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If you use an iPhone or non-Pro iPad, Anker’s … Lightning to USB-A. been hearing to try the anker one, is that the most durable one? Length: 3 feet. It is also backed by a one-year limited warranty from Amazon to refund or replace damaged or dead cables. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s been tested to survive over 10,000 bends and is suitably tough enough to withstand the occasional chew from your dog or cat. Anker PowerLine+ II Cable — one of the most popular charging cables — check the price. You can get a perfectly good replacement for around $8, or pony up a little extra for cool colors or other features. Each connection is housed in a zinc alloy casing for enhanced heat resistance and durability. 1 of 2. Reports of scalpers selling counterfeit items. Best Overall: Apple 6ft. Love it or hate it, if you own an iPhone, you'd better have a lightning cable. Lightning housing might not fit all iPhone cases. It uses a USB-A port to connect to a wall adapter to provide power or to your computer charge and sync your phone with your Macbook Pro, or Mac desktop, at the same time. It’s reasonably flexible too, without any detriment to the working quality of the cable. For folks looking to buy a charging cable that won't twist or tangle while they try to charge their devices and work at the same time, there is the Aukey Lightning cable. Apple 6ft. ", "Apple-certified to be compatible with almost any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Join 350,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, articles, and more. Available in 4 different colors, it’ll fit your home aesthetic well too. Like its sister cable, the three-foot Lightning cable can be used with a wall adapter to charge your devices via AC outlet. This cable features a segmented rubber sheath near the Lightning connection to reinforce a common stress point and prevent the wire sheath from splitting or wire breakage. If you’re worried about your cable surviving pet gnawing, being ground into the floor mats of your car under your work boots, or other sustained abuse, this is the kind of durable cable you should invest your money in. First off, the cable itself feels tough. After awhile, the Apple lightning cable is bound to fray. They also have aluminum alloy connection housings that reinforce common stress points to prevent cracking and splitting near the phone and USB connections. Supports Adaptive Fast Charging and Quick Charge, USB-C connection doesn't fit thick phone cases. The Nomad Ultra Rugged Cable is wrapped in 1000-denier nylon guaranteed to last five years, while still providing maximum protection from wire tears or abrasions. So stop mooching your friend's cables and grab one of our top picks from this list. Does not support quick charging for Android devices. In our opinion, it’s silly to pay that much when there are cheaper and better designed cables out there. Hiway 6ft. "This reliable options acts as a universal charging cable for your favorite Apple devices. There are few objective differences separating one lightning cable from another, however, some include multiple adapters for different charging standards, whereas some provide some additional slack or integrated cable management solutions. No, Apple and Amazon Won’t Call You About Fraud Purchases, Deal Alert: You Can Grab the LEGO Harley-Davidson Fat Boy for $35 Off ($65), Saturn and Jupiter Will Align on December 21 as ‘Christmas Star’, Satechi’s New $30 MagSafe Charger Offers a Longer Cord and 7.5W of Charging, What We’re Watching: ‘Happy!’ is Like ‘Roger Rabbit’ on Candy Cane-Flavored Meth, You Can Now Share Subscriptions and In-App Purchases via iCloud Family Sharing, Alas, Poor Google Play Music is Now Dead Everywhere, These Ugly Sweaters From Microsoft Are a Perfect Gift for the Geek in Your Life. This … With a price point that will fit all but the tightest of budgets, this cable delivers consistent charging and data transfer that is comparable to official Apple products. Aukey 6ft. Unbreakcable Lightning Cable. This cable features 90-degree bends at both the USB-A and USB-C connections to prevent twisting, tangling, and wire breakage. It also has aluminum connection housings to help insulate against heat and reinforce common stress points to prevent breakage. Anker 3ft. The cables are backed by a 30-day return policy, a one year warranty, and 24/7 tech support. If you’re on a budget but still require a toughened Lightning cable, the Syde SMART Lightning Cable is the ideal option. The USB-C connection allows you to connect older iPhones and iPads to current generation Macbook laptops and Mac desktops for syncing and file transfers. Don’t expect any color options but you can always opt for a straight head if you’d prefer a more traditional layout. The … Promising to be the toughest cable on earth, the Fuse Chicken Titan Lightning Cable can withstand people, pets, cars, and mostly anything else imaginable. Having three cables means you can keep one at home, one in the car, and one at work so you'll never be without a charger. This official Apple Lightning cable gives you a quick, reliable charge time after time. The cables also feature a woven protective mesh underneath the rubberized plastic sheath to give them the durability and strength to stand up to daily use. Jennifer is a freelance writer for ReviewGeek. Durability - If you have a hungry dog in the house, you might want to spring for a cable that has enhanced durability. There’s a lifetime warranty too. It might cost a little more than other tough cables, but it’s perfect if you want durability and style rolled into one. In the past decade, she's also written for Wareable, TechRadar, Mashable, Eurogamer, Gamasutra, Playboy, and PCWorld. The adapter is also ETL and FCC certified for safety, featuring protection from overheating, power surges, and short circuiting. We bought five top-rated iPhone lightning cables that our reviewers tested for more than 200 hours. You can also have one for everyone in the family to eliminate arguments over who needs the charger the most. (6ft or more) I had the belkin one from target for a few months but it stopped charging. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. Amuvec 4ft. Quntis USB-C PD Wall Charger with 6ft Lightning Cable (18W), What to Look for in an iPhone Lightning Cable. Anker. Anker’s Powerline II USB- A cables are the perfect … Lightning cables made of nylon are more durable than that made of PVC. Anker Powerline II Lightning Cable (6ft), Probably The World's Most Durable Cable, MFi Certified for iPhone Xs/XS Max/XR/X / 8/8 Plus / 7/7 Plus / 6/6 Plus (White) Lightning to USB-A Cable, Best 90-Degree: This bundle comes packaged with two charging cables so you can use the first for your iPhone and the second for your other favorite Apple devices that use a Lightning charger. This bundle comes with two cables so you can charge or sync multiple devices at once. Length - The cable that comes included with your Apple device measures 1 meter, but there are plenty of options out there if you want to opt for something longer. Multi-Lightning to USB-A at Amazon, Hiway 6ft. It’s designed to withstand up to 30,000 bends, as well as offering a tensile strength capable of withstanding 175 lbs. Here’s our top picks. MFi-certified: Yes. Not only will these cables give you a quick, consistent charge, but they also give you data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps, making syncing your devices fast and simple. Available in a selection of different stylish designs, the Native Union BELT Cable is also pretty tough. The cables come packaged with hook-and-loop cable ties for neat and damage-free storage when not in use. The cable features a woven nylon sheath to prevent splitting and fraying for long-lasting durability. When you need power in a hurry, the Quintis Lightning cable is here to help. Anker Powerline+ III Lightning to USB A Cable. Ultimately though, it’s the stylish design that makes the Native Union BELT Cable stand out most. Elsewhere, it offers a braided cable that promises to bend a rather specific 15,188 times without any issues. Powerline Lightning … We’ve outlined the key takeaways here so that you, too, know what to look for when shopping. Braided Nylon Lightning to USB-A Cable (3 pack), Hiway Nylon Braided Lightning Cable Review, Best Fast Charger: The six-foot length gives you the freedom to use just about any outlet in a room, making it perfect to keep as your main charging cable in your home to use whenever your battery gets low. Alex Williams has been writing professionally for the past five years. Each cable measures three feet long, making them perfect to use with closer wall outlets and computer USB ports. … ", "A colorful woven nylon sheath prevents splitting and fraying for long-lasting durability. … The cable length is also suited for syncing your iPhone or iPad to your Macbook or Mac desktop when table space is at a premium. Quntis brings original 8 pin connector, which is compatible with all Apple lightning devices … The above article may contain affiliate links, which help support Review Geek. Its connectors are also pretty tough, thanks to a durable polymer and sealed design. Syncwire iPhone Charger Lightning Cable, 3.3 Feet. This Lightning cable is designed specifically for fast charging your mobile devices. Lightning to USB-A, Apple Lightning to USB Cable (3-Foot) Review, Best Value: The Lightning pin end will charge your Apple devices no matter how it is inserted into the charging port, eliminating the need to fumble with the connection when you need power in a pinch. This Lightning cable also works with newer iPad and iPod Touch models to act as a universal charging cable for your favorite Apple devices. Anker PowerLine II 3ft Lightning cable. The company is too busy innovating its iPhone to fix its most persistent problem: those fickle Lightning cables. This bundle comes with three cables, so you can keep one in your bedroom, home office, and car to have a reliable charge no matter where you are. KOZOPO 6ft. It has a 10,000+ bend lifespan, 4 feet long with an integrated leather strap for wrapping it around when you’re not using the full length, and there’s also the benefit of a lifetime warranty. ", "Comes with a two-socket adapter that is ETL and FCC certified for safety. It's difficult to say that one lightning cable is objectively better than the other, we've just presented you with a collection of solid picks that we'd heartily recommend. Yungsong also provides email support for customers to troubleshoot issues and refund and replace products, with responses coming in as little as 24 hours. Apple 3ft. The connection housings are made of aluminum to resist heat and corrosion to provide strong and secure connections whether it's your first or 1,001st use. Most durable Lightning cable? June 25, 2020 April 20, 2015 by Jignesh. This three-pack of Lightning cables is also backed by an 18-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects and dead-on-arrival units. For a superior iPhone experience, you got to have high quality accessories. Such braiding also means it’s tangle free with a velcro tie making that even easier to achieve. We asked our testers to consider the most important features when using these lightning cables, from price to durability. Coming in different lengths up to six feet, these cords make sure you’ll never have to worry about reaching the wall again. With a double-braided nylon exterior, a Kevlar-built core, and high quality copper wiring, it doesn’t miss an opportunity to be tough. Made of a double-braided nylon exterior with a Kevlar-reinforced fiber core, it’s tough yet light, with an adjustable pouch for both storing and tweaking the cable length as and when needed. The iPhone Lightning cable is convenient with its reversible connector, but it tends to crack and fray. Jelly Comb 6 Port Car Charger $17. Apple's official cables are always a solid choice, but there are plenty of 3rd party cables that offer additional connectivity options or integrated cable management. The competition. Price - The standard Apple Lightning to USB cable costs $19, though it can cost as much as $35 depending on the length and configuration. This cable and adapter bundle is backed by email tech support. Keep everyone happy with the Jelly … Quntis. The cable also has a braided nylon sheath to provide protection against fraying and splitting. Nowadays, there are so many products of apple certified lightning cable 4 inch in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for apple certified lightning cable … ***This video is not sponsored by or affiliated with Anker in any way. Lightning Cable MFi Certified - iPhone Charger 3Pack 6ft Durable Lightning to USB A Charging Cable Cord Compatible with iPhone 12 SE 2020 11 Xs Max XR X 8 7 6S 6 Plus 5S iPad Pro iPod Airpods - … Some cases may cause cables to disconnect from phones, Loose connections with some iPhone models. The Anker PowerLine Lightning cables are the best cords for most people with sturdy design, fast charging speed, and a fair price. Doing things a little differently, the Nonda ZUS Super Duty Lightning Cable has a right angled head which could prove very useful depending on how your setup is laid out. Apple switched to lightning cables with the iPhone 5, which means iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 users will be searching for a strong lightning charging cable too. It's also backed by a lifetime warranty that covers dead and defective cables and email tech support. Lightning to USB-A. It features a woven exoskeleton jacket and a more robust inner insulator. And while Apple has a 2-meter cable available on its site, it’ll cost you a pretty $29. 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AmazonBasics 3ft. It’s made from industrial grade high strength steel, so it’s weightier and slightly less flexible than other cables here, but it’s perfect if you put your charging cables through the metaphorical wringer often. This Cable Is The Fastest And Most Durable In The World - Guaranteed! The durable rubber-plastic coating protects the internal wires from damage and prevents electrical shock. Lightning to USB-A (2 pack) at Amazon, Aukey 6ft. A cable that withstands my finest efforts to treat my charging cable like dirt, the Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable, is just what the average clumsy office worker needs. However, most nylon cables on the market are thicker than the original Apple Lightning cable, making it … The cable is a reasonable 5 feet in length and available in a few different colors too. The first … Three meters in length, it should cover all your average needs without any issues. This bundle comes with two cables so you can keep one at home and one at work for power wherever you go. Boasting military-grade resilience and a super … Powerline Lightning to USB-A (3 pack) at Amazon, YUNGSONG 6ft. Powerline Lightning to USB-A (3 pack), The 3 Best Charging Cables for Androids of 2020, Best Braided: Heading on a road trip? Lightning to USB-A (3-pack), Best with Power Block: Each cable measures six feet long to give you a long reach from a wall outlet or USB port. Native Union BELT Cable … The two-pack of Kozopo Lightning cables is the best choice if you're looking for a charging cord that also comes with a wall adapter. It comes packaged with a hook-and-loop cable tie for hassle-free storage and travel. Each cord measures six feet long to give you freedom of movement whether you're working, lounging on the couch, or relaxing in bed. The adapter that is included in this bundle features two USB sockets so you can charge multiple devices at once. They also feature laser welded connection points and reinforcing on common stress points for enhanced durability. Reports of Lighting connections breaking off inside phones, Older iPhone models may not be compatible with this cord. Lightning to USB-A Cable at Amazon, Quntis USB-C PD Wall Charger with 6ft Lightning Cable at Amazon, Best Overall: Some cables have an additional layer of protection at both connector ends to prevent fraying, while others promise a 10,000+-bend lifespan. The 10 Best iPhone Lightning Cables of 2020. ", "Won't twist or tangle when you try to charge devices and work at the same time. Runner Up, Best Overall: Apple 3ft. Warranty: 36 months. We’ve rounded up the most durable Lighting cables so you can get more mileage out of them. USB-C–to–Lightning cables. You can get another one from Apple or put that money towards a third-party lightning cable … This design will complement almost anyone's personal style and add a splash of color to your tech arsenal. The Anker PowerLine+ is basically everything you want in a Lightning cable. Alex Williams is an experienced tech writer with an interest in wearable technologies. If you tend to carry a lot of devices by different manufacturers, check out the Amuvec Multi-Lightning cable. The Overall Best Lightning Cable For iPhone. Best Value: Anker 3ft. At a length of three feet, this Lightning charge cord is perfect to keep as a backup cable if your main charger fails or is lost, keeping in your car for your commute to work, or to have at your desk to use just for syncing your devices and transferring files. It's able to charge your iPhone or tablet to 50 percent in as little as 30 minutes so that you can keep working or having adventures without worrying about a dead battery. ", "Gives you the same reliable charging power as its six-foot sister but at a more manageable size. Let's face it, there's never a lightning cable around when you need one, and yes, Apple is partly to blame for this for changing its charging standard so frequently. (Why claim such a specific number? Why you might prefer it: The Nomad USB-C to Lightning Cable (3.0m) is just as fast as any other cable we tested, plus it’s encased in the most rugged sheath of any we’ve seen. This eliminates the need to carry and keep track of multiple cables while traveling for work or with family. ", "Features four different connections to power and sync both iOS and Android devices. They may be … This is a lightning cable like no other I've used. Lightning to USB-C (2 pack) at Amazon, Amuvec 4ft. That's why these tough, heavy-duty Lightning cable alternatives exist. Each cable features a woven nylon sheath that resists fraying and splitting for long-lasting wire protection and is rated to withstand over 8,000 bends. Reports of counterfeit cables being sold under the Apple brand. The four-foot length is perfect for keeping at your desk, in your car, or in your travel bag. ", Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day, Anker 3ft. The Anker PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning Cable (3 feet) and Anker PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning Cable (6 feet) are ... USB … Unlike other lightning cables, this is engineered with a super protective ballistic nylon weave cloth to prevent breaking, cracking, … Not only do these cables supply your devices the power they need, but they also allow you to transfer data and sync your phone or tablet quickly and easily. When choosing the best charging cable for your iPhone, the six-foot Apple Lightning cable should be your top consideration. All Rights Reserved. In addition to supporting both Adaptive Fast Charging and Quick Charge, each cable also enables data transfer speeds up to 480Mbps to make file sharing a breeze. Sarah Tew/CNET Each cable measures six feet in length, making it ideal for when it is not possible to sit close to a wall outlet or your computer's USB ports are difficult to access. The MOS Spring: Most Durable Lightning Cable for iPhone. The cable is also Apple-certified for all iOS-based smartphones, tablets, and laptops so you won't get any annoying error messages. ... Amazon's cable was the more durable one. That’s because it’s designed for USB-C connections, which deliver … It measures 6 feet in length, so it's considerably more versatile than the cable that … It’s ideal if you need to slot it into a narrow space or awkwardly located laptop port. Lightning to USB-C (2 pack), Best Multi-Cable: Finding the best durable lightning cable for charging your iPhone is a must. Multi-Lightning to USB-A, Best Style: The three-pack of Anker Powerline Lightning cables is the best value you can find when shopping for charging cables for your iPhone. Lightning to USB-A (2 pack), KOZOPO 6-Foot USB to Lightning Cable (2-Pack), Best Cheap: review process here. The AmazonBasics Lightning cable is Apple-certified to be compatible with almost any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. YUNGSONG 6ft. The cables measure over six feet long to give you plenty of room to work or browse your apps while charging or syncing devices. The ARMOR Lightning Cable by Sydeis made to withstand the harshest conditions and can power your Apple devices even in the battlefield. The Most Durable Lightning Cables For Your Charging Needs Anker PowerLine+ II Lightning Cable ($18). The Powerline Plus II is exceptionally tough and exceptionally quick, and may be the last Lightning cable you ever buy. ", "Gives a 50 percent charge in 30 minutes. The three-foot Apple Lightning cable gives you the same reliable charging power as its six-foot sister but at a more manageable size. Lightning to USB-A, Apple Lightning to USB Cable (6-Foot) Review, Runner Up, Best Overall: Quintis has received ETL safety certification to provide you and your devices with protection from overheating, short-circuiting, and overcharging. It’s tested for up to 15,000 bends at up to 180 degrees with enough strength to support 130lbs too. If you need a charging cable for your iPhone but don't want to fork over a ton of cash for a decent product, the AmazonBasics Lightning cable is here to help. ", "Each cable features a woven nylon sheath that resists fraying and has been rated to withstand over 8,000 bends. The cable itself features a woven nylon sheath to supply long-lasting durability and strength. The three-foot length is perfect for keeping in your car, purse, or travel bag as a backup charger while you travel or commute to work. If you're looking for a charging cable that will be more durable than most others, check out the Yungsong Lightning cable three-pack. The Anker Powerline+ III is the best third-party USB-C-to-Lightning cable worth your attention today. What is ‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’ and Is It for You? Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our The tinned copper wiring construction ensures a quick, stable charge and fast data transfer. He covers a range of tech topics and has reviewed everything from video games to wearable technologies. This charging cable features four different connections to power and sync both iOS and Android devices: two Lightning connections, a Micro USB, and one USB-C. The design of the Lightning cable connector is an improvement over past plug types, but the cables are still prone to wear and tear. The Anker Powerline Lightning cables are certified by Apple for use with their devices to prevent error messages and ensure consistent charging and data transfer. After using MOS spring lightning cable for my iPhone 6 Plus, I can bet that there can’t be a better solution for a charging cable … The cables are also all braided as, generally, braided cables are far more durable and able to withstand bends and knots over extended periods of time. He focuses on everything from gaming headsets to headphones. ", "Certified by Apple for use with their devices, and backed with an 18-month warranty. Anything to stand out from the crowd, eh?) The majority of cables on the market are fairly functional looking but these tie into a better looking home. The following cable are all Apple’s MFI certified—so you won’t run into any compatibility issues. A reliable charging cable doesn't always require you to sacrifice style for function. Lightning to USB-A (3-pack) at Amazon, KOZOPO 6ft.

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