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Back to the basic next year. I might also try tossing a few seeds into a pile of damp leaves then keep it watered and fertilized. Follow this YouTube video to discover how easy and fun growing sweet potatoes can be in a potao tower. My city does curbside yard waste pickup. I have the best success growing an a bed and hilling. I’m in zone 5. So with potatoes, if you leave a tiny potato in the ground, the following spring, it will grow and produce more potatoes, with no work on your part. I did a 4×4 section and planted according to directions (I bought the seedlings) and they grew, but they were long and skinny, like misshapen carrots. Our best results are planting in deep raised beds that have been amended in the fall with leaves. Yet. This will not only allow the skins to toughen, but will increase the sugar content. Problem is, it is difficult to find accurate information on potato habit. Watch the weather report and harvest your sweet potatoes when the night time temperatures start to dip into the 40s to 30s to ensure that none of your crop is lost to frost. They might be from a potato you forgot to dig up the year before, and it grows into a new plant. (A 10-foot row will produce 8 to 10 pounds of potatoes.) I have just recently been told that the variety of potato matters. I have done potatoes several times in the past in barrels or potato grow bags, and all but one time was very disappointed with the yield. Late season alternatives to yukon gold are Yellow Fin and Binjte. I leave my potatoes until everything has yellowed and died, I then move them into the garage for winter and harvest as I need then one bag at a time. I’m going to be interested to see what the yield is like from your compost pile. Hate wasting resources. My problem was too much nitrogen…wonder if yours is too? That’s what I’m using plus a soil conditioner. Many didn’t survive my escapades of disassembly. But I didn’t get even 2lbs of potatoes, and most were the size of walnuts. I got A LOT of potatoes, though. Soil stays cool and is loose and makes for easy harvesting. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. They had plenty of drainage holes but because of all the rain that year the plastic held the moisture and they rotted. Potato plants and that will give your plants more I’m just wondering since your results would be a 45/1 yield. We planted I think around 7lbs of potatoes and we yielded about 60lbs. How to harvest sweet potatoes is every bit as important as when to harvest. It was recommended to keep the soil light so they grow better. Hugs. It’s been a few years and I suspect that the experiment wasn’t repeated. 82 Comments. You can, probably, harvest sweet potatoes after four months of growing in the garden but your potatoes will be smaller. I could also be off on how much the full buckets of potatoes weight, because I didn’t actually weigh those either. Double boo! Yukon Golds, and all early varieties set fruit once and do not do well in towers. Washing the newly dug roots is another common mistake made by many home gardeners when harvesting sweet potatoes. They are also easy to start in well prepared ground. Once the surface is dry, move them to a warm, dry, well ventilated place for 10-14 days. I didn’t weigh them, but I probably had 20-25 pounds. Properly cured sweet potatoes can be stored for six to 10 months. I am no expert, but I think you didn’t get a big harvest biggest your plants were too warm. I always line the bottom 6 inches with shredded paper, rotted horse manure, good compost, soil and a water retainer of some kind and have a drainpipe with holes drilled in it down the centre of the bag stuffed with shredded paper – I water down the drainpipe and the water seeps out – and water the bag itself – I ALSO feed the potatoes, as the potato plants grow I unroll about 4 inches of the bag and add compost until only the very tops of the leaves are poking out and continue like that until all the bag height is used, then mound up the very top. I wish I had tried your methods years ago when I was able to garden. Plus your dog is cute, I have a 10mo old pug named Yoshi. Who knows. When deciding when to harvest sweet potatoes, choose a cloudy day if possible. I wish I could post a pic here. I got beautiful plants and lots of leaves but no spuds! We decided not to plant again next year and devote the space to things that grow better here. Wasted less dirt that way. I noticed that over the course of the summer the soil was compacted by about a foot (shrinking from 4ft to 3 ft). Carrots work very well in a deep box lined. From what I have found on other sites there are two different types of potatoes. Thank you for supporting One Hundred Dollars a Month. A friend who grows potatoes traditionally says my 11 lbs. That is the kind you want to use in a tower. Sweet potatoes are good for eating according to the owner of OHG. The blue and purple generally don’t do as well because they require a longer growing season. If you eat a lot of potatoes, you’ll want to read this one. Them up and mix them with the soil you use for Well good, I feel better now. Check that the slips are leafy and over 3 inches (7.6 cm) tall. I plant them about 8 inches apart in rows also 8 inches apart. Not to contradict you, but are you sure you only planted a pound of seed potatoes (a pound is approx. My sweet potatoes are super green and vibrant. I’m starting to get worried because they have not yet flowered… Are sweet potatoes supposed to flower? All in all, I think you did okay, given the limited space that the towers take up. I have found that gold’s grow better then any of the other potatoes try them this year and add another two layers. Any potato is a seed potato. Lots of potatoes that year. They set a few long roots close to the plant and all the other space was just wasted. First, I’d like to thank you for all the great information you provide on your site. So far my best results stemmed from using the “old fashioned” tried and true methods of hilling. I’ll try the towers this year. Such a deal at 69 cents per bag and they should last multiple seasons Before setting the seeds I poked drainage holes in the bottom and sides of the bags using a digging fork. I’m interested in using more straw. Love this post! What are the name of some late season potatoes? If you can’t harvest sweet potatoes right away, cut those dead vines off at the ground so the decay doesn’t pass to the tubers below. Potassium to produce better. Take your potato peelings and bury when ever u peel and u will be surprised. I’m on less than a 1/2 acre suburban plot so if the towers work that would be wonderful, it’ll make rotating my veggies easier. But plant one tube only gold’s with 6 or 7 layers and water more add chicken compost to your mix as well. I have 65 pounds of potatoes. But it was a fun idea to try. The roots will go down 2 to 3 feet and try to get water down there if you can. 10- Miniponics Vertical Garden. It really varies depending on the variety you choose, how close you plant them and how rich the soil is. ONE with yukon gold. Home-grown potatoes are so delicious! We planted Yukon Gold’s. Now the question is, should I try this again next year, and if I do, how am I going to change things up so I get a bigger yield? Learn how your comment data is processed. We used straw around the sides, top and bottom, and the center was filled with compost, and it settled to about 2/3rds it original height over the summer (pretty sure that was a big part of my sad yield). I planted 16 pieces down a 16 foot row, and had 3 or 4 volunteers in another bed. Are they right around where you planted the seed potatoes, or are they distributed throughout the towers? I planted sweet potatoes last year (in a raised bed). They are so juicy, you can eat them raw in the garden. Thinking I will stick to the traditional method from now on.

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