the specified key, name, or identifier already exists

Importing the machine under a different name was successful, but we would like to get it back to the original name (including the associated files for the VM). go to Products > Categories; Select the Category; Click Save; Message: URL key for specified store already exists. Server error: The specified key, name, or identifier already exists." When we tried further conversions of the system, it failed with the above message "The Specified Key, Name, or Identifier Already Exists". Trying to add a new NFS datastore, the system displays the error "Unable to create NFS datastore: specified key, name, or identifier already exists". Created few vmknics for the iSCSI SAN but later deleted them for reasons I can't remember why. This issue occurs if the .vmx /.vmtx file you are trying to register already exists within vCenter Server. The name "YYY" already exists. every time. I logged into the server with the vSphere client 5.5. the specified key name or identifier already exists. This worked for me: It seems I had an old mapping in place that wasn't showing up in vCenter until I refreshed the storage view to show the 'inactive' mount: Now I am recreating the vmknics with the same name, network, etc. It is a backup from a running vm which has been restored to NFS. Cause. If you do not see a virtual machine by this name, the virtual machine's display name has likely been changed to something different from the filename. We bought a new Dell R720 with ESXi5.5. I get it 10 times. Operation failed: com.vmware.vim25.AlreadyExistFaultMsg. Recreate. I am using the AmazonS3Client in an Android app using a getObject request to download an image from my Amazon S3 bucket. I don't know if you can replicated it as it's very specific. If I click YES to all of them I can create the copy and keep working. Category: VMware ESX Vsphere — SkyHi @ Saturday, March 05, 2011. Currently, I am getting this exception: I have restored a VM (Files) with NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager onto my vsphere 6.7 environment, but when i'm trying to register the VM it says: The specified key, name, or identifier 'xxxxx' already exists. Unable to create datastore: The specified key, name, or identifier already exists. Cause One of the most common reasons this issue will occur is that there is an NFS datastore with the same name already mounted and for whatever reason, it was not removed previously or the VC/Host has references to it still in its records. The specified key,name, or identifier already exists. I also re-attempted to re-create the VM by pointing the 'new' VM to the virtual disk - same failure as before ("Unable to … Click Yes to use that version of the name, or click No to rename the version of "YYY" you're moving or copying. You receive either Resource with specified ID or name already exists or Resource with specified ID, name, or unique index already exists as a return message. The specified key, name, or identifier already exists. Server Error: The specified key, name, or identifier already exists. 4. Define a unique key You can define unique keys only when you create an Azure Cosmos container. I've been trying to update/save a specific category but get the message "URL key for specified store already exists."

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