Mint Condition! They are good quality and came in these impressive protector case. Born and raised on comic books, professional wrestling and video games, . World Championships in 2014 so you know that it's going to command a high value. Anyway, you could have obtained this beautiful card either as a prize or by lottery in either rare or secret rare variants. He said is the best present ever. The final Shonen Jump Championships prize card. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Well, not as much as they used to be worth, just by checking on Amazon. On the other end of the scale, it has been spotted for as high as $3900 USD. Thank you for anyone who has taken the time to read my review. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Quite a lot it turns out. Or, you can ditch the shiny sheen and go for a common version of this card that only costs a few cents. Shouldn't have used that card against me and wrinkled the edges, little Adriano. Created Apr … One copy of the card alone went for $200-300 USD, but the kicker was that if you want to reliably play that powerful deck, you needed 3 copies. If you go for the prettiest version of the card, you're going to have to pony up around 1500 USD to get this synchronized fiend. You know a card is complicated in effect when you need six full lines to explain what the heck it does. This does not however, mean you cant use them in a duel against a friend, although they probably wont allow it XD. 189k. I am in no rush to sell but would like to see who is interested. Personally, I think it's too much money for three cards that will probably end in the floor. Thankfully the card was reprinted in a Gold Series pack a little over a year later bringing his price way down. Hello y'all! As of right now, the card hasn't been printed in any other set so if you want the card you have no choice but to pick up this one. Prices for the card vary, but I've seen it for as low as 1000$ but also as high as $2500 USD. Duel Monsters III: Tri-Holy God Advent Official Tournament Street Duel Legend of Power. I do not play the game any longer so I don't really care but I wanted the nostalgia. This will knock the dust and money out of your wallet. You're in the wrong section. There was a problem adding this item to Cart. Not fake. Probably not worth the cost of a used car, though. World Championships 2006. According to Ishizu Ishtar, they are believed to represent the polarities of the universe. A little-known fact about Yu-Gi-Oh! BP02-EN127 SLIFER the Sky Dragon Mosaic Rare HoloFoil Card This will shrink your wallet size real fast. Came in a hard plastic protector with sleeves as well for each individual card. A card used by Yugi once in the anime, Des Volstgalph is a pretty terrible card that Konami saw fit to release as a prize card for the Shonen Jump 2005 Championships. The \"Egyptian Gods\" are one-of-a-kind all-powerful cards created by Maximillion Pegasus, who modeled them after three Ancient Egypt divine beasts whose likenesses surround the Millennium Puzzle on the stone tablet said to hold the memories of the nameless Pharaoh. However, Gressle revealed that the highest serious offer he ever received was about $75 000 USD. We have a case here where both super rare and ultra-rare versions of the card exist, but back in 2014 on eBay a super rare version of the card sold for $1400 USD. More like the expense of the lethal lords. This product comes with The 3 God Cards. Just like his rival the Dark Magician, the Blue Eyes White Dragon was released in China as a promotional card as part of the Weekly Shonen Jump giveaway. With meager stats and a poor effect, how much could this card actually be worth? Anime fans will remember that this card was used by Kaiba to completely cripple Yugi and Ishizu's decks. Konami YuGiOh Legendary Decks II Ultra Rare Yugi's God Card Set LDK2-ENS01, LDK2-ENS02 & LDK2-ENS03, YuGiOh Egyptian Gods Set Ultra Rare Version YGLD, Exodia the Forbidden One - YuGiOh Legendary Decks II Yugi's God Card Complete Set LDK2-ENY04, LDK2-ENY05, LDK2-ENY06, LDK2-ENY07, LDK2-ENY08, Yu-Gi-Oh! I couldn't be happier. Yugioh Orica Collection 26,111 views. If you play a god card, you play it to defeat your opponent in one turn. Type in the card number see what your card sold for online. blue for Obelisk, gold for Ra and red for Slifer I believe. TOP 10: Most Powerful Yugioh … Legendary Collection Collector’s Set. When they were first produced it was intended for them to NEVER be used in an official tournament. BP02-EN126 The WINGED DRAGON of RA Mosaic Rare HoloFoil Card. One of only two cards on this list to be a true one of a kind card, the backstory behind this card is more interesting than its stats or effect. Alow me to shed some light on the subject; THESE CARDS ARE REAL!!! Right now the card is obviously worth quite a lot of money. Your call I suppose. i was so happy. The divine symbol is hollow on 2 and not on the other. I just got mine in this morning...and for those dimwits who say these cards are fake.Well they're not,and they are in fact real holographic cards. All for $3000 USD! Just be more specific in your wording in your search and just do the research. Hamon is hard to get onto the field – if you run him it wouldn’t hurt to have a lot of Continuous Spells to burn – but… And there are tons of one-turn-kill alternatives that are played much more easily. These cards when graded can be worth more than 8k when sold together. It was the first game released in North America and as was the case with most Yu-Gi-Oh video games, came with free cards. Now, as for the people who say these cards are FAKE or that are upset because they say "Cannot be used in a duel", these are the ORIGINAL god cards. 8 product ratings - Legendary Collection Egyptian God Cards Slifer, Obelisk, Ra, Blue Eyes, YuGiOh C $32.80 Trending at C $65.63 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. I am testing the waters with my Yugioh Egyptian god cards. You simply play and destroy their entire back row of cards. Everybody who even casually watched the Yu-Gi-Oh! Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question. Happy readings! Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. If you wish to duel with the Egyptian God cards, you MUST look for the tournament legal ones that have their effects written on them. The artwork on the Bandai cards are sick. That searched card better be worth it. But as a collective item they are cool . If you don't like my articles, I'll have you know that I'm a brown belt in Judo. No guarantees are made for international shipments; seller takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen in transit! $1000 USD is a small price to pay to own a god in your hand right? This soldier demands a high payment for his efforts. first came out all the way back in Japan in the year 1997, nobody could have ever predicted that it would go on to spawn one of the largest trading card games in the world right up there with Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering. Heck, even the old Cyber End Dragon is a more effective OTK monster. All cards are in English and are 100% legitimate. Well i bought these for my son who also never knew that you can’t use them for a duel , I’ve decided to return them, just waiting on reply .. However, I haven't seen my son so happy in a long time. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2012. You better ascend to heaven if you're paying that much for a trading card. Well, one of them sold for $6000 USD, so stick em up. If I go on eBay, you can see a listing right now for a copy of this Ultra Rare card valued at an astounding $2188.75 USD. both the borders and the back of the cards are SUPPOSED to match the color of the actual monster. They're all varying degrees of value nowadays, but by far the priciest is the mighty Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Most kids in those days who got the game wanted to use the card and thus most copies are in bad condition nowadays. So to end this review, if you're looking to duel with these particular Egyptian Gods, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME. Konami recently released new versions of the god cards that look like normal cards and have effects and are playable.

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